NTSA Driving Licence Renewal: How to Update Your Smart Driving Licence Online

NTSA Driving Licence Renewal
NTSA Driving Licence Renewal | photo courtesy | Facebook 


As a Kenyan driver, you probably know licenses need renewing every year or every three years.

But do you understand the online smart license renewal process?

The new digital card holds your biometrics, driving record, and offenses on a chip.

It lets you pay fines and use NTSA portal services too.

In this article, I’ll walk through how to renew your license online and the upsides.

The smart license brings the ease of renewing from anywhere on the internet.

The streamlined process saves time wasted in queues and offices.

Online renewal also enables convenient monitoring of your driving history and staying legal.

Overall, the digital shift improves access and freedom for Kenyan motorists.

Grasping the renewal procedure is crucial for enjoying the benefits as the country transitions to this upgraded system.

How to Apply for a Smart Driving Licence

Need a smart license to renew online?

If you still have the old paper version, getting one’s easy through the NTSA portal.


  • Go to the portal and login to your eCitizen account
  • Choose Driving Licence and click Apply for Smart DL
  • Enter your details and upload a clear passport photo
  • Pay Ksh 3,050 via M-Pesa or another method
  • Book an appointment at any NTSA office to collect it
  • Arrive at the scheduled time with ID and your old licence
  • Provide biometrics and submit your paper licence
  • Receive and activate the smart card using *512#

Once you have the digital license, renewing it online is convenient.

The NTSA portal outlines the quick process: just login, select renewal, confirm your information, pay, and download the updated card. It beats queuing at offices

How to Renew Your Smart Driving Licence Online

Once you have your smart driving licence, you need to renew it every year or every three years, depending on your choice.

You can do this online through the NTSA portal or the USSD code *512#.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the NTSA portal and login to your eCitizen account
  • Click Driving Licence and select Renew Your Driving Licence
  • Choose a 1- or 3-year renewal and payment method
  • Pay Ksh 600 (annually) or Ksh 1,400 (3 years) via M-Pesa, etc.
  • Download or print the renewal slip as payment proof
  • Or dial *512# on your phone and follow prompts to renew

What are the Benefits of Renewing Your Smart Driving Licence Online

Here are the benefits for NTSA Driving Licence Renewal:

  • Convenience: Renew from anywhere, anytime – no NTSA office visits or long queues
  • Security: Only need the card itself – protects against loss, damage, theft
  • Compliance: Portal reminds when renewal is due, avoiding expired license fines
  • Access: Check driving history, pay fines, report accidents through the license
  • Recognition: Valid ID with chip storing biometrics and personal information

Overall, the digital smart license offers a smooth, stress-free renewal process through the internet.

You save time and hassle while remaining compliant and accessing a host of services. It’s the modern, convenient way to renew and utilize your Kenyan driver’s license.


Renewing your Kenyan driving license via NTSA is a smooth, speedy process – either online or with USSD code *512#.

Online smart license renewal guarantees you stay compliant with traffic laws while accessing a host of secure, convenient NTSA services.

As a local driver, procrastinate no more in renewing digitally to enjoy the perks of this innovation. It streamlines compliance and unlocks card benefits through easy internet-based renewal.

Ditch the queues and delays – the smart, modern choice is renewal with just a few quick clicks.

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