Murder or suicide?: Questions linger over the death of upcoming designer Jeff Mwathi

DECEASED: Jeff Mwathi

A 23 year old interior designer is said to have been in the company of well-to-do Kikuyu musician DJ Fatxo, when he met his death.

Netizens are asking questions.

Read the story as narrated by a security expert, a #Kiyo

As a tradition here we ask questions, to open up cases of public interest. Who? Where? When? How? and why? Here we analyze, examine and reconstruct the knowns to help unearth the unknowns and leave the authorities to do their work.

For days I have been following a case on my friend’s Wall Simon Mwangi Muthiora where a 23-year-old boy (Jeff) was found dead in the basement of Redwood Apartments along Lumumba Drive with his head open as a result of a fall from the building. How did it happen? How did he end up there? Who was with him? What was he doing at Redwood apartments? What happened inside the apartment?

We have been able to get a recollection of Jeff’s last moments as captured through audio recordings and CCTV footage which might help in the questions that we will ask thereafter;

Jeff and his friend were interior designers who had just started a company that does shops and office interior decor and designs, they had done a shoe shop in Roysambu which as per Jeff’s WhatsApp audio recordings to his mum in Qatar DJ fatxo a renowned Kikuyu Musician visited and like works prompting him to ask for the design referral, he was given Jeff’s contacts.

Jeff sent an audio to his mum sounding so excited and full of enthusiasm that he had gotten the referral and he was meeting the celebrity, ” Sawa… hata tutapata madoh ya luku na bro” he was so happy and enthusiastic to do the work. He asked her to send sh200 fare to go meet him.

DJ Fatxo called Jeff Mwathi on the 21st of February 2023 and they met at Jifiche in Roysambu, Lumumba Drive, that’s where Jeff has done one shop design.

They were later spotted at Quivers Lounge along Thika Road in the company of three ladies and two other men. The men are identified as Dj Fatxo’s cousin and his driver. They visited several other clubs where along Kiambu Road and Thika road where the celebrity performed.

All that time Jeff sent videos and pictures to his mum to ascertain that indeed he met the renowned celebrity. As per the audios, Jeff is heard telling his mum that Fatxo gave him a job to redo his shop and his personal office and would wire money the next day for him to start working on it. “Amesema ataweka doh kesho nianze kazi immediately, at least hapo nitapata pesa ya kubuy manguo”.

Their engagement prolonged into the wake night of Wednesday 22nd February 2023.

As per CCTV footage, at exactly 3:27 am, Fatxo, Jeff, 3 identified ladies (names and details not relevant), Fatxo’s cousin, and his driver, are seen arriving at DJ Fatxo’s Redwood apartment in two cars. Fatxo’s car and an uber.

They all proceeded to his house situated on the 12th floor of the same building.

DJ Fatxo (in Yellow) and Jeff

A few hours later, At 4: 48 AM Dj Fatxo and the three ladies are seen leaving and exiting the building using his car. As per recorded police statements, DJ fatxo claimed he was dropping the ladies at Roysambu, leaving Jeff, his cousin, and his driver in the house.

At 5:40 AM, Dj Fatxo’s cousin and his driver are captured by CCTV on the ground floor ‘looking around’, the cousin is seen opening a toilet on the ground floor as if he is looking for something and then closing it. He then makes a phone call that lasts a few seconds before they both went back to the house.

Seven minutes later, At 5:47 AM, Jeff’s body is captured flying down from the upper floors and slamming down on the cabro floor face up. His pants are down below his knees and his head content splashes out of his skull.

He drops at the exact place where DJ Fatxo’s cousin and driver were surveying moments before retreating to the building.

Later on, the management of the building starts knocking on all the houses with windows facing the direction of the fall. Every tenant opens except Dj Fatxos’s house. At this juncture, nobody knows the victim or where he came from. All the windows on that side are closed, so its difficult to tell where exactly the body came from. There is a blind spot from the CCTV and the camera did not capture the exact source of the body.

Further investigation, At exactly 5:49 AM (two minutes after Jeff’s fall), Fatxo’s cousin and his driver start recording live video’s of themselves playing guitar in the house and ends the live recording several minutes later.

Minutes after 9:00 AM, DJ Fatxo is seen arriving at the scene, he can be seen looking at the victim, and then proceeding to his house.

Jeff’s body was later collected by police officers and taken to City Mortuary recorded as an occurrence of Suicide by self-jump off the 12th floor of Redwood Suites Apartments along Lumumba drive.


