Huduma Namba and The Mark Of The Beast 666: Your Fear About the New Age Is Misplaced


Kenya government launched the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) also known as Huduma Namba to register both nationals and foreigners residing in Kenya who are over 6 years of age and above.

This registration has been faced by resistance from sections of Kenyans; the secular ones see this system as a means of control, a waste of money that’ll benefit the Kenyatta banking cartel (NIC, CBA and Jamii Bora Banks). They also express their reservations about the security of data collected by the system.

On the other hand, religious Kenyans, see it as an attempt to slip the Mark of the beast on them with promise of better services and security.

Detectives on Saturday arrested a pastor who has termed the Huduma Namba as a ploy by the government to sign up Kenyans into the mark of the beast, 666.

The pastor, Paul Mackenzie was arrested in Malindi while ‘inciting’ the public not to register for Huduma Namba as it is associated with the devil.

I am with the secular side and this article will try to opine my thoughts concerning the religious side of things.

The Bible and prophecy

The fear that the bible evokes concerning the new age and the coming of the antichrist, who will be preceded by a number 666, is sometimes misplaced and dangerous.

It is dangerous since most people do not then live in the present but become fixated robots towards such a time as appointed for such a man as the antichrist to arise. In fact, it makes more people become the antichrist themselves without realising.

In the bible, the book of Revelation Chapter 13 talks about two powers rising from the face of the earth with immense authority. For purposes of explanation, it is believed that the first power is the Roman Empire (under Vatican), the second power is United States of America (USA).

The second power causes a lot of havoc to both the rich and poor by forcing them to have a mark, a number 666 on their foreheads and forearms without which they can neither buy nor sell. In short, they cannot transact any tangible business on the face of the earth.

To me and I think most, if anything, this is the credit cards, debit cards and mobile phones that we use everyday to do business transactions. If not? Let’s continue.

As a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA), I used to read and preach a lot about the books of prophecy mostly Daniel and Revelations. I spent a lot of my free time searching knowledge about religion and mysteries.

Later on, in life, I chose through my own volition to break ranks with the conservative Christian thought and to ‘think for myself’. I reflected a lot about the teaching of existence in relations to end times (my end).

One of the things I came to understand easily is that the preacher projects their own fears onto the congregants. On some thoughts, one is supposed to question the preacher’s words, albeit not loudly but as you walk in life, you need to be more rational than walk blindly in faith.

What is Christliness?

Christliness is often defined as mimicking Jesus Christ. It is being full of humility, love, equity, equality, selflessness.

So posit that if you are full of pride, ego, love for self then you are already the antichrist. The one that has been so stressed in the lips of many preachers of the book of Revelation is the one who will be against Christians. Now Christianity has numerous denominations and they practise differently in those denominations and churches.

In my opinion, the knowledge of self that even Jesus himself stressed and as practised is such religions as Buddhism is the best way to live. The true Islam teaches caring and love, sharing and giving. In Christianity, it is preached in the church but no one practices it outside the ‘church family’. What is wrong with you Christians?

If Christianity is then what I have seen, that pastors take the tithe and offerings and live lives of luxury at the expense of the poor folks in the church, the I stand with the Anti-Christ, if Christianity is the taking of tithes and offerings and not sharing the proceeds with the widows and orphans and the old in the church, even as instructed by Jesus Christ, then I stand with the Anti-Christ.

Who then will the antichrist be against?

The Jesus who was also called Christ said that his body is one. The question is, if the antichrist then will be against the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) and will come from the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), how then can we say that he is the antichrist, yet both are worshipping Christ?

Forget the argument that one is worshipping a false Christ. Christ must be Christ.

Both of the above churches, SDA and RCC are in Christianity. The difference is that maybe because SDAs have accused the RCC of practising a false form of Christianity.

But, how do we even know if the story of Jesus Christ is true as it is now in the bible or as some have revealed a propaganda in the service and advancement of WHITE SUPREMACY?

Am more at home with the word Son of Perdition as termed in some sections of the bible more than the antichrist since the Son of Perdition speaks clearly to the core being of man, and then if you examine it well, you will find that the Son of Perdition goes against the being of man and not of any other dogma or ideology.

Things that can be attributed to the Son of Perdition are among other things: – wars and suffering; disease and pestilence; slaughter and murder of the innocent; strife and crisis; the Son of Perdition speaks against the peace and love that humanity share. He/she doesn’t care which religion or denomination one comes from.

666: The Mark of the beast

SDAs teach that the Pope claim that he is God’s representative on earth giving himself the title Vicarius Filii Dei (substitute for the son of God) which when translated in Roman and Latin, the name adds up to 666.

For example

In my opinion, the new age, as in every change, will bring things that we are not used to, and that is the problem. Not all of them are or will be positive or conducive for mankind.

However, is everything done now on earth even positive and conducive for mankind?

But lest we forget, we know that human beings often looks forward to a point of inertia.

When we have been brought up into something and that somethings suddenly changes then we are in for trouble. We are required to adapt to the changes. Change is not easy and sometimes takes a lot of pain to accept or implement. The changes that are coming will thus be of the same vibe.

New Age and Mark of The Beast

What you now have is a newer age from the one that was before it, and so forth and so on as we look back.

Even Jesus Christ was born in an age where things were the way they were, and he ushered in a new age. It doesn’t mean that his age will be permanent, it is only rational to note that his age will also be replaced by another, a newer one where things are done differently.

Every age comes with its changes, some very radical. Like it has been prophesied that, the age of the Monotheistic (one god) worship came to an end in 2012. This might explain the ruggedness and chaos currently facing the Earth. Everyone’s thinking capacity has expanded

In this age of knowledge and counter reality, there’s nothing to fear but fear itself.

The world is anxious because at this point in time, all the moral codes have been broken, raped and pushed aside.

Lack of trust, on government’s worldwide, is at an all-time high.

People are knowledgeable and are questioning more.

Life is life. Only liberty is beautiful and must be safeguarded.

We need to live rationally for most parts, to think critically when things are presented to us. To question things that don’t fit truly with our innate being.

We should desist from walking in myopic faith, blindly refusing change that is.

Guard fiercely the true core of what makes us humans (this is urgent, since it is our dehumanization that is currently flourishing on both the oppressor and the oppressed)

About the author

Karecha Kamaris

Karecha Kamaris is the space between earth and heaven, the gap between ice and fire, the elementary molecule that justifies unending peace in the sea of turmoil. An 'appetite for adventure over the love of ease'.

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