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Jahmby Koikai Deactivates Instagram Page After Nyakundi Asks Followers To Stop Donating Towards Her Medical Fund

Jahmby Koikai who has raised a lot of money from mostly men, is like a double-agent. On one hand she wants their money, on the other she detests the gender as chauvinistic and oppressive towards women. A conflicted feminist.

Jahmby Koikai who has been on a medical sabbatical overseas was yesterday forced to delete her Instagram Page, after blogger Cyprian Nyakundi asked his fans to stop contributing to her medical fund.

Koikai who has managed to mobilize millions of shillings through MPesa contributions mostly through men, has continued her subtle attack against our gender, mostly triggered by her rabid/toxic feminist conditioning.

In focus is her rant yesterday, targeted at celebrated columnist and radio personality Andrew Kibe, who recently ranted against Kenyan women’s addiction to “power” and nagging behaviors. He insinuated that Kenyan men are being drawn to women from Ugandan and Rwandese women largely because Kenyan women lack humility.

Indeed, recent studies show Kenyan men are giving their women a wide-berth in droves, beginning with prominent figures like Polycarp Fancy Fingers of Sauti Sol who recently wedded his Burundian sweet-heart. He was swiftly followed by Martin Githinji a local actor who married his Ugandan heart-throb a week later.

With these high-profile pairings, it is becoming evident that Kenyan men are emancipating themselves from mental-slavery, and casting their nets wider, going against stereotypes and tradition. If the market is only providing used/tired goods masquerading as “bosses” or “boss-chic” or “bossette” or “madam boss”, we’d rather die than marry them. I mean how does a woman who makes money from trading her vagina purport to call herself a boss? Save us your crap you Kenyan bitches!

Here are some of the comments from these bogus feminists, asking their fellow confused followers to report Andrew Kibe. Who died and made them Mark Zuckerberg? Anyiko shamelessly using her official work account. How do you use an official work account for personal opinions? 

The big debate in question is, can’t men make their own commentary without being labeled as narcissists or chauvinists? What is freedom of expression? Does it mean that the only people who can be allowed to speak in this country are fuckin feminists?

Joining Koikai in her hate-tirade against the male species are two prominent Luo ladies Zawadi Nyongo and Anyiko Woko a PR operative. Their sexual frustrations were evident in the tone and anger in their response towards Andrew Kibe’s opinion. Who died and made them God?

As Cyprian Nyakundi, I have asked men to stop contributing towards Jahmby Koikai’s medical-fund. Her duplicity and double-standards are nauseating. She can wish for the male dollar when it’s convenient for her, then trash the same gender because of her feminist conditioning. We will now be contributing towards income-generating activities and not investing in vanity like some obscure medical-funds, fronted by people undermining our gender.

Freedom of expression is a constitutional right, and not an entitlement to be exercised at the discretion of feminists. Nobody was born with the sole purpose of generating commentary that is pleasing to rabid feminists like Jahmby Koikai, Anyiko PR and Zawadi Nyongo.

I also direct all males to cease henceforth working with Anyiko PR Agencies. We know she works with the likes of Sauti Sol and collaborates with Shaffie Weru. If they continue procuring her services, then clearly they will continue isolating themselves from the male gender. Anyiko’s clients are (surprisingly) men. They include Victor Mugabe, Khaligraph Jones, Redsan, and the likes. We want Kenyans to boycott products/services by people who retain Anyiko as their PR agent. She has to choose between feminist-activism or business.

Anyiko Woko with Khaligraph Jones. Such OG’s should stop giving this retarded feminist business.

As for Zawadi Nyongo, I don’t know what ails this family. First the sister Lupita was conveniently joining the #MeToo movement aimed at discrediting the careers of successful men. Now her sister is leading online movements to report accounts of male opinionists.

Were the Nyongo daughters molested when they were young or something? This hate for men can’t be from thin air.

My advice to them is to seek help from the many counselling agencies scattered across the country. It’s time to heal and move on from your horrible past. You can’t be spreading your hate against the male gender online for the rest of your life. Pick another struggle!

After I ran the post admonishing Zawadi Nyongo, I received a few notes regarding the family. Before addressing Andrew Kibe, can you first deal with the skeletons in your family?

Bitter and sexually-frustrated feminist Zawadi Nyongo. Which nigger in his right mind would want to sleep with this? No wonder she’s always so angry.

#1. George Morris Opiyo died 17th Feb 2003 but we were informed 1 month after. They claimed he died of TB… I’m working on revenge. I’m one of the sons. My dad died and left young family. Was just in class five without nothing to inherit or no future. My other siblings were still young and in school. My dad left two widows, Mary and Benta Auma. When Nyongo came to the funeral to pay homage, I was young but I remember. He gave my family Kshs. 500. Yes five hundred Kenya shillings. One day they gonna pay. My dad’s name was George Morris Opiyo from Seme Katieno, Kisumu west District Kisumu rural constituency by then now called Seme constituency.

That Zawadi Nyongo and Nyongo’s family murdered my dad. My dad was driving Prof Aggrey Omondi Nyongo, a Chief pathologist in Nairobi hospital by then..I Was young probably in class five.They had accident around Ngong. Prof Aggrey Omondi Nyongo died minutes to the hospital (Nairobi hospital) my dad stayed in ICU for more than 3 months in same facility, later he was transferred to Kenyatta hospital due to high cost and we were a humble family. My dad recovered after about a year but he was not stable, walked with crutches. But normally for the Kenyan law you must record a statement after an accident as a driver. Due to directive from Nyongo’s family.He was arrested, detained charged for the murder of Prof.Aggrey Omondi Nyongo. Later he was taken to court, I don’t know what happened but he was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment when still sick. Hakumaliza 4 months akauliwa and the murder was covered.

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