Julio Iglesias: Bio, Career, Personal Life, Discography, Netflix Collaboration, and Net Worth.


The Legendary Voice of Latin Pop, Julio Iglesias
The Legendary Voice of Latin Pop, Julio Iglesias | photo courtesy | Getty Image 


Julio Iglesias is a legendary singer with a decades-long career entertaining fans worldwide. Known as the best-selling Latin artist ever, he can also sing in an impressive 14 languages.

Through thousands of concerts for millions of attendees and winning countless awards over 50 years, it’s clear his talent and passion for music have touched the lives of many.

His boundary-pushing, multilingual style helped introduce different cultures to new audiences.

Iglesias remains an iconic figure who inspired generations with his soulful songs.

His legacy is a testament to the power of using one’s gifts to bring joy and understanding to all people.

facts about Julio Iglesias
infographic: Facts about Julio Iglesias


Who is Julio Iglesias?

Julio Iglesias was born in Madrid, Spain, on September 23, 1943.

His father was a gynecologist, and his mother had Puerto Rican and Jewish roots.

Growing up in an affluent and cultured family, Julio displayed early interests in music and sports.

While studying law at CEU San Pablo University, he also played as a goalkeeper for Real Madrid Castilla, the reserve team of the renowned football club.

However, a car accident in 1963 dramatically altered his life, causing partial paralysis and ending his football career.

During the extended recovery period, he discovered his musical talent, writing songs, playing guitar, and developing a passion for singing.

In 1968, he entered a song contest and secured a recording contract with Columbia Records, marking the commencement of his impressive musical journey.

Julio Iglesias Age

Julio Iglesias is currently 80 years old and is still active in the music industry

Julio Iglesias Career

Julio Iglesias, spanning five decades, explored diverse musical genres, from romantic ballads to international collaborations.

Singing in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, and English, his early hits like “Un Canto a Galicia” showcased his versatility.

In the 1980s, collaborations with Willie Nelson and Diana Ross brought international acclaim.

Embracing the Latin pop boom in the 1990s, Iglesias integrated salsa, merengue, and bachata. Hits like “Baila Morena” and “La Carretera” marked this successful period.

In the 2000s, he explored tango, flamenco, bolero, and bossa nova, collaborating with younger artists like Enrique Iglesias and Nelly Furtado.

His memorable tracks include “Dos Corazones, Dos Historias” and “Cuando Me Enamoro.”

Celebrating his 50th anniversary in the 2010s, Iglesias released albums like “1” and “Romantic Classics,” receiving prestigious honors, including the Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and induction into the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Julio Iglesias Personal Life

Julio Iglesias has married twice and fathered eight children. His first wife, Filipino-Spanish journalist Isabel Preysler, wed Julio in 1971.

The couple had three kids before divorcing in 1979: television host Chabeli, musician Julio Jr., and Grammy-winning singer Enrique Iglesias.

Julio later married former Dutch model Miranda Rijnsburger in 2010 after a 20-year relationship. They share five children and a luxurious Miami estate in Punta Cana.

Grandfather to nine grandchildren, Julio supports various charities, including UNICEF, the Red Cross, and the American Cancer Society.

Julio Iglesias Albums

In his decades-spanning career, internationally acclaimed Spanish crooner Julio Iglesias has made musical history.

With over 80 studio albums and sales surpassing 150 million records worldwide, he officially holds the Guinness World Record for the most records sold in the most languages by a solo artist.

Iglesias’ trophy case glitters with over 2,600 gold and platinum certifications and more than 200 prestigious awards, including honors from the music industry’s leading institutions like:

  1. the Grammys
  2. Latin Grammys
  3. World Music Awards
  4. Billboard Music Awards
  5. American Music Awards.

Simply put, few performers can equal the commercial success and industry recognition amassed by Julio over six prolific decades at the top. His musical legacy as a best-selling global superstar is secure.

Some of his most acclaimed and successful albums are:

Julio Iglesias Albums
Julio Iglesias Albums


Julio Iglesias and Netflix Deal

In 2023, Julio Iglesias inked a deal with Netflix to produce a biographical series titled “Julio,” spanning eight episodes.

The series will delve into his childhood, the pivotal accident, his ascent to fame, marriages, children, and legacy.

Featuring original music by Iglesias and covers by other artists, it will be directed by Carlos Saura, with Javier Bardem portraying Iglesias.

Expected to premiere in 2024, the series will be accessible in multiple languages and regions.

Iglesias expressed excitement and honor in sharing his story, hoping the series would inspire and entertain people of all ages and backgrounds worldwide.

Julio Iglesias Height

Julio Iglesias is 1.85 meters tall, or 6 feet and 1 inch.

Julio Iglesias Net Worth

Julio Iglesias has an estimated net worth of $600 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

He is one of the richest and most successful singers in the world and has earned his fortune from his record sales, concerts, endorsements, and investments.


A living legend with a voice recognized the world over, Julio Iglesias embodies Latin pop music. Over a six-decade career, he has attained enormous critical and commercial success while overcoming countless obstacles.

With his passionate vocals and smooth style, Julio has influenced generations of musicians and fans.

Beyond the stage, he leads with generosity—as a father, husband, and philanthropist driven to help children in need.

Having sold hundreds of millions of records, earned a trove of awards, and achieved the admiration of global audiences, the one-of-a-kind Julio Iglesias has more than earned his reputation as an iconic symbol of Latin culture.

His resilience and talent carry on a storied musical legacy still being written today by this undeniable maestro.

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