Grandma Droniak: Instagram, Age, Drank Funeral, Merch

Lillian Droniak, affectionately known as Grandma Droniak, is not your average influencer. 

At 93 years old, she has amassed a staggering 12.6 million followers on TikTok, captivating audiences with her humor and wisdom. 

Recently, she shared a glimpse into her personal life by posting a summary of the dates she went on last year. 

This unexpected revelation sheds light on her vibrant personality and adventurous spirit, proving that age is no barrier to embracing new experiences. 

Her willingness to share intimate details of her life further solidifies her connection with her followers, who eagerly await her next post for more glimpses into her fascinating world

An image of Grandma Droniak
Grandma Droniak. PHOTO SOURCE: Instagram

Grandma droniak instagram

She is being followed by 3 million people, following 3 people and 840 posts.

To see her photos and videos follow her (@grandma_droniak)

Grandma drone age

She is a 92-year-old.

The social media star was born on March 18, 1930. 

She was born and raised in the United States.

Is Grandma Droniak still alive?

No, Grandma Droniak is not dead. 

Some people thought she had passed away, but that is not true. 

It all started because of a funny TikTok video where Grandma Droniak joked about her funeral plans. 

Some news websites got it wrong and said she had died, which made people worried.

But Grandma Droniak herself said in later TikTok videos that she’s alive and well. 

The whole confusion began when a fake news site wrote an article saying she had died. 

This made her fans sad, but then they found out it was not true.

Grandma Droniak and her grandson, Kevin, talked about the hoax in a TikTok video. 

They wanted everyone to know that she was okay and not to believe everything they saw online.

Grandma Droniak is famous on TikTok for her funny and sassy videos. Even though there were false reports about her, she is still active on social media, making videos, giving advice, and talking with her fans. The hoax didn’t stop her from spreading happiness and positivity online.

Grandma drank funeral

The famous grandma on TikTok recently shared her funny rules for her funeral. 

Despite being 92 years old, she is full of life and humor.

In her video, Grandma Droniak joked about what she wanted at her funeral. 

She said it is okay for people to cry, but not too much, and warned against inviting someone named Bertha. 

Instead, she wants everyone to have a good time and get drunk afterward, even suggesting taking a shot for her.

Her video went viral, getting millions of views and likes. 

People were curious about why Bertha wasn’t invited and begged Grandma for more details. 

Some even joked about what might happen if Bertha showed up.

Grandma promised to share the story behind Bertha soon, keeping her fans entertained and excited for more. 

And when someone asked if they could be drunk during the funeral, Grandma was totally fine with it.

Grandma Droniak’s funny and quirky personality continues to make her a hit on TikTok, even when talking about something as serious as her funeral plans.

Grandma droniak merch

She has her merchandise, with items like hats that say “I slay while my haters lay” and “Slay Every Day”. 

There are also gift cards available. 

Another item is a shirt that says “You’re not invited to my funeral”. 

And there is even a design called “OOTD”. 

Plus, there is a special product called “Grandpa in DM’s”.

Grandma droniak tiktok

She has 13.1M Followers, 383.4M on TikTok.

Follow her (@grandma_droniak)</a


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