Is Sam Shollei, Standard Group CEO Behind Mumo Matemu’s Woes ?


I have said this time and again that Impunity and graft in this country is too much. The current fallout in anti-graft body is a funded and well calculated move – By the corrupt of course

Many people are saying that Onsongo and Keino want Mumo Matemu out due to his stand on the Shollei’s case. Do you remember when a phone conversation leaked online, Sam Shollei had the audacity to threaten Matemu but nothing happened to him. Our Media ignored this . Here is the conversation.

Matemu: it is very important that I let you speak because then that is the way you are going…

Shollei (pictured): Am angry … 

Matemu: Well I think, let us put it this way Sam

Shollei: Yes sir

Matemu: Like I am saying again you can be sure that anything done here will be done professionally.

Shollei: Yes

Matemu: But the threat to bring us down, to bring Matemu down, to bring the office down; I don’t think that is the direction we should be talking because

Shollei: The reason I said that

Matemu: Matemu doesn’t have to be in this office

Shollei: The reason I said that and I will look at the law, and I will look at the law …… if he is going to take it to Parliament ……I can’t allow, the reason I dint fight at that time is may be they don’t know me, am (the) custodian of my family. Ok.

Matemu: Yeah

Shollei: So now me, am saying if you do your job … because I don’t know but if you bring the money to my house its not me, but I saw the money been wired, so how is it even if there was  a payment token….? And if you charge my brother ndugu yangu (my brother) for corruption ok! and for no corruption you charge him for corruption and you even said you know this thing called letter of credit once you sign the letter of credit an irrevocable LC. If you sign an LC you have nothing to do with it the bank then trace it, you were in the bank? … When you sign an irrevocable letter of credit and part of the procurement office you can’t stop it so one of the charges there I think the connivances to the South Africans …. maybe I should request you, may be I should request you because I think you are getting to the office at that time and if you’re not then…. Let’s review this because people should fight for corruption when they are benefitting the reason I was saying that I have a brother whose been charged for corruption he was the only one working for IEBC and then now … because of political expedience you want to  charge my wife. How can I allow … so the reason I was saying that and …. am bitter am bitter … and if you a professional man can allow a Somali to run you out of town ok … that guy your deputy or … no apologies I shouted a little bit, but we can have another sober meeting over for lunch.

Matemu:  You shouted a bit that is why I was a bit surprised because that is not the Sam Shollei I know when you say if i charge your wife you will bring me down … that shocked me a bit.

Shollei: I agree ndugu yangu because no money and corruption was about corruption, it was about people who benefit from their office ok! I don’t know and then like this if you charge her and then you want to do a lifestyle audit after why are you doing that … may be you are a powerful person and you can do whatever you want to terrorize other people. Do everything first investigatempaka unasema hii pesa ilichukuliwa kutoka muthama ikapatiwa huyu ikaingia kwa mrs shollei sindio (until you say money was picked from Muthama and given to this one to Mrs Shollei isn’t it? Then you say this one was used by this family this way … look at her accounts look at mine, come and look at our properties and then look at the law even the procurement law which says that a public officer shall not be held to account with responsibility for omissions or something like that, there is something like that ok am reading your Act today to find out what you are able to charge am reading the … So if Sam Shollei is an emotional … who says that he won’t go to prison or be charged actually not go to prison … ok…

Matemu: Sorry

Shollei: if it were your wife been terrorized by everybody including people you have respect for like yourself because when you were taking over,I know what my wife did. She was the only sober person in the Judiciary … and then now you cannot protect

Matemu:  mm!!!  I can only

Shollei: You can allow Somalis to run you out of town

Matemu:  We have not allowed any somalias, or anybody in that matter eehh but I can only tell you that everything done here will be done according to the law. If Mrs Shollei wants to have a sitting with the investigators to have her side of the story I am willing to give that instruction so that she can tell them, look this is my position if she would like that, the only thing is Sam I would like you to rethink the threat to bring me personally down, to bring the Commission  down I don’t think! Knowing where you sit, I think eehh I understand ofcourse the family emotions. But, I think we need to tamper them with the normal restraint that’s what I would ask you.

Shollei:  I agree … what am saying is that lets give process first the parliamentary process ok. Which your opinion was part of ok! Sindio (isn’t)? Is that complete! it will be completed in one month alright? So what is the rush because you want to do your job with nani are you not…

Matemu: I don’t know where that has come from Sam, I still don’t understand where you got that from. Where did you get that from Sam?

Shollei: …… the Deputy president

Matemu: That we are rushing

Shollei: No I was told you are rushing because you want to do this thing of AngloLeasing

Matemu: But Mrs Shollei and AngloLeasing are very different

Shollei:  No I was told that you want to do AngloLeasing and you want to show you are fighting corruption …

Matemu: Anyway you are hearing it from me we will do everything according to the law Sam

Shollei: And can I ask you – are you charging her or not? So that I can look for properties to go and mortgage I can look for cash.

Matemu: You know Sam there is a process if we were to go to a point where we would be charging her the first thing we do, we normally recommend to the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) and the DPP is independent in terms of either agreeing with us or not agreeing with us is not bound by our recommendations … there is the process Sam I don’t know why somebody would think the EACC can just pick somebody one day without the DPPs input and take her to Court that cannot happen.

Shollei: May I make a request to you Mr Matemo

Matemu: Yes please

Shollei: We haven’t met in life and I have a lot of respect for you. May I make a request from you that you take personal charge of this situation, take up everything. Ok. May I make that request?

Matemu: I’ll take charge of the due process so that everything is done according to the law, according to the law

Shollei: Yes

Matemu: Yes, thank you

Shollei: Then I will call you when am less angry then we can have lunch.

Matemu: Ok

About the author

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.







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