Look, I can Apologise…Why God cant accept Moses Kuria’s Apology



NCIC Is a useless and Bloated institution filled with political Rejects that cannot help unite this country in any way. My stomach churned when I saw Moses Kuria apologising, Probably a forced apology from his masters. When did the rain start  beating us ? We live in a country where political leaders are above the law, this is a bitter pill we should swallow, pocket and walk away whistling. 

I cannot actually blame Moses Kuria, who is fully aware that NCIC is packed with political rejects who do not even know the mandate of the institution. This confusion arises from the top leadership, being headed by Francis Ole Kaparo an 89 year old tired ancestor who doesnt even know what he is doing.

Taming the demon of Hate speech is not the only mandate of NCIC. The failures of this institution are palpable and it is time for Kenyans to stop being comfy and bark. All the guys heading this institution are  moles who were actually handpicked and vetted by parliament which has acted as a rubber stamp nurturing impunity and maintaining the status Quo. Dont tell me that these fellas are experienced or  smart in any way, what I said earlier is final and that is the end of the discussion.


In case you didnt know Mr Kaparo, NCIC should work together with the government to promote harmony and advice the government on the best way to deal with issues that may threaten peaceful co-existence. The first mandate is to ensure that in relation to specific leaders, precise criminal and political consequences must be incurred by anyone who promotes policies, words or actions that are aimed at deliberately fueling ethnic hatred- That is where Moses Kuria comes in.

Moses Kuria is a serial online hate monger. The only way to deal with this  guy is for him to face the full wrath of the law. Apologising is insincere, stupid and unimaginable. Anybody who came up with the Idea of Kuria apologising should tell us why and who he is apologising to .

Of course president Uhuru loves the man Kuria…No wonder he was handpicked. Let it be known that Kuria apologising will divide this country. Kenyans have many questions. Is Kuria the only person allowed the spew hatred without consequences ? As I write this article, Wadi is rotting in Jail…Is it possible that he is pardoned and given a chance to apologise ? Those are a few genuine questions.

NCIC has completely failed on its mandate. These are guys stealing our taxes and promoting division contrary to what they are supposed to do. But what do you expect when Uhuru’s moles lead the institution ? What do you expect when an 89 year old ancestor, armed with  Moi’s ideologies is at the helm ?

NCIC should co-ordinate conflict prevention and management, something they have miserably failed to do. They have not promoted peaceful co-existence between communities: They have instead promoted division and made Kenya more divided. Ethnic mobilization has been the order of the day while NCIC Watches and does nothing . Guys, this is wrong. We have given these guys too much and it is time to  Forcibly  snatch it . It is Uhuru who created this mess and it is quite time he swings into action .

Do you remember the  recommendations contained in the ethnic audit conducted in  2011? The suggestion was that NCIC ensures that individuals from all ethnic communities in Kenya have equal access to civil service jobs, something these guys have generously assumed. If you confront the NCIC Guys and ask them the last time they took a top ranking politician to court for hate speech, the silence will be deafening . They are instead going after the ordinary Kenyan for speaking out on social media ..Ah ?

These Blokes at NCIC are Jokers, pack and vacate office . Useless Ancestors !!


About the author

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.







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