How Imenti Central MP Gideon Mwiti raped a woman in his office after forcing her to take an HIV test


Police in Nairobi are investigating an MP following allegations of rape filed by a former female journalist at Parklands Police Station in Nairobi.

Photo The accused MP 


The married woman, who is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital in Nairobi, claims that she was lured to the office Imenti Central MP Gideon Mwiti ostensibly to discuss a business deal. But the MP allegedly turned the tables on her after a forced HIV/Aids test, assaulted her and when she reported the matter to her husband, he too was threatened. The woman who runs a private public relations company claims the MP had called her to his office in Westlands, Nairobi, on Saturday night for a business deal when the incident happened.

She is admitted at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital in Hurlingham where doctors said they had stabilised her. The victim claimed the MP was accompanied by a doctor who claimed he works at a private clinic in Ngara area when they forcibly took her blood samples for testing before the alleged sexual assault happened. After taking the blood samples, the doctor allegedly took them for testing and came back and informed the MP she was HIV-negative.

Contacted by The Standard, the MP initially said he had not met the woman but he later confirmed he met her earlier on Saturday between 5pm and 7pm at a bar near his private office in Westlands, Nairobi.

“I did not do the things you are saying and no police officer has called me. I know her and I also know the husband. We met yesterday (Saturday) before 7pm before I went to Njugunas for a meeting with my constituents,” said Mr Mwiti. “She is doing my public relations project, but that is not done at night. Yes

I know her very well. I have met her before. I am giving her the contract and she is to give me a quotation, but not at night,” he added. But the woman said she was attacked and raped in his office. Her report is filed at Parklands Police Station in the occurrence book as OB 12/22/3/2015. Yesterday, police said they had talked to the woman and were looking for the MP for questioning. The officers who visited the hospital took blood samples from her, which they will use to compare with those taken from the MP when they finally get him.

The woman’s husband, who had earlier on tried to look for her when she sent a text saying the MP wanted sex by force, first recorded the statement at Parklands Police Station. It was then that police proceeded to the hospital for the victim’s statements. The man, who is a property valuer in Nairobi, said the incident happened at 10pm when the MP called his wife for a meeting at his office.

“She was to meet him earlier but the MP kept postponing the meeting until 10pm and he said the documents needed to be signed on that day,” he said. He added it was at that meeting that Mwiti asked for sexual favours from his wife and when she refused, he subjected her to an involuntary HIV test, which was carried out by a doctor in his office before he physically abused and raped her.

According to the man, his wife managed to get into a toilet inside the office and called him before she was sexually abused.

“She called me and told me the MP wanted to rape her. She also followed the call with several text messages asking to me go and pick her,” he said. The text messages show between 11pm and 11:31pm, the woman texted her husband to go for her at the MP’s office opposite Bandari Plaza in Westlands.

“The MP you introduced me to asked me to meet him. He asked for sex and when I refused he beat me up. I’m in Westlands please come,” reads one of the messages. When the husband asked where exactly she was, she wrote: “Opposite Bandari Plaza. He wants to rape me and my phone will go off.” The man said according to his wife, the MP broke the toilet door and forced her back to the office where he continued beating her before carrying out the heinous act without protection.

The MP released her at 1:30 am. By then, her mobile phone had run out of power. She arrived at her Kileleshwa home and called her husband who was then looking for her in the MP’s office in vain.

“The MP has another office opposite the one that I have all along known, where the incident happened. I had been looking for them in the office I knew, without knowing they were in Bandari Plaza,” said the man. “I picked her from our home in Kileleshwa and took her the hospital,” said the man, confirming that the medical report shows that his wife was raped and that she has physical bruises from being beaten.

The man said the action shocked him given that he had known the MP for some time and that he was someone he could trust. He claimed Mwiti had tried to call him several times asking to meet and resolve the matter and when he refused he was threatened. “He told me to pursue this matter at my own risk,” he said.
The said the doctor who works in Nairobi’s Ngara told The Standard he could neither confirm nor deny meeting the two on Saturday.
“You are stranger and I don’t know who you are. I can neither confirm nor deny what you are saying. Come to my office here in Ngara,” said the doctor.

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