Good Vybes Only: Joy Kendi


Today we shine the light on Joy Kendi and her fashion/lifestyle blogging. We will elevate women of virtue and those who aren’t shy to say that they love their men.


We have never heard any scandal about her, so we have no problem endorsing her.

Going through her Instagram page, perfection is written all over it. Like she loves what she does. If it didn’t give her money, she’d still be doing it anyway. And those are the Kenyans that we want the system to discover.

Her latest pics where she says she collaborated with @CulturedEgo looks like pure art. Picasso on someone’s face or Sinatra at the Opera. Make-up and styling on epic levels.


I don’t understand why the Kenyan media sector is specifically designed to lock out such talent. I also don’t understand why it would be hard for her to get commercial endorsements that would afford her a talk show or a venture capitalist franchising her concepts.

But you all need to understand how Kenya works. 99% of the big-money individuals you see in Kenya acquired their wealth through corruption. Looting public or corporate coffers. Primitive-acquisition.

Meaning we have no venture capitalists who invest in ideas or intellectual property. The only thing they know island or real estate.

For instance, the demise of a certain lady Careen who was murdered by former Citizen TV news anchor Louis Otieno is unfortunate. Louis strangled her in the bathroom because he’s a narcissist and a psychopath. These are the dysfunctional members of society that mainstream media employs. Just like how the homosexual Maina Kageni derives joy and delight when he’s breaking homes or using subliminal messaging to distort the country’s moral fabric. Sick people really.

So anyway, listening to evidence presented by Careen’s dad (a civil servant) in court, the amount of money he says she stole from him to fund Louis Otieno’s flashy lifestyle doesn’t add up. Like what was a Government official doing with Kshs. 600,000.00 in his briefcase just randomly?

The truth is that all Government officials in positions to control finances are THIEVES. From your school principal to your Governor. In fact, Governors are stealing with the full knowledge that they can bribe judges and magistrates, the reason why Uhuru’s advisor Kabogo can confidently state that nobody can take him anywhere.

But if you have psychotic, myopic and idiotic Supreme Court Judges like Kalpana Rawal and Philip Tunoi who are challenging their retirement, what do you expect from other arms of the Government?

Anyways, all the money that’s stolen from Government coffers is “invested” in real estate, the reason why land and property prices continue to soar, in an economy that has no amenities, poor infrastructure, unstable power grid, health hazards and the likes. You’d be surprised to know that houses with a gate and compound in South Africa’s prime Sandton would be the cost of a Kilimani apartment.

And then you have all these companies like Knight Frank giving false statistics, pushed through by bribed mainstream media journalists like Terryanne Chebet and our friends at Business Daily, creating a false sense of economic growth based on an ecosystem that’s largely laundering proceeds of crime.

Knight Frank should be probed for releasing fake reports based on real-estate forecasts that are largely driven by proceeds of crime. They are accessories. Knight Frank could possibly be laundering money for terrorists and drug barons and we ask the US Embassy to probe them and their accounts further. We are rarely wrong. Very suspicious of them to be the authority of real-estate by publishing reports on the basis of fake fundamentals, without a hidden motive.

So really nobody has made money legitimately in Kenya, being the reason why thieves cannot invest in intellectual projects or individuals who have something to offer like Joy Kendi who seems like a brilliant artist.

Even an ass-wipe like this Indian immigrant-thief Bharat Thakrar who is running a public company, and who is entrusted by other corporates to create concepts, cannot elevate such creatives because he’s the typical Indian bastard like Vimal Shah who wants to outsource cheap labour or reward cronies. He wants to employ Brian Mbunde so that he can overwork and underpay him meaning that Mbunde will be happy to be eating his lunch in a kibanda-ski, yet his position should see him eating in a 5-star hotel every day. Of course, Joy Kendi can’t accept such a position to slave for an Indian thief. She’s smart.

By the way President Uhuru, congratulations on appointing Vimal Shah. If you wanted us to hashtag it, pole sana. We are tired of your attention-seeking theatrics.

We all know Indians in Kenya are the worst employers. They mistreat and underpay their workers and we are supposed to sit and remain quiet because the 8-4-4 system conditioned you, idiots, to worship anything foreign.

From a simple look on Joy Kendi’s IG page, this woman should be running an enterprise not working from the house, if this was really a free market economy or a concrete jungle where dreams are made of like New York.


But in Nairobi, dreams are killed by a system riddled with shameless self-promoters who occupy positions in Government and Corporates, whose work is to cock-block meritorious individuals for fear that they may be outshined and exposed as people who slept their way into their jobs.

Previously I had little or no respect for fashion bloggers because I thought they were superficial creatures whose only objective was to drive the consumerism agenda and propagate anti-intellectualism.

But Joy Kendi is self-driven and doesn’t look like she’s running on someone’s script. Her brain is a fountain of creativity, that if elevated could influence a wider segment of society. Every photoshoot and blog post is a story.

We recently called out someone like Mercy Masika, who is undoubtedly the biggest musician based on the largely simple minds who are the majority in Kenya, that love sing-alongs with no deep content. But the musician has basked in her comfort zone and made no effort to up her image, stage presence, choreography and overall presentation.

If only Joy Kendi could advise Mercy Masika on how to deliver a global product, or better yet if only Mercy would seek Joy out. And PAY!

The beauty of art is in symmetry. And despite my earlier reservations about the intelligence of fashion bloggers, putting up the kind of photo shoots she does is intelligence in itself.

Joy Kendi may not be talking about socially conscious issues right now, but we are sure she’s definitely taking note of her own struggles as an independent content creator and the apathy that exceptional individuals like herself face in this hostile Nairobi system that largely elevates mediocrity.

Joy Kendi isn’t like the pathetic basic bitches who post self-promoting or provocative photos on Instagram and then caption them with “inspirational” or “pseudo-religious” phrases/quotes like how Sheila Mwanyigha or Size 8 do it. Her intelligence and originality can be felt. Kendi blogs about her outfits or locations with precision.

And so everyone has their own “Damascus” moment, the analogy where Saul changes to Paul and Joy will definitely get there. Beyonce was all about female empowerment, single ladies, etc but of late she has shaken the establishment by becoming a champion of social justice, particularly endorsing the Black Lives Matter movement. “Formation” and “Lemonade” are testimony that Beyonce is moving from superficial to spiritual, a by-product of intense thought processing and deep reflection on life, vanity, and priorities.

One day, our fashion bloggers will be champions of social justice and crusaders against corruption like some of us. And what a great and glorious day it will be. See you on the flipside Joy Kendi. Shine!


About the author

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.

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