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Email to Cyprian Nyakundi exposes Nepotism, Corruption and Victimization of Staff at Kenya Pipeline Company.

Caption : Email to EACC, NCIC and other bodies and copied to Chief Blogger Nyakundi.                                                                                                                                                          
 The Jubilee Government has been looking for ways to loot from public coffers and if something is not done everything will be gone. The situation is that Pathetic to the extent that the same Government officials never accept and learn from their failures.

That is why somebody like deputy president William Ruto will stand in front of Kenyans and say that he is not a landgrabber yet even the dead can testify that he is.

The situation has been complicated by idiots and flower girls like CS Amina Mohammed whose Job is to deny even things that are well known. Amina is a very pathetic Girl.

The Chairman National Cohesion and Integration Commission
CC: Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ),
CC: CEO Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission Kenya
Good  Afternoon,
The tenets of the current constitution provide that on all opportunities, appointments and promotions in government office face of Kenya should be reflected. This is to ensure fairness and equity in all spheres of public offices. Kenya Pipeline is not only riddled with corruption which EACC is aware of with reported cases but current CEO at KPC has entrenched corruption, nepotism by promoting his kinsmen from the Kalenjin community who are the majority while over looking other communities. He has even abused his office by suspending staff who he perceives to have reported information on issues of blatant looting and corruption at KPC on frivolous grounds of information leakage. That’s gross abuse of office and he should be held to account what offence or crime is there in reporting corruption. He should be prosecuted for covering gross corruption at KPC where public resources have been looted against the government policy of zero tolerance to corruption. The happenings at MOI University are also a replica of what is happening at KPC.
Recent appointments at KPC of staff on permanent basis, temporary appointments or Trainees majority are from the kalejin community where the current MD hails from. The Kalenjin community constitutes over 45% of KPC total staff population which is against the constitution. The MD has abused office by failing to correct the current situation by ensuring that all new appointments are less of the Kalenjin so that the situation is corrected.
One of NCIC mandate is to address ethnic discrimination, negativity ethnicity, perceptions of discrimination, equal distribution of resources and opportunities. Inclusivity is one of the main pillars of NCIC.
To demonstrate the illegalities by My Joe Sang and Board Chairman John Ngumi  see below a brief analysis of appointments of depot manager or regional managers.
Caption: Kenya Pipeline Company boss Joe Sang who should be in Jail for abuse of office, corruption and culture of impunity. 
This is the Current Depot Managers at KPC some in acting position while others confirmed.
1.      PS 14 (Kipevu) Depot Manager –Mr. Charles Sambu (Kalenjin)
2.      PS 12 (Moi International Airport) Depot Manager – Mr. Tuwei (Kalenjin)
3.      PS1 Mombasa Main office Changamwe – Depot Manager Mr.George Ouma (Luo)
4.      PS 8 (Konza) Depot manager – Mr. Kimaiyo (Kalenjin)
5.      PS 9 (Jomo Kenyatta International Airport- Depot Manager – Mr. Francis Kiptoo (Kalenjin)
6.      PS 25 (Nakuru) Depot Manager – Ms. Christen Chesire (Kalenjin)
7.      PS 27 (Eldoret) Depot Manager – Mr Kigen Sang (Kalenjin)
8.      PS 28 (Kisumu) Depot Manager – Mr. Munga (Mijikenda)
9.      PS 10 (Nairobi Depot manager – Chief Product Accountant Mr. Samson Soimo (Kalenjin)
This shows you out of the 9 stations where product is dispensed at KPC 78% are being managed people of the Kalenjin community. The manager in charge of accounting of petroleum products is also a Kalenjin (Samson Soimo). He has worsened the situation by recently appointing on acting capacity Kalenjins to act as depot managers and over looked other tribes who have been in this depots despite being qualified engineers for the sole reason of tribe? Why should people be discriminated because they come from Luo, Kisii, Kamba, Luhyas, kikuyus or other tribes? IS KPC funded by tax payers which should be shared equally among all. Mr. Sang is making same mistakes that made former CEO Mr. Selest Kilinda was terminated due to nepotism and tribalism. The same rules applied on Selest should also apply now for fairness and equity.
