Kenyans on Twitter read mischief in Bill Gates’s visit

CAPTION: After landing in Kenya, American billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates first toured Makueni County



Mischief: harm or trouble caused by someone or something.

Billionaire Bill Gates’s visit to Kenya has been met with mixed reactions, mostly negative.

The Microsoft founder landed in Kenya yesterday and immediately visited Makueni County where he was hosted by Governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior.

In Makueni, he visited the Makueni Mother and Child hospital and Kathonzweni Health Centre.

The US business mogul is said to be in the country to promote interests in the agriculture and medical sectors.

“Gates will be in Nairobi, Kenya, to visit national and local leaders and guarantees to meet regional scientists and innovators, and announce the foundation’s forward-looking commitment to support new innovations and ingenuity aimed at improving health, food security, and gender equality in African countries,” read a statement sent to newsrooms detailing his visit in the country.

The billionaire, worth $105 billion (Sh12.8 trillion) will also engage university students, to learn and share perspectives on how innovative tools and approaches can bolster efforts to increase food security and support climate adaptation across Africa. 

Gates last visited the country in 2016.

The billionaire’s engagements in the country is through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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The foundation supports partnerships with African regional institutions and national governments.

In Kenya, the foundation supports tools and technologies in agriculture, health, immunization, nutrition, sanitation, financial services, gender equality and anti-poverty initiatives.

Reading mischief

But Kenyans were reading on a different script.

Since 2020, there has been a sharp focus on Gates’s involvement in the medical field, case in point the COVID-19 pandemic.

Theories surrounding the issues especially claims of THE GREAT RESET, where conspiracy theorists assert that there’s a powerful cabal of people (aka deep state) behind governments that seek to change the ways of doing things in various fields, top of the agenda depopulation, slavery and an end game of total control.

Bill Gates plants a tree in Makueni County; loking on is Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior and police officers

These claims are widespread, even in the USA. Some fears are real for example, ownership of strategic industries by certain billionaires in the ilk of Bill Gates.

The billionaire recently came under severe criticism from a fourth-generation farmer in South Georgia for his farmland ownership in the U.S.

Many Americans see Gates’s ownership of huge swathes of farmland as a means to control food production. Food is critical to the whole world.

They claim that one man’s control of such is dangerous as he can decide famines, and use excessive poisons in fertilizers that are detrimental to health among other reasons.

Bill Gates’s ties to Big Pharmaceutical companies have also been questioned.

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Bill Gates’s profile has suffered much during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Censorship of such opinions as spewed by conspiracy theorists also contributed to much of what Kenyans are saying.

Here are some sentiments about Bill Gates’s Visit from Kenyans on Twitter (KoT)

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