Exposed: Neglect at KNH as mistreated medical workers die in droves

Kenyatta National Hospital – KNH

There are many sad occurrences at the Kenyata National Hospital (KNH). Being a referral hospital, it attracts patients from all over the country and as such there’s a lot of money that it makes.

The money unfortunately has attracted the worst of managers.

Apart from perennial neglect, nothing, not even the basic protocol of separating dead bodies from patients, or disposing of the medical waste in a proper manner, or dispensing drugs as required, seems to work.

The medical and non-medical staff, therefore, are left to cling to the only work they know, without protection or insurance or promise of tomorrow.

At KNH, it is this brutal work environment that has led to suicide among patients and medical staff.

This has been happening, year after year and it seems things are getting from bad to worse.

The appalling state of affairs is sadly captured below, lack of oxygen in the age of COVID-19, mismanagement, theft and procurement miscreants is the order of the day.

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Hi Nyakundi,

The happenings at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) is the new school version of IMPUNITY.

Oxygen has been an issue in KNH for the last two years.

Last year but one, the management awarded a tender for supply and delivery of Medical Gases – Liquid oxygen to a company called TUNASCO LIMITED. The company never reliably supplied the item for the whole of the year.

This brought a lot of issues in the hospital since the critical item was never available in the hospital.

At some point, all theatres were closed for some time just because oxygen was not available. The management was not moved by this because the top guys can access any medical facility of their choice.

In fact, none of them has ever been treated in KNH so whatever happens to the normal mwananchi hospitalized there is none of their business.

Bribery and carelessness

The company had coughed some good money. Their contract was never canceled up to the end of the period in spite of the non-performance.

This year, the tender was awarded to Noble Gases Intl Ltd.

The company has adopted the same tradition and most of the time the product (oxygen) is out of stock.

The company does not have ready stocks and relies on imports despite the fact that BOC Kenya Ltd, based in the industrial area, reliably manufactures the same product and comfortably supplies to all the hospitals in Kenya.

Kamuri is micro managing everything from employing his girlfriends,corruption, ego centric having blessings from Afya house cartels. Last jobs adverts were made in an opaque manner that’s even successful applicants list was nowhere to be found, people were given jobs even before the interviews were done.

What happened to Devki who volunteered to supply oxygen for free jameni?

What happened to BUY KENYA BUILD KENYA?

Deaths have also increased.

In the last three weeks, KNH has lost close to 10 staff who were being treated there and could not get oxygen in time.

This has brought a lot of tension in the hospital. Deaths have also increased.

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If you try to raise any issue, you are demoted, interdicted and threatened. In fact, currently, sycophantic juniors are being elevated to supervise and intimidate the firm professionals who try to query any issues and follow laws.

Early this year when the matter reached parliament, the management were called by parliament to explain the gross issues. Instead they interdicted some staff in stores and engineering as cover up.

They were embarrassed and forced to call back the interdicted members of staff apologizing that there was no evidence. HR and procurement rules and laws are followed at the management’s wish and it’s now becoming a market place.

Almost equivalent to the KEMSA “walk outside and get a tender”. The management is well connected to DEEP STATE and they can “control” everything. EACC, PPOA, ministry bosses name them.

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Fake documents are being used to commission equipment and lifts.

Even now lifts remain a challenge.

We are going back to lifts being shared with dead bodies. Suppliers are harassed to give out money failure to which the contracts are given to others.

If you are in the management and differ with the system you are transferred to the ministry or Othaya as punishment.

Staff union was pocketed.

We are dying.

God help us



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Karecha Kamaris is the space between earth and heaven, the gap between ice and fire, the elementary molecule that justifies unending peace in the sea of turmoil. An 'appetite for adventure over the love of ease'.

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