Jim Jefferies Wife Revealed: Meet Tasie Lawrence, the International Star of Nickelodeon

Tasie Lawrence, known as an international star of Nickelodeon, is the wife of stand-up comedian Jim Jefferies.

She is an English actor originally from Brighton, and her stage name is Taise Lawrence.

One of her notable roles is Mara Jaffray on the Nickelodeon show House of Anubis, which has gained international popularity.

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Jim Jefferies, her husband, is an Australian-born comedian whose real name is Geoff James Nugent.

Jim Jefferies is a multi-talented individual, being an actor, comedian, and writer.

He holds dual citizenship in Australia and America.

He began his career and achieved recognition through his work on the Comedy Central late-night show called The Jim Jefferies Show, as well as the American FX sitcom Legit.

In the month of February 2023, Jim Jefferies returned to Netflix with his fifth stand-up comedy special titled “High N’ Dry.”

This globally streamed show, which lasted for one hour and eight minutes, was packed with entertainment and featured hilarious jokes directed by Scott Zabielski.

Prior to “High N’ Dry,” Jim Jefferies had previously released several comedy specials on Netflix.

These include “Jim Jefferies: Intolerant” in 2020, “Jim Jefferies: This Is Me Now” in 2018, “Jim Jefferies: Freedumb” in 2016, and “Jim Jefferies: Bare” in 2014.

Overall, “High N’ Dry” marks Jim Jefferies’ tenth television stand-up comedy special, which started with “Contraband” in 20018.

Jim Jefferies’ wife

The comedian’s wife, Tasie Lawrence, was the one who initially revealed details about their journey as a couple.

However, Jim Jefferies rarely discussed her influence on his well-being and her relationship with his first son.

This Australian-American stand-up comedian gained recognition in the entertainment industry due to his comedic skills and acting talent.

An image of Jim Jefferies wife Tasie Lawerence
Jim Jefferies wife Tasie Lawerence

Jefferies is widely recognized for his starring role in the series “Legit” and for hosting his own late-night show called “The Jim Jefferies Show.”

His extensive portfolio includes various ventures in Hollywood, such as producing and writing.

He has worked on diverse projects encompassing topics ranging from politics to social change.

Despite being a beloved public figure, Jim prefers to keep his romantic life away from the public eye and maintains a high level of privacy.

In contrast, Lawrence takes a different approach and openly shares glimpses of their relationship on social media.

Who is Tasie Lawrence

After being signed by Island Records as a songwriter and lead singer, Tasie Lawrence made her entry into the music industry.

She put her years of musical study to the test when she joined the rock band “WoosWoos.”

Although she bid farewell to the band, Tasie didn’t venture too far from the world of entertainment.

Instead, she embarked on a completely new career path.

She became a familiar face on television screens through her notable role in the mystery series “House of Anubis,” which aired internationally on Nickelodeon.

Additionally, she secured a role in Fox’s series “Hieroglyph.

In 2021, Tasie took to social media to share her experience of a “mom’s night out,” where she showed support for Riz Ahmed’s film.

In her post, she expressed admiration for Ahmed’s career as an English South Asian actor, finding it highly inspiring and considering him a trailblazer.

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Relationship History of Jim Jefferies and Tasie Lawrence

Prior to Tasie Lawrence and Jim Jefferies becoming a couple, Lawrence was involved in a relationship with British actor Bobby Lockwood in 2013.

However, both Lawrence and Lockwood maintained a high level of privacy regarding their relationship.

Even when they eventually separated, they chose not to disclose the reasons for their breakup to the public.

In 2019, rumors started circulating about Lawrence having a new romantic partner, but she remained composed and didn’t openly address the speculation.

Some people speculated that her rumored lover might be Jim Jefferies, considering the close bond between the two.

Similarly, Jim Jefferies had his own previous romantic relationship with Kate Lyuben, which resulted in the birth of a child.

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