High Voltage Ruaraka Scam: How Githu “Mortician” Muigai Connived With Francis Mungai To Defraud Government Off Shs. 2.4Billion (Part-2)

CAPTION: Fake Mortician Githu Muigai is 100% scum. He conspired with litigants against the state, and converted the State Law Office into a brothel. 

Based on the statement by whistleblower Meshack Onyango Depay which is addressed to the Speakers of our 2 houses, we now have incontrovertible proof that for the right price in Kenya, you can comfortably procure justice.

The main character in this statement is Francis Mburu Mungai, a devilishly shrewd character, who counts the likes of former President Mwai Kibakis’ son -Jimi Kibaki -as his lackeys, to do his evil will.

Also involved in his nefarious schemes to fleece the Government off of Billions of shillings, are his sons Mark Mungai Mburu and Justin Mburu, both of whom are Directors of Almasi Capital.

Mark Mungai is so enamoured of his father that his personal profile on the Almasi Capital website, he describes him thus;

“He considers his father the best business mentor. From an early age, Mark’s father drove the concept of self-sufficiency and independence and these principles have played a pivotal in shaping Mark’s world view”.

You would probably be best placed keeping a substantial distance between yourself and this misguided character.

Subsidiaries of Almasi Capital include Swift Bridge Capital (shylocks), High Street Auto parts centre (would you be dumb enough to believe that they provide genuine Japanese car parts?) and Mantra Tour & Travel.

From part 1 of our series, we showed how funds from the Ksh. 3.2B Ministry of Education compensation heist was split to include Ksh. 70m to the sons of Francis Mburu.

But, we digress…

Francis Mburu Mungai has perfected the art of manipulating the Kenyan justice system in his favour, and in the process earned spectacular Billions in fake claims.

CAPTION: Prolific mastermind of high-profile thefts of public funds through fictitious claims Francis Mburu Mungai. As you can see, he’s a white-haired old bastard, who is in the age-group we would like to see dead because of ruining Kenya due to their insatiable greed and near-sightedness. 

The first port of call if you wish to circumvent the system and rip-off Government would be to the AGs office. These are the people with the mandate of protecting and defending the Government. They check treaties, defend Government officers in Court and ensure that the legal interests of Government (and by extension its people) are secure.

To say that Prof. Githu Muigai was inept at his job of AG would be an understatement. The law professor was highly compromised and in the end became such a lame-duck, such that neophytes like former Solicitor-General Njee Muturi would routinely bypass him on important state legal matters.

According to the whistleblower Meshack Onyango, former AG Githu Muigai was to be swung a whooping Ksh. 250m when the entire Ksh. 3.2B was paid in full.

Within the AGs office and quietly pulling the strings is a senior officer by the name Lawrence Waigi Kamau.

His name trips very many sensors and lights up our complaints database for his role in all manner of questionable interventions when Government is being sued.

Notably, a matter where Commissioner of Lands and a company associated with the daughter to former KANU hawk, JJ Kamotho – Maryanne Nyokabi Kamotho – by the name Kencair Holdings Ltd have been sued for attempting to steal and register land from its bonafide owners.

CAPTION: Nyokabi Kamotho uses sex as a tool to achieve her devious objectives. In this case, she slept with the Lawrence Waigi Kamau so as to solicit for his influence in a case involving Kencair Holdings, where she is attempting to grab land. 


Lawrence Waigi Kamau sets himself apart by being the excellence of execution when he has been compromised. Documents filed on behalf of Commissioner of Lands by Lawrence Waigi Kamau in this matter before Environment and Lands Court are done with such childish amateurism that we can only conclude that they were NEVER supposed to be placed before a neutral and uncompromised judge.

This matter has been before Hon. Lady Justice Nyambura Gacheru who has for a long time been the butt of jokes amongst lawyers as to her legal world view and (Wink! Wink!) how she makes her rulings at the Environment and Lands Court.

The file has also landed before Hon. Lady Justice Pauline Nyamweya who has now made a cameo appearance in the Francis Mburu Mungai heists as narrated by whistleblower Meshack Onyango.

The AGs Chambers are clearly a snake-pit of corruption and personal interest where whomever has the cash will win. Kenya clearly has no last line of legal defence and for instance we should expect Somalia to win at the International Court of Justice where they have sued Kenya claiming a huge part of our coastline.

Do you think it’s impossible? Didn’t Kenya pay Billions to Anglo-Leasing companies early in the Uhuru Kenyatta Presidency on the basis of flawed and incompetent legal advice from the AGs office?

