Jokic Brothers: Who They Are and What They’re Known For

Nikola Jokic stands as one of the NBA’s premier talents, boasting two MVP titles and orchestrating the Denver Nuggets to their inaugural championship in 2023.

Yet, his remarkable ascent is not a solitary journey; it’s a testament to the unwavering support of his closely-knit family.

In this piece, we delve into the lives of his two elder brothers, Nemanja and Strahinja, whose fervor for basketball has left an indelible mark on Nikola’s career.

An image of Jokic Brothers
The Jokic brothers have become real-life folk heroes in Denver over the years. Dustin Bradford/Getty Images


How Many Jokic Brothers Are There?

Nikola Jokic’ s siblings, Nemanja and Strahinja, are both ten years his senior.

They hail from Sombor, Serbia, a quaint town nestled in the northwestern region of the country.

Their upbringing was marked by a shared passion for basketball, cultivated under the guidance of their father, Branislav, an agricultural engineer, and their mother, Nikolina, who pursued a career as a nurse.

Who Are Jokic Brothers?

Nemanja and Strahinja Jokic, two former basketball athletes, boast professional careers that span both Europe and the United States.

An image of Jokic Brothers
From left, Strahinja, Nikola and Nemanja Jokic (Photo courtesy of the Jokic family).


Nemanja earned a scholarship to attend Detroit Mercy, where he shared accommodations with former Detroit Pistons center, Darko Milicic.

Subsequently, he contributed his skills to teams such as C.W. Post and the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Steamers in the Premier Basketball League.

On the other hand, Strahinja’s basketball journey took him across various European leagues, including stints in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, and Cyprus.

Does Jokic Have Siblings?

Certainly, Nikola Jokic is part of a sibling trio that includes his older brothers, Nemanja and Strahinja.

Their impact on Nikola’s basketball journey has been profound.

From an early age, they introduced him to the sport and instilled in him its core principles.

In a display of unwavering support, they relocated to Denver alongside Nikola when he joined the Nuggets in 2015, becoming his most ardent fans and staunchest supporters ever since.

Where Is Nikola Jokic Family?

Nikola Jokic and his family reside in Denver, Colorado, where he is an integral part of the Nuggets’ roster.

Nevertheless, they frequently return to their hometown of Sombor during the NBA off-season.

In October 2020, Nikola tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Natalija in Sombor, and they welcomed their daughter, Ognjena, into the world in May 2021.

What Are Jokic Brothers Known For?

The Jokic siblings are renowned for their deep passion for basketball and unwavering allegiance to Nikola.

They frequently attend his matches, fervently supporting him and commemorating his triumphs.

Additionally, they have gained a reputation for their imposing demeanor and their fierce protectiveness over their younger sibling.

On occasion, they have found themselves entangled in altercations with both fans and adversaries who have shown disrespect towards Nikola or attempted to incite him.

How Do Jokic Brothers Support Nikola?

The Jokic siblings offer extensive backing to Nikola on various fronts.

They offer him emotional and moral reinforcement, along with valuable counsel and direction.

Their assistance extends to helping him navigate the demanding nature of the NBA, ensuring he remains steadfast and driven by consistently reinforcing his aspirations and ambitions.

Their unwavering presence is a constant in his journey, irrespective of whether he secures victories or faces setbacks.


The Jokic brothers are not just siblings to Nikola; they are his mentors, friends, and partners in his basketball journey, sharing in his highs and lows, joys, and struggles.

They are his proud family.

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