MPESA Theft: Safaricom staff accused of stealing funds from a stolen phone

Safaricom Chief Customer Officer Sylvia Wairimu Mulinge (Left) and CEO Peter Ndegwa,

Safaricom Plc has grown too big to the point where it appears the management is finding it hard to manage the many security breaches on its MPESA systems.

The below is a case that is increasingly becoming rampant.

A client was robbed of her Sh51,500 through hacking of systems after she reported theft of their phone to Safaricom.

Who could possibly have known her National ID, and other security features if not Safaricom staff that handled this complaint?

Hi Nyakundi,

My friend’s phone was stolen on Friday 8PM. She called SafaricomPLC at 8:15 to block all MPESA Transactions. SafaricomCare confirmed that her money was safe. On Saturday morning she found out that all her money Ksh 44,000 was withdrawn at 9:31PM by thieves in the same Safaricom

The thieves even sent fuliza of Ksh 7500. She has lost Ksh 51,500 in total. Imagine even after calling SafaricomCare to block MPESA Transactions they did nothing at All. Is it so hard to block MPESA Transactions when a Safaricom User calls after losing her phone?

Insider Fraud: How Safaricom Staffers Collude To Steal From Customers Mpesa Accounts

She has been calling SafaricomCare since Friday and they have been very rude to her waezi (Thieves). SafaricomPLC should have taken responsibility to ensure the money was safe because she called and informed them on the incident.

Is this how Safaricom treats their loyal customers?

On Saturday morning it’s when she went to replace her simcard only to get her MPESA Balance was Zero with a fuliza of Ksh 7500 on Top. She reported theft of her phone at Kasarani Police Station.

Is it so hard for SafaricomPLC to trace the thieves yet they have the technology?


She was at SafaricomPLC 3rd office in Westlands crying helplessly because she has not gotten any help from Safaricom_Care (Twitter page).

“You failed to block her MPESA Transactions after she called on Friday 8:15 PM and informed you about the theft incident! Bank always do that”

Never ever call safcom asking them to block your mpesa account never…you just play smart replace line roho safi wakora hao.

A similar case

In October 2020, a man lost Sh88,000 to Safaricom Plc. This is how his daughter reported the case.

Hey guys… I’m here to do a thread on how my dad was stolen from 88,500 from his Mpesa and @SafaricomPLC did absolutely NOTHING!!! And it’s happened TWICE!!! Twice!!!. Thread alert #safaricomisascam

So on Friday my dad had gone to buy spare parts at Nairobi (he has a garage hapa thika and he needed spare parts of a car he is fixing) he gets the spare parts and when he pays he gets ile message ya ‘failed you do not have enough money’

So he’s wondering how he moved from 58,241.25 shillings to not having money to pay 26,000 kenyan shillings… kidogo kidogo as he is complaining he gets a message Ati he’s kopad 30,500 shillings from Mshwari and he wasn’t even kwa Mpesa menu to begin with #safaricomisascam

So he immediately realises that he has been hacked and all his money has been stolen… ALL OF IT!!!! So we immediately begin calling Safaricom and this is where it gets interesting Safaricom tells him that ni yeye ametumia mtu na ni yeye amekopa.

We try telling Safaricom si hivyo and we tell them to reverse the transaction then sadly the guy who was talking to us said that there is nothing he can do about it He honestly said hiyo haiko kwa mikono ya Safaricom

We got a mini statement though and we got the number and the name where the cash was sent but the number is definitely mteja

So my dad and I are over here stranded 1. Having lost 88,500 shillings 2. Having a debt of 30,500 shillings to Safaricom which we have to pay!!!

What annoys me the most ni vile Safaricom has completely washed their hands and they refuse to help… and again this is the 2nd time it’s happening

Yani they can’t even pardon my dad from the loan that he has to pay which he never even took.

I know my dad is not the only one who has experienced this hacking and theft from Safaricom PLC we trust you with our money but you don’t even take care of it… Na ikiibiwa you don’t even help. Honestly Safaricom PLC. You have become exhausting

Please retweet and share so that my dad can get help from Safaricom PLC. Honestly loosing 88,500 shillings during this economy is hard and having to pay a debt of 30,500 which you did not even use is annoying.

Safaricom responded by asking for details once more.

“Hi Risper , apologies for that . We have noted the contact in our DM and we are following up on this .^CH”, a Safaricom customer care representative responded

The DCI should deal with these cases, the firing and threats to sack doesn’t work.

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