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Hailie Jade Parents, Biography, Siblings, Fiancée, Career and Net Worth

Hailie Jade Mathers, rapper Eminem’s daughter and social media influencer, represents brands and hosts a podcast.

She finished high school in 2014 and studied psychology at Michigan State University.

Hailie Jade parents
Hailie is a successful businesswoman, and she is sure to continue to grow her net worth in the years to come. [Photo: W Magazine]


Hailie Jade Scott Mathers, born on December 25, 1995, in Detroit, Michigan, is the daughter of rapper Eminem (real name: Marshall Bruce Mathers III) and his ex-wife, Kimberly Anne Scott.

Eminem openly expresses his love for his daughter, featuring her in various music videos and songs such as “Hailie’s Song,” “My Darling,” and “When I’m Gone.”

Hailie, in turn, has publicly praised her father, describing him as “the most supportive and loving father a girl could ask for.”

In 2014, Hailie graduated from high school and pursued a psychology major at Michigan State University, completing her studies in 2018.

Since then, she has been active as a social media influencer and brand ambassador.

Hailie Jade Parents

Eminem and Kimberly Scott are Hailie Jade’s parents. Eminem, a renowned rapper and songwriter, and Kimberly Scott, his ex-wife, had a tumultuous relationship but consistently prioritized Hailie, their only daughter.

Hailie emphasizes her close bond with both parents, especially praising her father as “the most supportive and loving father a girl could ask for.”

Currently, Hailie is a thriving social media influencer and brand ambassador. Additionally, she is engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Evan McClintock.

Hailie Jade parents
Despite their rocky relationship, Eminem and Kim have always put their daughter first. Hailie is their only child together. [Photo | Marca]

Does Haile have siblings?

Hailie Jade has two siblings: Alaina Marie Scott and Stevie Laine Scott.

Eminem adopted Alaina, who is Kim Scott’s niece born to Kim’s sister, Dawn Scott, in 1993.

Alaina became part of the family in the early 2000s. Today, she works as a travel blogger and is happily married to her longtime boyfriend, Matt Moeller.

Stevie, on the other hand, is Eminem’s biological daughter.

Born to Kim Scott and her ex-boyfriend, Eric Hartter, in 2002, Stevie was later adopted by Eminem when he and Kim reconciled. Stevie identifies as gender fluid and prefers they/them pronouns.

Hailie shares a close bond with both siblings, expressing gratitude for their presence in her life.

Is Hailie Jade married or dating?

Hailie Jade Mathers and her fiancé, Evan McClintock, have been together since college.
She keeps their six-year relationship private but occasionally delights fans by sharing rare photos with her longtime love.
Hailie Jade parents

Who is Evan McClintock ?

Evan McClintock, the fiancé of Hailie Jade Scott Mathers, rapper Eminem’s daughter, holds the position of Enterprise Growth Executive at Scout, a data-driven marketing company.

With over 7 years of marketing experience, he has collaborated with major clients like Google, Microsoft, and Airbnb.

The couple, who met in 2016 during their time at Michigan State University, started dating and have remained together.

McClintock proposed to Hailie Jade in February 2023, and they are scheduled to tie the knot in 2024.

Known for his kind and supportive nature, McClintock actively backs Hailie Jade’s career. He attends her podcast recordings and other events, showcasing his support for her endeavors.

Hailie Jade Parents: How did Eminem and Kimberly Scott meet?

In 1988, as teenagers, Eminem and Kimberly Scott crossed paths at a house party. At the time, Kim was 13, and Eminem was 15.

Kim, along with her twin sister Dawn, had recently run away from home to escape their alcoholic stepfather.

Eminem felt an immediate connection with Kim, leading to them starting to date shortly after their meeting.

Their relationship was marked by ups and downs, characterized by multiple breakups and reconciliations. In 1995, they welcomed their daughter, Hailie Jade.

The couple initially married in 1999 but divorced two years later. They remarried in 2006, only to divorce again in 2009.

Despite the challenges in their relationship, Eminem and Kim consistently prioritized their daughter, Hailie, who is their only child together.

Hailie Jade’s Net Worth

Hailie Jade has an estimated net worth of around $2 million, earned through her roles as a social media influencer, brand ambassador, and podcaster.

With over 2 million followers on Instagram, Hailie collaborates with major brands like Puma, New Era, and American Eagle.

Additionally, she runs her own clothing line, named Just a Little Shady.

In 2022, Hailie launched her podcast, “Just a Little Shady,” covering topics from pop culture to relationships.

The podcast has garnered positive reviews from both critics and fans.

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