Jackie Matubia: A Profile of Her Life, Professional Journey, Personal Affairs, Motherhood, and Connection with Milly Chebby.

Jackie Matubia
Jackie Matubia | photo courtesy | Instagram


Jackie Matubia is one talented lady making waves in Kenya’s entertainment scene.

Best known for playing the sassy character Nana on the popular TV show Zora, she’s become a face many families feel like they know.

Her breakout role has taken her fame to a whole new level over the past few years.

Beyond acting, Jackie is also a businesswoman with her hands in several ventures.

She keeps busy churning out social media content and connecting with her growing fanbase online.

On top of that, she wears many hats as an influencer, host, and entrepreneur, with projects in the works. It’s easy to see why she’s become such a household name!

Between juggling acting jobs, running her companies, and engaging with followers daily, her schedule must be packed. But Jackie always manages to do it all with style and grace.

She seems to radiate positive energy in everything she puts out there. It’s no wonder audiences have connected so strongly to her on-screen personas over the years.

Of course, her role as the sassy but lovable Nana is what truly propelled Jackie into the spotlight. The character was an instant hit with viewers and added some much-needed humor to the show.

I can certainly see why families would find themselves eagerly awaiting her scenes each week.

Even for those not too familiar with Kenyan television, Jackie Matubia’s name is one that many have come to recognize.

I have no doubt she’ll keep wowing audiences with her talents for many projects to come.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about Jackie Matubia, her background, career, personal life, and more.

Who is Jackie Matubia?

Jackie Matubia has made a name for herself as a multi-talented media personality in Kenya over the past decade.

With a passion for acting, hosting, and content creation, she brings her cheerful and vibrant personality to everything she takes on.

Jackie got her start in the entertainment industry back in the late 2000s with bit roles on various TV shows.

It didn’t take long for people to take notice of her natural charisma and screen presence. She steadily landed bigger roles that showcased her talent for drama and comedy.

Some of her most memorable performances have been in the popular shows “Zora” and “Huba.”

In addition to acting, Jackie is a seasoned TV host who keeps audiences engaged with her bubbly hosting style.

She’s well-versed in interviewing celebrities and conducting entertainment news segments.

Viewers appreciate her ability to make her guests feel at ease opening up on live shows. Her hosting gigs have included programs like “Night Out” and special red-carpet events.

When she’s not on our screens, Jackie focuses on content creation through her active social media presence.

On Instagram and YouTube, in particular, she shares glimpses into her personal life and lifestyle.

Fans enjoy getting to know the fun-loving personality behind the talent. Her influencer work has partnerships with many beauty, fashion, and dining brands.

With talent, drive, and a winning smile, Jackie proves that hard work and perseverance do pay off in the end.

She’s proof that the entertainment industry is open to newcomers who are passionate and willing to put in the time to develop their craft.

Jackie Matubia continues to inspire many young Kenyans to pursue their dreams without limits.

How old is Jackie Matubia?

Matubia is 33 years old as of 2023.

Jackie Matubia’s Career Journey

Matubia initially gained recognition for her role as Jolene on Tahidi High but took a hiatus after becoming a mother.

She made a triumphant return to television as Nana in Zora, reuniting with Sarah Hassan.

Jackie expanded her career as a host on shows like ChatSpot and E-Zone with Jackie.

Leveraging social media, she launched a YouTube channel for insightful interviews with Kenyan stars.

In addition to her thriving entertainment career, Jackie owns Fabulously Forward, a business offering health, beauty, and accessories.

The brand gained attention with a glamorous launch party, attracting influencers. Jackie’s ability to diversify and excel in various fields continues to inspire her audience as she evolves and entertains.

Jackie Matubia’s Personal Life

Jackie Matubia has been married to her husband, Kennedy Njogu, also known as Nyongz, for several years now. He works as a pilot. Together, they have an eight-year-old daughter.

In 2022, Jackie and Kennedy celebrated their third wedding anniversary after legally marrying in 2019.

However, their marriage has not been without struggles, with rumors of divorce and accusations of infidelity at times.

Jackie has opened up about weathering ups and downs but working through challenges as a team.

Overall, the couple seems committed to their family despite life’s difficulties.

How many kids does Jackie Matubia have?

Jackie Matubia is a mother of two. Her daughter, Zari Wanjiku, is with her husband, Kennedy Njogu.

She also has a son, Jayden, from a previous relationship.

Jackie shared that she became a mother at 19, revealing that she left her son with her dad in the UK after parting ways with his father.

Despite the distance, she maintains communication and looks forward to reuniting with him in the future.

Is Jackie Matubia the sister of Milly Chebby?

Jackie Matubia and Milly Chebby share a strong bond of friendship.

Although they are not related by blood, they see each other as sisters and have been close for over 10 years.

They have offered support through both good and challenging times.

On social media, they often affectionately refer to one another as twins or sisters, reflecting their deep sister-like relationship.

Why did Jackie Matubia fall out with Milly Chebby?

In 2021, Jackie Matubia and Milly Chebby experienced a falling out that led to them unfollowing each other online and removing photos together.

The cause wasn’t made public, though some claimed a money-related misunderstanding.

Later, the longtime friends reconciled, saying a minor issue ballooned but has since been addressed and resolved to their satisfaction.

They put the disagreement behind them and continued their close friendship.


Jackie Matubia is a highly accomplished Kenyan actress, content creator, TV host, and businesswoman.

Renowned for her performances in Tahidi High and Zora, she has also ventured into entrepreneurship with Fabulously Forward.

A devoted wife and mother of two, Jackie has navigated personal and professional challenges with remarkable strength.

Her journey serves as an inspiration, particularly for young women pursuing their dreams and passions.

A table of facts about Jackie Matubia

Aspect Details
Full Name Jackie Matubia
Profession Actress, Digital Content Creator, TV Personality, Entrepreneur
Popular Roles Jolene in Tahidi High, Nana in Zora
Children Daughter:
  1. Zari Wanjiku
  2. Son – Jayden (with ex-boyfriend)
Business Founder of Fabulously Forward: Health, Beauty, and Accessories
TV Hosting She worked on ChatSpot (SwitchTV) and hosted E-Zone with Jackie (Rembo TV)
YouTube Channel Self-titled channel featuring interviews with Kenyan showbiz stars
Family Life Married to Kennedy Njogu; revealed having a son at 19, communicates and hopes to reunite
Challenges Overcome Faced challenges with grace and resilience in both personal and professional life
Inspirational Figure An inspiration for young women aspiring to pursue their dreams and passions

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