No one is against appointments of Kalenjins as they are also qualified Kenyans when situations arise. But from above is this face of Kenya that we are all yearning for? Is this not abuse of office that should be capped before it becomes chronic. Let Sang Explain why he is practicing tribalism. How many trainees have been appointed? From which communities?
We challenge NCIC and CAJ to carry out audits of appointments, promotions  staff victimization on frivolous grounds at KPC to un- earth the irregularities that are taking shape at KPC.
To demonstrate to EACC how this tribal appointments’ are very dangerous as they can falicilitate corruption in any organizational setup. A case was reported to EACC how product (Petroleum Products were stolen at Konza with the help of dismissed MD Charles Tanui, Antipas Tirop and Lamik Rotich all Kalenjins) Mr. Abdi was compromised and the issue should be raised again and all involved charged. 
Another case at EACC OMCs (Oil Marketing Companies) are required to contribute 1000M³ that is one million liters before they are allowed to use KPC distribution systems. Normally start up capital is about 100Million shillings. These companies are allowed to ask for waivers of six months which has been used as an avenue for corruption at KPC. To illustrate this and how tribalism has crippled KPC. When Mr Tanui became MD, his boys tribal kings Antipas Tirop and Lamik Rotich ruthlessly approached companies to apply for renewal of waiver at a fee of five million. The evaluations by staff from product accounting section and operations rejected this as some companies were on holding products at KPC installations.  All staff who rejected this were transferred and friendly ones brought on board (Kalenjin) Ms. Lucy Kariuki can attest to the fact as she was 1st victim.  The gang renewed over 30 linefills before other oil marketers complained. This complain was done by other marketers in the industry. By then Charles Tanui, directors Faith Boinet and Felicity Biriri (All Kalenjins)  together with their two boys Lamik and Antipas had made over Kenya shillings 150 (million). EACC ignored this case because investigator Mr. Abdi of EACC was bribed by the operatives at KPC. They acquired properties in Nairobi, Eldoret Machakos and other places. Corruption out of tribalism.
EACC has various files on chronic corruption at KPC that should be dealt with and staff involved charge with fraud and abuse of office. The corrupt officers at KPC are the same people instituting tribalism which should be controlled.
Let’s save Kenya from people who are driven by greed, corruption and tribalism chauvinism where public opportunities are only for fellow tribe’s men and where public resources are to be looted. Kenya Airways is a good example where a blue chip company has been messed by greed and malpractices of a few managers at the expense of the country.
We have a duty to report all malpractices in this country. We need to have patriotic citizens who stand and say no to illegalities and the power hangovers of the 90s that messed the country. We are proud Kenyans reporting on abuse of office practiced at KPC. We don’t need to be cheerleaders of the corrupt society and cartels that are bend to cripple Kenya Pipeline company.
Caption : Kenya Pipeline Company Limited chairman John Ngumi. Crook par Excellence. Ngumi, who always bribes corrupt mainstream media journos is a scum of the earth. 
We challenge NCIC, EACC and CAJ to move swiftly and work jointly to correct the mess at KPC. All persons abusing office should be prosecuted and deterred from holding public office. There is no crime or office in pointing to Irregulaties as to what Mr. Sang and John Ngumi and senior management have made KPC to be. Reporting corruption and abuse office is an offence punishable by dismissal from duty at KPC. He suspended from duty three officers on suspicions. Lets run organizations in a professional way to build Kenya and no one will be scared of scandals as the duo are because of corrupt minds.
Proud Kenya pipeline staff reporting on illegalities. The challenge is now on the arms of government to do the necessary and save us to keep KPC as a premier company that it should be not a village organization that it has become.

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