INIQUITY BANK: Equity Bank Steals Ksh2 Million From A Sick Grandmother

CAPTION: Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi. This guy here has presided over a bank that continues to swindle Kenyans each waking day. It is an open secret that Equity is full of thieves who somehow manage to go scot-free. A house of money laundering, looting and non-compliance to banking codes.

Iniquity: immoral or grossly unfair behaviour. Similar words: Wickedness, sinfulness, immorality impropriety, vice, evil, criminality, villainy, obscenity.

Equity Bank Of Kenya Limited: Are our deposits/ monies safe with you?

Attention Central Bank Of Kenya and Governor Patrick Njoroge, Equity Bank of Kenya is a den of wickedness, iniquity and inequity. Their systems are not functional and thus many clients continue to lose money.

Fuck Kenyans too, who told you that you should open accounts with Equity Bank, haven’t you seen the many scandals that have been reported and nothing happens? Why don’t you find another bank?

Hi Nyakundi,

Faith Wanjiku, is a 73 yrs old lady who suffers from high blood pressure, and is therefore in need of a lot of assistance with relatively mundane tasks; opened an account with Equity Bank on the 31st day of May 2019.

Shortly thereafter she sold her land, her only asset and possession, at around Kshs. 2 million, and deposited the money into her account. She was to use the money to buy another smaller and cheaper piece of land where she planned to build a simple house to live in the rest of her life.

She remitted her first installment of around Kshs. 1 M a weeks days later, and was to complete payment of the purchase price upon attainiing consent of the LCB.

Unfortunately, this was not to be.

On the 16th day of July 2019 the sum of Kshs. 970, 216 was illegally siphoned from her account in 4 series of transactions using the Eazzy App platform by Equity in the following sequence.

  1. Ksh 300, 030. 00 to Vivian Jelagat Kips
  2. Ksh 300, 030. 00 transferred to Anthony Babu Kaira
  3. Ksh 300, 030. 00 Kelvin Maina Mwaniki
  4. Ksh 70, 000.00 to various equity numbers.


– Faith does not own a smart phone.

– Faith has never registered to or subscribed to Eassy App or sought any service from them.

– Faith was never notified when the Eassy App account was opened linking her account with it despite having given her contacts to the bank during A/C opening.

– Faith has never lost her ATM.

Upon reporting the illegal siphoning of funds from her account she was asked to wait for investigations to be completed by the bank, while already blaming her in that she gave out her ATM PIN to a third party.


After giving her the run around for over a month and constant demand they (Equity) revert, eventually came up with a volumnous report, which they refused to share with her or give her a copy; Faith was simply told that because her sister assisted her to withdraw money from an ATM (Remember she is sick and her sister is her sole and trusted caretaker) they could not assist her, she compromised her PIN.

She demanded to know:-

If her sister was a suspect? The answer was no.

Did her sister open the Eazzy App? the answer was no.

They confirmed.

  1. She had never opened an Eassy App account.
  2. The theft was not as a result of the pin or her sister assistance.

They (Equity) concluded:-

That they will not give the money back to the poor, now homeless old ailing lady.

Faith needs her money back, her project has stalled, she has been left destitute, she is in default of a land agreement, she is now landless, destitute, sick and in need of medication.

All because of negligence of Equity Bank (K) limited.

Her deposits/monies, life’s work, was squandered through Equity in 4 transactions, they have denied liability, they have thrown her out in the cold.




YOUR DEPOSITS/MONEY IS NOT SAFE WITH EQUITY BANK (K) LTD. has the bank statements to confirm that the above indeed happened.

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