Is Kalen Deboer married? The Untold Facts about Kalen’s Wife

Kalen Deboer and his wife, Nicole, have two daughters, Alexis and Avery.

Get to Know Kalen Douglas DeBoer: The Football Wizard Making Waves at Alabama!

An image of Kalen Deboer
Kalen Deboer. Photo: Instagram

Born on October 24, 1974, he is not your ordinary coach.

From success at the University of Sioux Falls to steering teams at Fresno State and the University of Washington, he is a true football mastermind!

With an impressive three national championships, this coach is leaving his mark in Alabama!

Stay tuned for more about the gridiron wizard, Kalen Douglas DeBoer.

Meet Kalen Douglas DeBoer’s wife, Nicole! Away from the football scene, he is happily married to Nicole, who grew up in Sioux Falls.

Terry and Lori Tendler, Nicole’s dedicated parents, raised her with a passion for sports. From high school to college, Nicole enthusiastically played basketball.

Nicole graduated from Augustana College with a degree in fitness management.

In college, she was not just studying; she was also a basketball player, clocking in 109 games.
So, she is not just a supportive spouse but also a former college athlete!

kalen Deboer’s daughter

Kalen DeBoer, the coach of the Washington Huskies, and his wife, Nicole, have two daughters named Alexis and Avery.

The proposed terms and conditions for DeBoer’s appointment are under review by the Board of Trustees, including the financial details.

Their daughter, Alexis, is a softball player at Bellevue High School in Kirkland, just a 28-minute drive from Seattle.

She plans to continue playing for the Huskies women’s softball team in the future.

In a recent Instagram post, it was shared that Alexis signed with the Huskies in November and will join the team after graduating from high school this year.

She is not just a pitcher but also a skilled hitter, boasting 14 home runs with an average of 683 last season.

Alexis was recognized as first-team All-State in her junior year.

Alexis DeBoer mentioned that the “championship culture” at Washington motivated her to sign with the Huskies.

The short distance between the father-daughter duo, just a 30-second stroll, is an additional bonus.

Kalen Deboer’s sibling

Kalen Deboer’s siblings are Casey (brother) and Brenda DeBoer (sister).

Casey prefers to remain silent, as there is not much information about him online.

In their early years, Kalen DeBoer and his brother encountered tough times marked by challenges.

Yet, with the unwavering support of their sister, they not only overcame their difficult past but emerged victorious.

Kalen, his brother, and their sister formed a resilient trio, facing life’s hardships together.

Born in Milbank, South Dakota, on October 24, 1974, Kalen is now a football coach at the University of Washington.

Growing up, Kalen completed his schooling at Milbank High School and pursued his collegiate career at the University of Sioux Falls, where he played as a wide receiver from 1993 to 1996.

After ending his football career in 1997, he worked as a student assistant at Sioux Falls and later earned a bachelor’s degree in secondary education in 1998.

Despite facing challenges during his childhood, Kalen found strength through his siblings and his single mother, Phylis Waterfall.

Raised in the face of financial struggles, the DeBoer family persevered, with Kalen and his brother relying on each other for support.

While not much information is available about Kalen’s brother, Casey, the bond between the siblings played a crucial role in their unity.

Brenda DeBoer, their sister, stands out as a successful professional, currently serving as the Vice President of Finance at Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union.

Kalen’s eldest daughter, Alexis, is committed to the University of Washington’s softball team in 2022.

Known for her unique skills and dedication, Alexis is recognized for her exceptional power and selfless team spirit.

Despite commuting from Seattle to NorCal for practice, she approaches the game with joy and a winning mentality.

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