Kenyans on Twitter Take Over Hashtag #RaisMchapaKazi to school Uhuru


The Hashtag #RaisMchapaKazi was started by state house directors to praise President Uhuru Kenyatta. It seems nobody wants to tell the King he is naked . The state house communication have become notorious and forgotten their role of communicating to Kenyans.

The PSCU team has been making serious communication plunders making Kenyans to question their role . Are they a propaganda tool  ? Shouldnt they be communicating to all Kenyans .

One Kenyan feels that PSCU communicates to 2 tribes while attacking the other 40 tribes . Their propaganda  has become unpalatable . Many Kenyans on Twitter have asked president Uhuru Kenyatta to disband PSCU but it seems the president doesnt know what he is doing .

The Hashtag #RaisMchapaKazi backfired because as a leader you should not be praised for doing what you are supposed to do. Let your achievements scream on their own .

Any PR guru will just need to check the Hashtag and fully comprehend that it tainted the presidents regime that has been criticized left and Right .

Check some Tweets from the Hashtag .

Cyprian Nyakundi –  Kenyan army profiting from illicit trade that props up al-Shabaab | via

Leon Lidigu – 
who comes up with these PR stunts though .Afadhali nipewe lighter duties tu sasa

Stifler –  labda mseme kazi ni jina mpya ya Uwongo mingi. Well done government bloggers.

Kenyan Boy – Kenya has registered the lowest corruption cases in history,many corrupt people rotting in jail,billions recovered

Kenyan Boy – Kids have been issued with the laptops,Military equipped with modern warfare,Stadiums built in all counties as promised

Cofek Kenya –  is a little misplaced. The Head of State works through sera (policies). He has clear structures for execution and reporting

The Hashtag also received some support

Mengich – Whether you like him or not. He’s doing his best and he’s one of a kind president. You’ll miss him when he’s not in power

ItsMutai – On Friday President is set to launch National street lighting program across the nation mostly Mombasa at cost sh.224million

Kathure kiogora – as much as some people would like to differ i still think is really doing a good job

At the end of the day I believe somebody should not be praised for doing what they are supposed to do .

President Kenyatta’s clueless communication team should be communicating to Kenyans instead of propagandizing everything . You cant praise a president for opening a toilet

About the author

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.







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