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Cyprian Is Nyakundi


Opinion – GOD OR KARMA: Who Guides Your Moral Principles?

Which is it? God or karma?

Here our opinion leader today asks what guides your moral principles, if in any case you have one:


Hello Nyakundi,

Kenya is 85 percent Christian and so they will say that they allow God to guide their conscience, but do they?

I stand accused and labelled a heathen to think that only few Kenyans allow God to guide them on matters moral. Most Kenyans use Christianity as a convenient cloak to camouflage their actions devoid of God’s guidance. They are only lucky God is patient or he would wipe us all away from the face of the earth.

Well, if you truly seek God’s guidance before you make any moral decision then you cannot say I am totally wrong. You know what God the son says in Luke 6. “The measure you give to others will be the measure you will receive, pressed down and overflowing”. Tenda wema utakujia,tenda ubaya utakurudia wewe na wanao.


Karma is initially a Hindu principle that guides them into getting saved from the cycle of rebirth the soul undergoes in its many journeys here before it attains eternal life and bliss or Nirvana. Hindus live with this in mind. That is to do good so as not to come back to this life when one dies but to enter the home of the Gods.

Karma has come to also mean the cause and effect of our actions which decide our next fate. All actions stand judged as being good or bad. Good actions give us blessings while bad ones bring woes not only to ourselves but also to our loved ones. The old testament teaching in the analogy of the parents eating sour grapes and the children’s teeth being set on edge. Or God revisiting the sins of the parents up to the 3rd and 4th generation. That is 90 to 120 years from now.


No. Or they would not do all the abominable things they do to fellow human beings. It does not matter if they use violence or thieving or pretending to be good to others to get a chance to treat them badly.

But Kenyans are the naive type of human beings to believe that as long as things look okay now, they will remain the same even in future. They think they can shape their future destiny, but can they?

No. But they realize this too late. That whatever they did to others to seek their own comfort and happiness does not come out the way they wanted it to.

Few Kenyans know what one Bob Marley said…” Seeking materialism has to do with numbers which are infinite. . And that anybody looking for happiness in materialism will do so for a long time.”

So far no human being has come up to claim they have retired from seeking materialism because they have had enough. They never will. A millionaire wants to be a billionaire and a billionaire wants to have the most billions in the US Dollars.

Few Kenyans and indeed wide world humanity know that materialism attracts sadness. Zaccheus of the Gospels knew no peace till he decided to return fourfold what he had stolen from fellow Jews, and to offload half his wealth on to the poor people. There was much joy in his house that day.

Thieving what belongs to others and hoarding it turns one into the famous Dead Sea, which remains devoid of any life despite receiving water from the same river feeding the Sea of Galilee.

And with so many life-threatening things hanging over us like the sword of Damocles, it would be prudent not to court them to ourselves by doing bad actions. Cancer is one such a sword that captures one unawares like a demon. And what about the many accidents that could see a whole family die in a luxury car bought with money meant to buy drugs for those dying in hospitals? Or having ones kids die in mysterious circumstances including suicide as a measure pressed down and overflowing for another measure we gave to fellow wananchi?

Certainly, if we do not allow God to guide our conscience then we cannot escape the consequences of our deeds. This is what Karma says also.

Think about this and make an about turn. This will make it easy for you and others to enjoy your 70 or so years that God assigns most of us. Do not steal and horde for the time you are very old in your 80s and 90s or 100s you think. At 70 you have almost reached your apex. Then you start your journey downwards to go back to where Job and all human babies come from…naked and empty handed. Money and all those things you have acquired, real estates, mansions, uncultivated lands will soon lose meaning to you. Like what some Old Testament prophet said..,your stolen food will turn into gravel when you put it into your mouth to eat.

Signed: Shosh.

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