Have Kenyans already submitted to the pandemic tyranny?

Mutahi Kagwe, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Health. He recently announced that unvaccinated people will not be able to get public services as from December 21st 2021. Kagwe has not explained how a ministry full of thieves and looters is able to vaccinate over 40 million Kenyans. Kenya doesn’t produce vaccines. This looks like a showmanship to attract donor funding which will in turn be stole. Nevertheless, are Covid-19 vaccines safe? Is increasingly looks like it is NOT ABOUT A VIRUS.

If you’ve spent a lot of time in-house and are addicted to the comfort that it brings you, that is a natural thing.

It is human nature to pick up a habit in about 21 days, according to psychologists, and stick with it.

In this globalist Covid-19 pandemic make up, we spent over 1 and a half years being programmed into a new normal.

By now, you must give up any ideas that the world will go back to what it used to be.

First, you were told, ‘if you adhere to all the Covid-19 protocols which were, wash hands, social distance, wear mask and stay indoors for a certain number of days, then everything will go back to normal’.

Soon, a second command came, ‘just get a vaccine, and everything will go back to normal’.

Some people rushed to get the vaccine worldwide, a few lost their lives unnecessarily as the vaccine reacted abnormally with their bodies.

The third, command was soon initiated, ‘the vaccine wears out and as such, one must get booster shots’. Even without shame, the big pharmaceutical firms (Big Pharma) announced through their govt stooges that the Covid-19 booster shots must be taken for a lifetime.

Most of us, especially this particular writer had seen through the lies and the attempt at imprisoning the world through a shady virus that, one, was overhyped in the controlled media. And two, there was clear evidence of some rigging of statistics of this disease as legacy and common killers like Pneumonia suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth.

In USA, the common Flu which killed over 100, 000 (statistics 2019) decided to slow down to a few hundreds. Ha ha.

Judy Mikovits, a documentary named PlanDemic opened the world’s eyes to the corruption in biomedical field. It also talked about Covid-19 as a potential planned diseases to take control of our lives, liberty, health and freedom. Haven’t the curfews made you poor? Poor people have two things, either, nothing to fear because they are at their last (and so fight to the death for freedom) , or submit and live under the total control (and tyranny) of the govt.

A scam

As people were locked out of going outside, doctors who had seen through this scam advised that a new pandemic was being created. Kids need shineshine and play to develop were locked in house for months, stunting an important part of development.

Children need to see the faces of parents, were now supposed to form that through masks. A travesty.

Dr Judy Mikovitz, a virologist, severely warned that wearing masks for quite too long was detrimental to the respiratory health as masks are dirty and breathing in stale air for long would activate more forms of Corona viruses in the lungs.

Most of the outspoken doctors were censored.

As the months went on, most people discovered that they were losing their wealth; businesses that had existed for years collapsed, unemployment sky rocketed, hate started being spewed by the mainstream media against the unvaccinated, as some against the damned old Africa for not suffering enough in the Covid-19 scourge.

Africa, as it turned out, had refused to caught the disease and die as had happened in mostly so-called rich, western nations.

In Kenya, thanks to the good old grand greed, looting of funds became the in thing as politicians and bureaucrats alike dipped their fingers into the unlimited funds provided by the global slave masters, while churning out guessed out figures most part.

In better managed countries, the claws of oppression and injustice held tight. It showed the rest, particularly Africa, the direction that the big pharma and the globalists were wiling to take to ensure total submissions of the populations under the guise of a virus that a patient had 98 per cent chance of survival.

For some, the concentration like camps, the threats of denial of govt services for the unvaccinated and the denial of international travel, woke them up from their slumber.

However, for the chosen few, those that are dead asleep, they still joined in singing the govt chorus, repeating made-up lies and propaganda. It is a thing that would make Adolf Hitler proud.


In Australia, Netherlands, Germany and the United States of America just to mention a few, plans are underway for holding people who are unvaccinated in concentration camps, just like the nazis did in mid 20th century.

Australia has actually started doing. The world that once prided itself as becon of democracy and freedom had falen to what China has always been; a world of tyranny, death and oppression.

They call the new normal, a ‘lockdown of the unvaccinated’. Just like the Nazis called jews outsiders before gassing them, just like Rwanda christened Tutsis cockroaches.

This are the same vaccines that some people are dying after getting and the big pharma is protected by a ‘no liability clause’.


Some Kenyans are aware that the ministry of health has announced that there’ll be denial of services for the unvaccinated beginning December 21st 2021.

This is the same MOH that couldn’t account for funds given to KEMSA. The same Mutahi Kagwe who has been mentioned in some of those scandals.

This is the same MOH that failed to run quarantine centers well. The same MOH that announced shoddy figures.

It is well to note that at the beginning of the pandemic, some doctors protested the forceful writing of Covid-19 as cause of death on nearly all patients coming out of hospitals even when they died from other diseases or accidents.

It was a scheme to pump the numbers up. It is still in play. But some have said enough.

The word under protests

Some people have seen through the medical apartheid and lies and have said enough. Will Kenyans do?

Protests in Belgium

Protests in Germany

Protests in Australia

Protests in Netherlands

‘null and void’

As protests rage, it looks like Kenya’s only solace is in the three words in these times of tyranny, ‘null and void’ or one word, ‘unconstitutional’

Kenyans who have often depended on a few sections of society to do the heavy lifting for them are now being saved by lawyers.

However, the big question, even as we spend over 21 days without any restrictions, and at a time when the nightlife has been properly killed, are Kenyans going to laugh at those unvaccinated people who will be hounded out of homes, denied govt service or stand up in protests for the rights of all?

There are other factors at play here, but I have been particularly disturbed by the absence of Kenyans on the streets after 10am, the year-long curfew start time.

With the reality of the matter in our hands, that it was never about the virus, but some are still complying, the necessary question has been, ‘have Kenyans already submitted to the New World Order of oppressive govts, lack of owning property, where govt tramples on civil liberties?’

Have we submitted? (let’s see in a few months)

About the author

Karecha Kamaris

Karecha Kamaris is the space between earth and heaven, the gap between ice and fire, the elementary molecule that justifies unending peace in the sea of turmoil. An 'appetite for adventure over the love of ease'.

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