It was marked as a secret ”donation ” not a Bribe


Hillary Clinton started it and Martha Karua has now joined the bandwagon. If you have not heard the shocking news , It is alleged  that our dear Martha Karua received  £50,000 bribe from BAT to prevent a rival company supplying Kenya with technology to combat cigarette smuggling.

To fight back the serious BAT bribery allegations, Martha Karua has said that BAT never bribed her and what she remembers is getting a personal donation for her election campaign from a businessman affiliated to BAT . But the whistleblower confirmed that the Cash

The secret donations were falsely listed in BAT accounts as payments for management fees or as expenses incurred in anti-smuggling operations.

In short, Martha Karua is telling you that the package was marked ” Donation ” Not ” Bribe ” . So how can other politician apply Martha Karua’s skills  to defend themselves .

For example, William Ruto may open his grabbing case with IDP Mzee Muteshi and argue that the Land was not  ” Marked ” as Mzee Mteshi’s  land . He didnt grab it .

President Uhuru will argue that there is no poverty in Kenya because there is nobody who s marked as ” Poor ” AKA the haves and the Have Nots .

Politicians, particularly those from the URP side of Government , will now be able to defend themselves by stating that the cash they  always receive in exchange for a political favor is not a bribe since it is not always “marked” as a bribe but a donation .

Various ministries that cannot account for 67 Billion will come out and defend themselves by saying the cash was not marked as ” Poor Kenyans money ”


Drug dealers can freely make huge cash deposits to bank accounts, and defend themselves by stating that their deposits cannot be prosecuted as money laundering since they were not marked as “laundered money.” Lol

Mp Mwiti who is accused of rape will Re-open his case and say there is nowhere it is ” marked  ” that  what he did was a crime .

Isaac Hassan and other fellas who were involved in the Chicken Scandal will say they never did anything wrong because the Money they received was not ” Marked ” as a Bribe, It was just a donation .

Rotich the Treasury Cabinet Secretary will argue that it was not marked as a crime  to deposit Proceeds from the Sovereign Bond of USD 1,999,052,872.97  into an offshore account.

But dont be fooled . It was just a donation theory  applies to the Rich and those above the law not to me and you , the ordinary Kenyan.

In fact, in the future, Politicians may come up with a new theory of politics.  They will no longer categorize people as either “haves” or “have-nots” but as “marked” or “not marked.”  This will be very useful to them, as they continue to allow illegal behavior that enables others to violate the Constitution and scoff at laws.

About the author

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.







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