Karen Nyamu Diagnosed with Competition Anxiety

Edday, Samidoh, Karen Nyamu
PHOTO CAPTION: Edday, Samidoh and Karen Nyamu

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has blamed alcohol over an embarrassing incident in Dubai where she engaged in a commotion with Mugithi music star Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu Thursday night during a concert.

Nyamu took to her Facebook live on Saturday to respond to her fans about what transpired during the incident that saw her dislodge Edday before sitting on Samidoh’s lap.

The incident stirred a public debate on the conduct of the lawmaker, with some observers saying she had violated constitutional provisions on leadership and integrity.

Others defended Nyamu’s conduct, arguing that she has a right to fight for her space, having birthed two children with Samidoh, a police officer.

Amongst the numerous reactions, one specific opinion by a Kenyan on Facebook seems to have aptly captured the circumstances behind the senator’s deplorable behaviour.

The netizen blamed Nyamu’s current predicaments on what he termed as “competition anxiety” whereby she is struggling to remain relevant in Samidoh’s life amidst tough rivalry from younger and more beautiful girls.

According to Kenyan author Jacob Aliet (Jack Agwa), since Nyamu is aware that her affair with Samidoh is not legitimate and not in any way officiated, her strategy is to be public about their relationship in search of acceptance from the public eye.

Below is his full, interesting opinion.

Jacob Aliet
Kenyan author Jacob Aliet has diagnosed Karen Nyamu with “Competition Anxiety”

“What’s killing Karen Nyamu is competition anxiety.

She knows her SMV is low, being a single mother with a child (or more) who aren’t Samidoh’s.

Other women are now coming into Samidoh’s arms who are younger and more beautiful, and she knows her days are numbered.

Samidoh is her last-ditch effort at consolidating her eroded sexual agency, and bolting him down now is her topmost priority, because she knows that in a couple of years, she will become invisible.

This is the fight of her life.

With only Samidoh’s wife, Edday, who is mature, secure, and chilled as her only competition, all Nyamu needed to secure her place was: to have Samidoh’s kids, parade her value as a nominated senator and ensure the public knew who the father of her younger kids was.

Since Nyamu couldn’t be legitimate via a marriage certificate, her strategy was to be public about their affair and get some acceptance in the public eye.

But now, other women are coming in, and Nyamu is forced to spring forward, fight them off and mark her territory.

It’s because her position is precarious.

She knows she is a side chick, and if more side chicks join Samidoh’s rotation, she is just one among many, and most likely the oldest one with the highest mileage.

This is the battle of her life, and Samido’s wife, Edday is enjoying this to the fullest.

That is why Edday publicly posted a lovely post thanking Bernice Saroni for “taking care” of her husband during US tour.

‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’ works here very well.

Because Eddah is not a high-conflict personality, she will welcome any younger woman who can kick Nyamu out.

People assume that Samidoh knows what he is doing. He doesn’t.

Just like Samuel Wanjiru our gifted marathon runner, he is just a talented young man who finds himself in fame, has access to many women, and he is smashing as he enjoys what comes with his fame.

But Nyamu is not domesticated or feminine.

As a cat that belongs to the streets, she comes with high drama and dysfunction and is perfectly willing to burn a carpet to kill a flea that bothers her.

Many empires have been brought down by women, and I know Samidoh feels like he is bulletproof right now.

Many apex men often feel like this when they are at their peak.

Look at the story of Montell Jordan and how he ran around with other women, see how badly he crashed.

Yet he was even bigger than Samidoh.

You all know the story of Mr. Nice (Mac Muga) and others.

Being young, dumb and d*ck driven has spelt the demise of many men.

Welcoming chaotic women into one’s life, especially random scallywags with other men’s children, is always costly and moves a man further away from maximizing his potential.

The limelight of many Mugithi musicians, indeed, most musicians, is rather short, and many of them retire to a life of obscurity and often penury.

This is when Samidoh should invest in real estate, stocks, and so on, and not expend his energies settling baby mama drama.

He should be in the news for groundbreaking a new shopping mall or opening a new business, not about what scallywags are fighting over him.

Anytime now, another talented kid will rise up and take up his place, which will spell the beginning of the end of him.

Nothing in this world truly belongs to a man.

Fame, like beauty, is very transient, and I wish Samidoh the best as he navigates these treacherous waters.

As they say, the stove that burns teaches best.”

WATCH: Drunk Karen Nyamu Thrown Out of Samidoh’s Dubai Show For Causing Fracas

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