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Marques Houston Wife: Discover the Perfect Partner for the “Sister, Sister” Star

Marques Houston quickly recognized that his wife, Miya, was the perfect partner for him.

They crossed paths in 2018 at a Jehovah’s Witness event and decided to get engaged just five months after they started dating, in March 2019.

Their wedding took place on August 24, 2020, in California, with a limited number of guests due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An image of Marques Houston Wife, Miya Dickey with Marques Houston
Marques Houston Wife, Miya Dickey with Marques Houston

In December 2021, Marques and Miya joyfully welcomed their first child, a daughter named Zara Denise.

Although they kept their pregnancy journey private, Marques expressed his admiration for his wife in an Instagram post after their daughter’s birth, praising her as a beautiful and miraculous woman who carried their child.

Miya has established herself as a professional makeup artist and frequently shares her personal beauty routine on social media.

Alongside raising their daughter, she continues to pursue her passion in the beauty industry.

To learn more about Marques Houston’s wife, Miya Houston (formerly Dickey), and her connection with the actor, read on for all the details.

Miya Dickey Biography

Miya, born on October 7, 2000, was raised in San Bernardino, California.

During an interview with Rolling Out in March 2021, she disclosed that she spent most of her teenage years primarily living with her grandparents, and it was during this time that she embraced the Jehovah’s Witness faith.

Although she mentioned that her father was absent from her life, Miya appears to have a positive relationship with her mother.

An image of Miya Dickey
Miya Dickey Marques Houston Wife
Source: Instagram

In 2021, she expressed her admiration for her mother on Instagram, describing her as beautiful, her lifelong companion, confidante, and twin.

Miya thanked her mother for giving her life and cherished their friendship, expressing her desire to have a similar bond with her own future daughter.

Marques Houston Wife Age

Marques Houston, a singer and former actor from “Sister, Sister,” has shared his reason for marrying a younger woman, explaining that he believes women his age often have “baggage.”

The 41-year-old “Clubbin'” singer is currently married to Miya Dickey, who is 22 years old.

They started dating when she was 18 and tied the knot in 2020 when she was 19.

The couple welcomed their first child together a year later.

Miya Dickey Profession

According to her Instagram, Miya has been working as a professional makeup artist since at least June 2022.

She has contributed her skills to various Tubi movies, such as “The Stepmother,” “The Stepmother 2,” and “Best Friend.”

Additionally, Miya has had the opportunity to work with other notable personalities, including actress and former Beyoncé backup dancer Tanee McCall and singer V. Bozeman.

Her talent and expertise in the field have allowed her to collaborate with and enhance the appearances of these individuals.


Marques met Miya at a Jehovah’s Witness convention

Marques and Miya formed a strong connection through their shared faith after meeting at a Jehovah’s Witness convention in April 2018.

The introduction was facilitated by Marques’s manager, Chris Stokes, and Stokes’s daughter Chrissy Morales.

Exactly one year after their meeting, the You Got Served star expressed his deep emotions in a heartfelt post, celebrating their bond.

He referred to Miya as his one true love, his forever partner, his relationship goals, and his spiritual companion.

He acknowledged her as a blessing in his life and commemorated their one-year anniversary of knowing each other.

Although their initial encounter occurred in April, their romantic relationship didn’t commence until October 8, 2018, which happened to be the day after Miya’s 18th birthday, as mentioned in her previous Instagram bio.

In June 2020, Marques (born on August 4, 1981) defended their relationship on Instagram, addressing concerns about their 19-year age difference.

He clarified that they began dating when Miya was legally an adult and emphasized the love and engagement they shared since March 2019.

Marques reassured his followers that his father, Michael, supported their relationship, as did the people closest to him.

He asserted that their union had received Jehovah’s blessing.

Continuing his response, Marques stressed that there were more significant matters to focus on in the world than spreading rumors about their relationship.

He emphasized that their love was genuine, devoid of any hidden agendas or scandals.

Marques assured his audience that there was no darkness or secrets in his life and expressed his commitment to transparency, as they deserved the truth.

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Miya married Marques in 2020

After five months of dating, Marques proposed to Miya in March 2019, and she joyfully accepted.

Miya shared the happy news on Instagram, posting several photos of their engagement and expressing her gratitude for Marques, her best friend and now fiancé.

She felt incredibly blessed and excited to be his forever.

Marques also took to Instagram, showcasing a photo of their intertwined hands adorned with Miya’s stunning 5-carat diamond engagement ring.

He proudly announced her acceptance of his proposal and the beginning of their journey towards marriage.

Over a year later, amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Marques and Miya tied the knot in an intimate outdoor ceremony.

On August 24, 2020, at the Eagle Glen Golf Club in Corona, California, they exchanged vows.

Miya looked radiant in a Jomo Patterson wedding gown, while Marques wore a white Shaker tuxedo.

Marques admitted to feeling nervous as he awaited Miya’s arrival down the aisle, but when he saw her, everything felt perfect.

He couldn’t contain his emotions and shed tears of joy.

The couple recited traditional vows and incorporated a special handshake into their ceremony, which they had practiced for months.

Finally nailing it on the day, they shared a celebratory moment.

During the reception, Marques surprised Miya with a live performance by R&B singer Major, who serenaded them with their favorite song, “Why I Love You.”

Miya was completely caught off guard by this special gesture and considered it the highlight of their wedding day.

The surprise performance added an extra touch of magic to their celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is Marques Houston’s wife?

A1: Miya Dickey, a 19-year-old singer and makeup artist.

Q2: What is the age difference between Marques Houston and his wife?

A2: 19 years.

Q3: How did Marques Houston and his wife meet?

A3: At a Jehovah’s Witness convention in 2018.

Q4: When did Marques Houston propose to his wife?

A4: In March 2019, after five months of dating.

Q5: Where did Marques Houston and his wife get married?

A5: At the Eagle Glen Golf Club in California, on August 24, 2020.

Q6: What did Marques Houston say about his relationship with his wife on Instagram?

A6: He shared his love for her and defended their age gap and how they met.

Q7: How did Marques Houston’s wife react to their engagement?

A7: She was overjoyed and thanked him for loving her unconditionally.

Q8: What did Marques Houston and his wife do to personalize their wedding ceremony?

A8: They wrote their own vows, chose their favorite songs, and wore matching face masks.

Q9: Did Marques Houston surprise his wife during their wedding reception?

A9: Yes, he arranged for singer Major to sing for her and serenaded her with his own song.

Q10: How did Marques Houston describe his feelings on his wedding day?

A10: He was nervous, emotional, and happy to spend the rest of his life with her.

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