Drew Starkey: Everything You Need to Know About the Outer Banks Star

An image of Drew Starkey
From Outer Banks to Queer, Drew Starkey is making waves in Hollywood. Get to know the actor behind Rafe Cameron, his love life with Madelyn Cline, and his future plans/PHOTO COURTESY: Facebook

Drew Starkey: Everything You Need to Know About the Outer Banks Star
Drew Starkey is an American actor who rose to fame for his role as Rafe Cameron, the troubled older brother of Sarah Cameron, in the Netflix teen drama series Outer Banks.

He has also appeared in several other movies and TV shows, such as Love, Simon, The Hate U Give, The Devil All the Time, and The Other Zoey.

In this article, we will cover some of the most interesting facts about Drew Starkey, such as his girlfriend, age, 2023 projects, current location,  full name, car accident, and survival status.

Drew Starkey GF

Drew Starkey is currently dating his Outer Banks co-star Madelyn Cline, who plays his on-screen sister Sarah Cameron.

The couple confirmed their relationship in June 2020, after months of speculation from fans.

They often share adorable photos and videos of each other on their Instagram accounts, and have also attended several events together, such as:

  • the MTV Movie & TV Awards
  • the Met Gala

They have also expressed their support for each other’s careers and personal lives, and have gushed about their chemistry and friendship.

His Age

Drew Starkey was born on November 4, 1993, in Hickory, North Carolina, USA.

He is currently 30 years old, and will turn 31 in 2023.

He is the oldest of the main cast members of Outer Banks, followed by Chase Stokes, who plays John B, and is 29 years old.

Drew Starkey has a younger sister named Brooke, who is also an actress.

Drew Starkey 2023

He has a busy year ahead of him in 2023, as he has several upcoming projects that are either in production or post-production.

He will reprise his role as Rafe Cameron in the fourth season of Outer Banks, which is expected to premiere in mid-2023 on Netflix.

Drew will also star as Allerton, a young American soldier who falls in love with a British aristocrat, in Queer, a romantic drama directed by Luca Guadagnino and co-starring Daniel Craig.

Additionally, he will appear as Trevor, a new character in the Hellraiser franchise, in the reboot of the horror film, which will be released on Hulu in 2023.

He will also play Zach MacLaren, a charming and popular college student who falls for a mysterious girl named Zoey, in The Other Zoey, a romantic comedy that will be available on Amazon Prime Video in 2023.

Where is Drew Starkey Right Now

Drew Starkey is currently in Italy, where he is filming Queer with Daniel Craig and Luca Guadagnino.

He has been spotted in various locations, such as Rome, Florence, and Venice, and has shared some photos and videos of his trip on his Instagram stories.

He has also been enjoying the Italian cuisine, culture, and scenery, and has been seen hanging out with his co-stars and crew members.

Drew expected to return to the US in late 2023, after wrapping up the shooting of Queer.

Drew Starkey Full Name

His full name is Joseph Andrew Starkey.

He goes by his middle name, Drew, as his stage name and nickname.

He was named after his father, Joseph Starkey, who is a dentist.

His mother’s name is Jodi Ballard Hutto, and she is a nurse.

He has a younger sister named Brooke Starkey, who is also an actress and has appeared in some of his projects, such as The Other Zoey and The Family Portrait.

Drew Starkey Car Accident

Drew Starkey was involved in a car accident in October 2020, when he was driving his Ford Mustang in Los Angeles.

He was hit by a drunk driver, who ran a red light and crashed into his car.

He suffered some minor injuries, such as bruises, cuts, and a concussion, and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Drew was released the next day, and thanked his fans and friends for their support and prayers.

He also urged everyone to drive safely and responsibly, and to not drink and drive.

He recovered fully from the accident, and resumed his work on Outer Banks and other projects.

Is Drew Starkey Alive

Drew Starkey is alive and well, despite some rumors and hoaxes that claimed otherwise.

He has been the target of some death pranks and fake news, especially after his car accident in 2020, and after his character Rafe Cameron was shot in the season 3 finale of Outer Banks.

However, he has debunked these rumors and assured his fans that he is fine and healthy.

He has also joked about his survival status on his social media, and has posted some humorous memes and videos about it.


Drew Starkey is one of the most popular and talented actors of his generation, who has impressed audiences with his diverse and versatile roles.

He is best known for his portrayal of Rafe Cameron in Outer Banks, but he has also starred in many other movies and TV shows, such as Love, Simon, The Hate U Give, The Devil All the Time, and The Other Zoey.

Drew has a bright future ahead of him, with several exciting projects lined up for 2023, such as Queer and Hellraiser.

He is also in a happy relationship with his co-star Madelyn Cline, and has a large and loyal fan base on social media.

He is a rising star who deserves all the recognition and praise for his work and personality.

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