From the Knowns we, therefore ask the following questions:

What was Jeff doing in DJ fatxo’s house hours later after he allegedly gave him a job whose deposit was to be wired the next day for works to commence immediately? What led to the prolonged movements from one club to the other as Fatxo performed and thereafter his house at the wee hours of the night?

Why did the renowned DJ carry home “a stranger” in the wee hours of the night, an alleged stranger he had just met during the day for a business deal?

Where did DJ Fatxo and the ladies leave jeff (his guest) when they exited the house at 4:48 AM? Was he at the table room? Toilet, Kitchen or bedroom? Where was he in the house? What was he doing? What was his state? Was he conscious? Unconcious? Dead or alive? What activity was he doing?

At 5:40 AM what were Dj’s cousin and the driver looking for in the basement at the exact spot where Jeff’s body landed exactly 7 minutes later after they retreated to the house?

To whom was the call that lasted several seconds at 5:40 AM placed by DJ fatxo’s cousin? What was the content of the conversation? Were there any other communications from the two to any other person either by Text or call prior to and after the captured moments around 5:40 AM?

What happened at the house when the Dj’s cousin and the driver retreated to the house? If Jeff committed suicide where were they when he did? and the driver retreated to the house? If Jeff committed suicide where were they when he did? and when did they realize he was missing? If your guest goes missing in your house you look for him, right? Why didn’t they go looking for him?

Why did the two fail to open doors minutes later, minutes past 6 AM when the management was knocking at every tenant’s door? Were they already asleep after having moments of Live recordings playing guitar from 5:49 AM to minutes after 6 AM?

How did Jeff access the bedroom to which the window he allegedly jumped off? Management and tenants say all the windows on that side of the building were all closed at the time they were trying to ascertain where the body had fallen from. Who closed the window after he jumped? Or did he shut the window behind him before jumping to his death?

Jeff’s body landed with his face looking up, normal to human reflexes, your body responds to a fall of gravity by trying to balance your body by flipping hands and anticipating where you will fall whether you were thrown or jumped willingly, as a result of this reflex if you are conscious you are likely to fall facing where you had anticipated falling. Why and how did Kasarani police conclude it was a case of suicide? High possibility going by my reconstruction from the captured fall, Jeff was either unconscious or dead at the time of the fall.

The body that is performed by a forensic pathologist. During an autopsy, the pathologist among other tests examines the body’s internal organs and tissues, by conducting; 1. External examination where he examines the body externally to look for signs of trauma or injury, such as bruises, cuts, or wounds which may have happened during the time of death, before or after.

  1. Internal examination ,the pathologist carefully dissect and examine the internal organs and tissues looking for signs of injury internally this is where you hear Johansen Odour saying that a victim died as a result of severe hemorrhage, trauma, and manual strangulation.

These two examinations could help determine whether the person was alive or dead when they were thrown off the building and exact cause of death, whether cause of death was consistent with a fall of gravity on a hard surface. No one dies without a fight, the autopsy should have reviewed any possible defensive wounds, bruises, and lacerations, from his nails foreign DNA should have been picked during the external examination.

Did the investigators use an autopsy report to ascertain and conclude that Jeff’s death was a result of suicide? Was there any autopsy done before the disposal of the body? Or rather, was the pathologist assigned to Jeff’s cadaver keen to identify the exact cause of death or check the above investigative leads? Did the pathologist check any signs of deposits of sperm or possibly sexual violation or penetration by a foreign object or organ on Jeff?

Could it possible that the overly excited Jeff who on the WhatsApp recordings sent to his mother was enthusiastic about getting a wire transfer to start the job given by fatxo and had already plans of buying himself and his brother clothes, committed suicide before doing the job while in the company of his client? What could have killed that excitement and reversed to the extreme resulting in a suicide at the client’s house?

Could the live recording by Fatxo’s cousin and drive been a case of creation of an alibi?

Could it be a case of Rape, Sodomy, or luring through Job opportunities? Could it be a case covering up rape and fear of exposure? Or could it be just a case of a disturbed mind committing suicide? And what could have led this young designer who was enthusiastic about starting the job on Wednesday 22nd commit suicide at his client’s home? What could have changed his mind to that extreme?

What informed police that it was a suicide? Finally , the cui Bono, to whom did the death of Jeff Mwathi stand to benefit?

“Justice is truth in action, Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are May the truth come to action and may it disturb everyone , everyone involved and every concerned party for Jeff’s justice to be served.

Jeff’s case file remains open.




About the author

Karecha Kamaris

Karecha Kamaris is the space between earth and heaven, the gap between ice and fire, the elementary molecule that justifies unending peace in the sea of turmoil. An 'appetite for adventure over the love of ease'.

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