Pesalink Scandal: Highly Overrated Slayqueen Agnes Gathaiya Steals Another Idea

Agnes Gathaiya, Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Payment Service Ltd

It is a fashionable thing for corporate Nairobi Cartel to sit on their high neck chairs feeling important running this town.

In their wake, many dreams are shuttered. They represent damage and debauchery that stinks to high heaven.

For the male cartel, theirs is to drill the asses of young boys who are looking for a headstart in the economy they’ve fucked up. Whereas for the ladies, there’s been cases of murder, deceit, extortion and prostitution so as to sit at this ‘highest’ table.

This is done to the ends that as long as their name tag has the word CEO, Marketing Director or Managing Director, then, that’s all that matters.

There’s one company that represents that to the fullest. I don’t know why two women who have been nurtured at Safaricom Plc find it easy to steal ideas from innovative youths and run away with them.

Apart from Sylvia Mulinge who we’ve heard often say, ‘that idea can’t fly’ to the numerous innovators, who most often have gone away heads bowed down only to see their idea used later by the Telco. (We shall come to this story later!). There’s another one who worked at Safaricom.

Agnes Gathaiya, has emerged, more hungry to succeed in the corporate Nairobi cartel, scum dominated world.

Ms. Gathaiya is the CEO of Integrated Payment Service Limited (IPSL).

Through the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) – Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) backed Pesalink, they’ve been able to scam two Kenyan gentlemen.

Pesalink which was official launched in June 2017 is being claimed by a former banker Stephen Muikia Njongoro who said he shared the idea with some top bankers in 2015 and now it is being used by over 30 banks in Kenya yet he was not consulted.

Pesalink launch in June 2017

He has sued KBA demanding Ksh1 billion compensation for the idea he registered in 2015.

It is now emerging that the Slayqueen at IPSL has stolen another idea from a local Tech Startup.

Kibo Capital Group Limited MD Jasper Ochieng says that the firm’s e-Receipting solution had been copied exactly by IPSL. Pesalink has run with the idea for one month now.

Mr. Ochieng says that his simple but innovative idea has been stolen a couple of times but he chose this moment to speak, because it has gone overboard.

The e-Receipting solution offers payment notification together with other mechanism such as feedback, advertising and security features in a block chain manner.

How the message arrives after payment, when the link is clicked, it brings out the below receipt
The digital receipt from Kibo Capital Group Limited

IPSL copied it, see below.

How the message arrives after payment on pesalink, how the receipt looks after clicking the link below.
Pesalink receipt above. A look-alike to Kibo Capital Group Limited’s

It is even more important to note that before stealing Kibo Capital Group Limited’s idea. Pesalink is said to have contacted the MD who shared the software and the working of the e-Receipting solution with them.

It is later that he discovered that they stole his idea without entering into a contract with him.

‘I shared the proprietary software with IPSL (Pesalink) through CEO, Agnes Gathaiya, former Chief Information Officer Michael Mbuthia and the same was taken up by Technology Manager Judith Mwangoe after Mike exited the company, sometimes into the project. This was done through a proof of concept that started in March through the year with presentations and demos done to large corporates’, said Mr. Ochieng

This innovation was registered by Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) in 2017 by Mr. Ochieng.

The other Infringement on the same copyright

The National Bank of Kenya (NBK) and the Nairobi County Government (NCG) have also been documented to have stolen the idea and is currently in use by NCG in its parking payments.

The advert of the agreement between NCG and NBK

Below is the same format of messaging and link-clickng to produce a receipt like Kibo Capital Group Limited’s.

When one pays parking using the USSD code from NCG and NBK
The e-Receipt that is produced from the above.

Safaricom Heists

The site has documented instances where some Kenyans claimed that Safaricom Plc has stolen their idea.

See links below:

  1. How Notorious Telco Safaricom Stole “Reverse Call” Idea From Innovative Kenyan
  2. Intellectual Property Theft: See How Feminist-Laziness In Safaricom Saw Ron Webb Stealing 1-Tap Concept From Young Kenyan
  3. #SkizaScam Bob Collymore & Senior Safaricom Staff Stealing Intellectual Property Through Skiza
  4. Vodafone Are Thieves! Read How They Stole “Please Call Me” From A Young South African

If intellectual property rights are not protected, then what’s the point of having KIPI?

What’s the point of promising youths jobs but denying them getting rich through their innovation?

Kenya seems to have not moved an inch and as in past days where the top politicians (the president) didn’t want any other Kenyan to have more wealth than him continues.

Does this country belong to a few rich people who have stolen from our coffers and they use all means to put others down forever.

Am sure Kenya has many innovative youths who can become millionaires or even billionaires in such a short time that it scares the looters and current owners of capital such that they allow intellectual property theft to go on unabated.

Safaricom Zindua Cafe was one such organ, to steal ideas from Kenyans and ensure that no one is richer than Kenyatta or Odinga or Moi or Ruto.

This is not an economic inclusive society.

About the author

Karecha Kamaris

Karecha Kamaris is the space between earth and heaven, the gap between ice and fire, the elementary molecule that justifies unending peace in the sea of turmoil. An 'appetite for adventure over the love of ease'.

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