We wish to highlight to the Kenyan people how Francis Mburu Mungai managed to get Ksh. 2.4B compensation from the Government through the courts and in connivance with the AGs chambers, including AG Githu Muigai and his acolyte Lawrence Waigi Kamau.

CAPTION: Githu Muigai side-kick Lawrence Waigi Kamau. 

From the statement by whistleblower Meshack Onyango which has already been adopted by Parliament, we have more to be worried about our legal system.

Majority of our top lawyers cannot write passable or competent plaints despite having huge offices and personnel. One of the people relied upon to write such plaints on their behalf is former court clerk turn debt collector – Brian Yongo Otumba.

You will remember Brian Yongo from his claims against Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi that the “Grand Mullah” had, in fact, forged his pupilage certificate that enabled him to be admitted to the Bar.

Brian Yongo was a lowly court clerk at the same time and in the same law firm where Ahmednasir did his pupilage at PL Simani and Co. Advocates. Supposedly, S L Simani had shut down his legal practice in 1990 until the end of 1992 when he re-applied for a practicing certificate from the LSK.

But we digress…

Before Francis Mburu Mungai embarked on suing the AG by claiming that GSU had invaded and occupied his Ruaraka parcel of land illegally, he needed to do some groundwork.

On the advice of close friends, he opted to file this matter before the High Court commercial Division as opposed to the Environment and Land Court (ELC) and would be the normal procedure.

Simultaneously, he was also advised to seek out Brain Yongo who would write his plaint against the AG but was also a close friend and confidant of Justice Alfred Mabeya.

Brian Yongo dutifully prepared the plaint but since he isn’t an advocate, the matter was filed by another friend of Justice Mabeya – Joe Nzioka. The matter is HCCC No. 617 of 2012.

Francis Mburu also sought out his old friend Samuel Chepkonga (former company secretary at KP &TC) and agreed with him not to testify on behalf of Government that the telecommunications company had paid Ksh. 165m in 1984 for the land and 600 houses at Ruaraka, though only 198 houses were built.

Apparently, Mr. Chepkonga was promised Ksh. 120m once the case was won at the High Court.

At the AGs office, schemer Lawrence Waigi Kamau was joined by Muthoni Kimani (who is rumored to be Francis Mburu’s side dish) to suppress crucial evidence from the Government side and to put up a weak-spirited defence for the Kenyan taxpayer.

Clearly not brought to the attention of Justice Mabeya by the AG was the fact that KP & TC had bought the parcel of land at Ruaraka and financed the construction of 600 Maisonettes for Ksh. 165m.

However, not the entire sum of 165m went into construction as Francis Mburu claimed that a portion of it was diverted by KP & TC MD Kipng’eno Arap Ngeny to build and furnish his Mid-West Hotel in Kericho.

Further, that it was Francis Mburu who had written to then Internal Security PS Hezekiah Oyugi asking that GSU officers take occupation of the maisonettes and which was now being used to claim compensation.

In his ruling on the matter, Justice Alfred Mabeya quoted the existence of 2 Deed plans namely 7879/4 and 7879/5 even though the original title deed for the entire parcel of land 7879/4 lay with the official receiver of Continental Credit Finance Bank which had given the loan (Ksh. 21m) to buy the piece of land in the early 1980s.

In fact, the original title deed was in the hands of the official receiver and which is the reason the land had never been transferred to the KP & TC pension scheme when it funded the construction to the tune of Ksh.165m.

In the end, with the AGs office withholding crucial documents from Justice Mabeya, the latter awarded the claim for Ksh. 4.2B to a company owned by Francis Mburu.

Later, it became clear that the AGs office chose to negotiate for a reduced payment directly with Francis Mburu instead of filing an appeal which any logical person would do.

From the gift of Ksh.4B awarded by Justice Alfred Mabeya, Francis Mburu and AGs office entered into a consent where Government agreed to pay Ksh. 2.4B.

It can be argued that this was a precedent for the Kenyan justice system, where a supposedly legitimate claim was awarded by the courts and subsequently negotiated downwards by the respondents when an appeal would have knocked off the entire amount plus costs!

So when CJ Maraga claims that he heads a Judiciary where any Kenyan can feel confident to roll the dice in matters before the courts, we believe that he either lives in Utopia or has lost touch with reality.

CAPTION: Deplorable Kenyan CJ David Maraga who has overseen the continued rot in the Judiciary. He needs to be removed Pronto. 

We believe that Kenyans have started to suffer fatigue from the blatant corruption in all their institutions, we are approaching the same place France had reached before its revolution.

We fear that when that day comes, there will be nowhere for these people to run and enjoy their ill-gotten gains as refugees…

About the author

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.

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