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Piga Sauti Part 4: This is what befell me in the hands of Kenya Police

Piga Sauti will keep on reporting what Kenyans are going through while trying to seek service from the National Police service.

Hello Nyakundi,

Daynah Mareche came to our facility after a night of unprotected sex with a Britam Unit Manager (he’s suspected to be HIV positive) and requested to get PEP. we gave her, it was 8ish in the evening and she asked whether I was heading to Eastlands.

Coincidentally we were neighbours so I gave her a ride. On the way she opened up about how she didn’t want to go back to Britam out of shame and asked whether I knew someone in another company. We exchanged contacts after I promised to hook her up with a friend from Old Mutual.

Piga Sauti part1: Exposing the corrupt Police Stations

3 months later she called. Very elated that she didn’t seroconvert. Twas a Friday around 9ish in the evening. She asked whether we could hang out possibly over a drink. I was game. I went over to her house. I found her with Mishi Dorah Ojenge (ex-K24 Nairobi Diaries actor). I didn’t read too much into it. Off we went, destination? Westlands. I didn’t know what was in the offfing. Shortly after midnight I was drugged by Mishi. I gave her my mpesa PIN number. She took with her ksh 40k in cash and sent herself what was inMpesa(ksh7000),rolex watch and the mzinga we were having. They left me there.

I drove home in the morning around 6,still not fully alert. I don’t remember how I did a u-turn from Waiyaki to head to town. But I remember getting lost on thika Rd,I couldn’t figure out how to get to Jogoo road through Ngara(my mind had erased Outering on the map)

I didn’t go to my house. I went to Daynah to ask her why I was alone yet i went with them. I spotted a bottle of JD from earlier on her table, there was a scuffle. Mishi took me down in one swipe(an art she perfected on k24 show).

Piga Sauti Part2: Exposing The Corrupt Police Stations

Daynah sat on my chest throwing punches at me. Luckily for me and unluckily for Daynah,I had a penknife attached to my car keys. I made some minor marks on her chest(inches from her chesticles),hands and forearm. Mishi heard Daynah’s ear-piercing shrill and she fled and hid inside Daynah’s bedroom.

I left. A few days later a cop called. They wanted me to go to Donholm police post. I didn’t. They came for me at work (Administration police officer Godfrey Ouma and Dorcas).

Godfrey Ouma said there and then that they needed ksh 250k or an attempted murder charge. I told them I didn’t have that amount.I negotiated for ksh 100k, an amount I’d have easily secured from Matibabu Sacco. He didn’t want to hear that. They asked where my car was. I had used public means that day.

My accuser had reported that I had a car. She went to cops with ‘a certain man stabbed me for saying no to his advances’.

When we got to Donholm police post, a cop in khaki(fat,balding Somali guy) asked Godfrey,uyo ndo daktari? Hata usimueke ndani umpeleke Kangundo road car yards.

To which Godfrey responded, ‘siwezi risk anaweza cause scene’ I was locked up. Godfrey asked for 10k ama achukue finger prints. I consented to give out what I had thinking I’d use the transaction message as evidence. I had around ksh 9,800 in mpesa. He gave me an agent number to withdraw from and forced me to delete the message from my phone (I went for an mpesa statement thereafter thinking I would have a case against him, wapi! That transaction had been expunged)

He is still pushing for 250k. I called a friend to get me my car. Many innocent Kenyans are serving time on tramped up charges. This thought scared the daylights out of me. At this time Ouma had kept Ojenge(fellow Luo out of the equation completely). That guy drove to the station and handed me the key. Twasnt deposited in police safe box. Godfrey pocketed it.

He called a shylock called Okello. I was told to ‘borrow’ from Okello and hand over the car and logbook to him. We did this transaction at Buruburu police station the next day. I was given 2 weeks to repay plus 30%.

Piga Sauti Part3: Exposing The Corrupt Police Stations

After a week,one Kelvin Nyaga a man who was sent by Godfrey to call Okello,called me to find out how far I was in terms of getting ready to regain ownership of my car. He sounded friendly, concerned and empathetic. I was short of 10k,I told him. He asked for 5k loan so that he could refund and add me the extra I needed to get back my car the next day. I hesitated.

He made incessant calls. I obliged. I sent him on mpesa (my mpesa shows this and Mishi’s transactions) After two weeks I went to look for Okello. He was nowhere to be seen and wasn’t picking calls I checked with NTSA about my car,it had been transferred to Diana Okello(and showing that she owned it a month earlier than the date when I lost it-backdated and transferred without sale agreement).

I couldn’t believe it! Ouma has links at NTSA and safcom! Why would ‘utumishi kwa wote’ be ‘utumishi kwa kabila yangu’? Before Hutus descended on Tutsis they first robbed them of humanity by calling them roaches. Before Nazis threw Jews into gas chambers they called them rats that carry plague.

Before Kenyans descended on each other they first called each other ‘adui’, ‘madoadoa’ , ‘kwekwe’ and whatnot. I went to IPOA they told me to go to DCI and the lady from IPOA threatened me that my case would be revived if i pushed.

I lost this baby?

My trust and faith in uniform fellas went through the floorboards so fast. I was to go to DCI the next day but I started seeing Godfrey Ouma with another guy near where I stayed at the time, on a motorcycle as though they were learning to ride.

Day one he bellowed in my direction and when I turned he beckoned me to go to where he was. I didn’t. I kept moving. I gave up the fight. How do I get my KCE 059C, black Subaru legacy, YOM 2008,manual transmission?

I fear for my life, Godfrey showed me a black pistol I guess a cesca at the entrance to BuruBuru police cells. Wakili Willy Kimani ,his client, taxi driver were murdered in cold blood on 23rd June 2016 by administration police officers . My incident involving administration police officers was on 6th June 2017!

The devil is a busy-body he uses patterns coz he has a shitty memory. I couldn’t take chances. I have tweeted about it. I got depressed. My wife and kid left me. I have been to a psychiatric hospital here. Who is protecting Godfrey Ouma?

Donholm police post in 2017(he was new),then Shauri moyo police station then Mihang’o police station and prolly he has moved(he must have bought a motorcycle with the blood money). Is someone shielding and aiding him in his dastardly deeds? Or he is part of the extortion ring in force?

I stopped working for the government,I was a pharmaceutical technologist at KNH….I never resigned. I wasn’t fired. To aid your investigation,the guy(Mike….more of an acquaintance because I don’t remember his second name and I lost touch with him thereafter) who drove my car to the station has an mpesa shop (1st mpesa shop when you take the dirt road opp Greenspan, Donholm).


Are you a victim? Speak up

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