Is Benny the Butcher Married? Who is Benny the Butcher’s Spouse?

Benny the Butcher, a renowned American rapper, is a prominent member of the hip-hop collective Griselda and the Black Soprano Family label.

He has gained recognition for his gritty, vivid lyrics that portray the street life and drug trade.

With acclaimed projects such as Tana Talk 3, The Plugs I Met, and Burden of Proof, he has secured his position in the industry.

However, what about his personal life? Is Benny the Butcher married?

To whom is Benny the Butcher married? Here is a comprehensive insight into the rapper’s relationship status.

Image of Benny the Butcher
Benny the Butcher | photo courtesy | Instagram


Benny the Butcher’s Identity

Pennick the Butcher, born Jeremie Damon Pennick on November 27, 1984, in Buffalo, New York, is an influential figure.

Raised in a tough neighbourhood, he was exposed to drugs and violence from a young age.

He initiated his rap journey during his teenage years and introduced his debut mixtape, The Mayor’s Back, in 2004.

Subsequently, he teamed up with his cousins, Westside Gunn and Conway the Machine, forming Griselda Records—an independent label renowned for its raw and authentic sound.

Benny also established his label, Black Soprano Family, featuring artists like Rick Hyde, Heem, ElCamino, and DJ Drama.

His collaborations with prominent figures in hip hop, including:

  1. Eminem.
  2. Jay-Z.
  3. Nas.
  4. Black Thought.
  5. Pusha T.
  6. 2 Chainz,

Have garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards.

Notably, Complex named him one of the best rappers of 2020, and Rolling Stone recognized his album as one of the best of the same year.


Marriage Status of Benny the Butcher

Benny the Butcher is neither married nor single.

He maintains a committed, long-term relationship with India Graham, who is recognized as @indiaxgraham on Instagram.

India Graham, a model and social media influencer with over 100k followers, frequently shares images featuring herself and Benny.

Her support for his music is evident through her posts.

She even displays a tattoo of his name on her chest.


Benny the Butcher’s Relationship

While Benny the Butcher is not married, he shares a strong bond with his girlfriend, India Graham.

Their enduring relationship spans several years, reflecting happiness and genuine affection.

Details regarding their relationship’s origins and history remain private.

Nevertheless, they’ve shared heartwarming moments on social media.

For instance, on Valentine’s Day 2021, India surprised Benny with roses and balloons, capturing the moment on video.

She captioned it with, ‘He always makes me feel special ❤️ @getbenny I love you so much.’

Benny reciprocated by posting a photo of them kissing, accompanied by the caption, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day to my Queen @indiaxgraham I love u more than words can explain.’

Benny the Butcher’s Partner

India Graham plays a dual role as both Benny the Butcher’s girlfriend and his ardent supporter.

Attending his shows and events, she actively cheers him on.

She leverages her social media platforms to promote his music, urging her followers to stream his songs.

Her presence is evident in some of his music videos, such as “Thanksgiving” and “Survivor’s Remorse.

Her closeness extends to Benny’s family and friends, particularly his daughter, Tanisha Pennick, who is also involved in the music industry.

Age of Benny the Butcher

As of 2021, Benny the Butcher is 37 years old, having been born on November 27, 1984.

Benny the Butcher’s Siblings

Benny the Butcher is a sibling to Demetrius Pennick and Anthony Pennick.

Demetrius, also known as Machine Gun Black or Duffel Bag Dunny, was a rapper affiliated with Griselda Records.

Tragically, he was fatally shot in Buffalo in 2016.

Benny honoured his memory with his album Tana Talk 3 and frequently pays tribute in his songs.

Anthony, known as City Boy or Cityy Towerz, is a rapper associated with Black Soprano Family.

Collaborating with Benny on tracks like “City On The Map” and “Da Mob,” Anthony contributes to Benny’s musical journey.

Height of Benny the Butcher

Benny the Butcher’s official height is unconfirmed, but he appears to be around 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Net Worth of Benny the Butcher

Estimated at approximately $1 million in 2021, Benny the Butcher’s net worth stems from music sales, streams, performances, merchandise, and endorsements.

Additionally, he has invested in real estate and other business ventures.


Benny the Butcher emerges as a revered rapper, celebrated for his authentic lyrics reflecting life experiences.

His unyielding bond with his supportive girlfriend, India Graham, defines his personal life.

Although not married, he thrives in contentment and happiness within his relationship.

As a devoted father to his daughter Tanisha and a loyal brother, he overcame obstacles to achieve his artistic aspirations, solidifying his position as a successful and impactful artist.

Table of Facts about Jeremie Damon Pennick

Fact Information
Full Name Jeremie Damon Pennick
Stage Name Benny the Butcher
Birthdate November 27, 1984
Birthplace Buffalo, New York
Genre Hip-hop
Affiliations Griselda Records, Black Soprano Family
Notable Projects Tana Talk 3, The Plugs I Met, Burden of Proof
Collaborations Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, Black Thought, Pusha T, 2 Chainz
Recognitions Named one of the best rappers of 2020 by Complex; Album recognized as one of the best in 2020 by Rolling Stone
Relationship Status In a committed relationship with India Graham (@indiaxgraham on Instagram)
Partner’s Profession Model, social media influencer
Support for Benny’s Music Actively promotes his music on social media platforms
Partner’s Tattoo Has a tattoo of Benny’s name on her chest
Relationship Duration Several years
Family Bond Close relationship with daughter Tanisha Pennick
Siblings Demetrius Pennick (Machine Gun Black), Anthony Pennick (City Boy)
Height Approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall
Net Worth Estimated around $1 million in 2021; from music, real estate, business ventures, endorsements

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