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Kanye West New Album ‘Vultures’ Leaked: Full Tracklist, Analysis, Release Date

The music world is abuzz with the latest leak from one of its most enigmatic figures, Kanye West.

A tracklist purported to be from his upcoming album has surfaced, sending fans and critics into a frenzy of speculation and excitement.

But what does this leak mean, and how does it fit into the larger context of Kanye’s storied career?

Join me on this article as I help you piece together the puzzle of this new tracklist and its implications for his upcoming masterpiece.

An image of Kanye West looking frenzied as he played through his upcoming album in Italy
Kanye West looking frenzied as he played through his upcoming album in Italy back in October 2023 (PHOTO: Instagram)

Has Kanye West New Album Leaked?

Yes, Kanye West’s highly anticipated new album was unexpectedly leaked on Saturday, December 9, 2023.

Each track on the ‘Vultures’ album appears to be a mosaic piece, showcasing Kanye’s intricate artistic vision.

From the opening track, resonating with the raw vulnerability reminiscent of ‘808s & Heartbreak,’ to the closing number, possibly paying homage to the grandiosity of ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,’ each title hints at a captivating journey through the psyche of this multifaceted artist.

Featuring a total of 18 songs, the titles range from the introspective, as seen in “Time Moving Slow,” to the jubilant celebration captured in “New Body.”

The album was originally rumored to be called “¥$” (Ye & Ty Dolla Sign album) but the leaked tracklist suggests it might now be called “Vultures.”

Kanye West New Album Track List

Kanye’s work has always been a reflection of his tumultuous life.

If ‘Vultures’ is anything like the leaks suggest, we’re in for a deeply personal and possibly transformative album.

An image of Kanye West New Album ‘Vultures’ Leaked Tracklist, Analysis, Release Date
The leaked tracklist of Kanye West’s upcoming album ‘Vultures.’ (SOURCE: X, formerly Twitter)

Here is the leaked tracklist:

  6. SO GOOD
  7. PAID
  9. SLIDE
  10. NEW BODY
  14. DRUNK
  16. RIVER
  18. UNLOCK

Kanye West New Album Collaborations

While the leaked tracklist doesn’t list any featured artists, fans are already speculating about possible collaborations based on song titles and Kanye’s recent associations.

Names like Ty Dolla Sign, Pusha T, and even The Weeknd are being thrown around, adding to the excitement surrounding the album.

Kanye West has also reportedly sampled Backstreet Boys in track one “EveryBody” as can be heard in the video below shared on X (formerly Twitter).

Kanye West New Album Reactions

The leak has naturally caused a stir among fans, with many expressing their eagerness to hear the new music.

Social media is buzzing with speculation, analysis, and creative interpretations of the leaked tracklist.

As expected, music critics have been quick to weigh in on the leak.

The title ‘Vultures’ itself evokes imagery of rebirth and scavenging from the old to create something new.

Could this album be Kanye’s commentary on his career, picking apart his past to forge his future?

Kanye West New Album Release Date

Despite the leaked tracklist, there’s still no official word on the album’s release date.

However, with the information now out there, fans can expect more updates and announcements in the coming weeks.

What’s Next for Kanye West?

While the leaked tracklist provides valuable insights, the true essence of the album will only be revealed when it officially drops.

Based on Kanye’s track record, we can expect an innovative and thought-provoking listening experience that pushes boundaries and challenges expectations.

When placed alongside Kanye’s discography, ‘Vultures’ appears to be both a departure and a homecoming.

It retains the bold experimentation of ‘Yeezus’ while echoing the soulful introspection of ‘The College Dropout.’

It’s a balancing act only a seasoned artist like Kanye could hope to achieve.


Only time will tell when Kanye will officially announce the album’s title and release date.

However, the leaked tracklist gives us a taste of what to expect and has undoubtedly fueled the anticipation for his next musical offering.

I will keep you updated with any developments related to Kanye West’s new album.

In the meantime, you can start dissecting the leaked tracklist, share your predictions with fellow fans, and join the online discussions.

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