Piga Sauti Part 6: How I was assaulted by a Lawyer and MCA protected by Police Officers

On this episode, we continue exposing the corrupt Police officers who are serving their own personal ambitions.

We have been informed that Police in Nambale are covering an incident where Nominated MCA Mercy Wanyonyi and Lawyer Danstun Riziki assaulted a man in Mungatsi before bundling him in their car.

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The Nambale OCS Sammy Kamau told our source that the case was being investigated. He however refused to divulge more information. The excuse was the normal Police bullshit.

Here is how the story happened.

“Mercy Wanyonyi and Danstun Riziki, attacked Christopher Butsunzu on 16th November at his place of work in Nakhoma village in Mungatsi Sub-location and later bundled him in their car and drove him to Nambale Police Station.

Butsunzu claims that he received a phone call from his wife on the 16th of November at around 3 pm telling him that Hon. Wanyonyi had called her telling her that they were coming for him.

A few minutes later my mother also called me reporting the same to me. I then started receiving texts from Hon. Wanyonyi something that proved to me that indeed she was hunting me. 

Thereafter I received phone calls from Hon. Wanyonyi and another new number to my phone book and the caller was a man who introduced himself as Riziki and they all told me that they were coming to teach me a lesson.”

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Then on the same day. A friend of the suspect send the victim the following death threats on whatsapp.

Butsunzu says the crooks arrived at around 4 pm at his workplace driving in a Grey Subaru Registration. No. KDH 377M.

Hon. Wanyonyi and one tall guy came out of the car and entered the house. The guy shouted my name ‘Christopher Butsunzu’! and I answered, ‘Yes Sir!’. The guy said “I’m the Riziki Now” he kicked me and I fell down.

He claims that after the beating by both of them they took him out of the house and forcefully bundled him in the car and then they drove him to Nambale Police Station.

“while in the car the beatings never stopped until we reached Nambale police station. They took me to the counter and told the officers who were on duty to write me a statement, process the P3 for me, and we meet in court”, Butsunzu said.

In a WhatsApp screenshot shared by Butsunzu but which we cannot verify at the moment said, “This is the game changer. Now let go ‘siku nyingine utakuwa na heshima’ (you will have respect some day). I have the whole conversation but relax and see what happens. I have been to your home and you are my business till when I settle this”.

This is the guy who is sending people death threats look at what he is doing on WhatsApp groups. This is to say that he has money and that we can do nothing…

Riziki who is also the Vice Chairman of the National Reconstruction Alliance Party (NRM) said through a WhatsApp message, “the matter is already with the Police at Mungatsi Police Post so please talk to them.” 

so, Lawyer Riziki is also corrupt

Busia Deputy OCPD George Opere said, “I have not been at the station for two months now because I am acting for Butula OCPD who is away on Leave and my Nambale OCPD is also not present as she is hospitalized so I can’t comment on the matter for now,”

County Commander Maxwell Nyaema requested that we hold the story and give him time to contact Nambale Police Station before he can comment on the story.

Funny enough, a police officer is attached to Mungatsi Police Post says that Riziki and Hon. Wanyonyi went to Mungatsi Police Post the same day and reported that they had rescued one Christopher Butsunzu from an irate mob and that they had taken him to Nambale Police Station to make a report.

“They claimed that they had gone to Mungatsi area to look for the cane to lease but in the process, they found that there was no road so they decided to enter in one of the homes to look for help and be shown a convenient road and it is there they found youths who were drunk and wanted to beat them up.

When making her report, Hon. Wanyonyi claimed that Butsunzu was among the group and he is the one who had ordered the youths to attack them but because the youths knew her they turned their anger on Butsunzu and that’s when the two rescued Butsunzu and rushed him to Nambale Police station to report. Personally, I find this very interesting why they decided to take Butsunzu to Nambale instead of all of them coming here. After the incident the two have now resorted to intimidating me through a flurry of letters sent to me by their Lawyers but I will not relent and they must face the law,”.

Butsunzu is now calling on LSK and the Inspector General of Police to step in and help him find Justice saying that it’s now a month since the incident happened.

The other day, Kenyans on Twitter were trending a hashtag in support of Chris who the police have turned a deaf year on.

No action has been taken despite having filled out the P3 form and made sure that all witnesses including his Landlord recorded statements.

medical records/ source

All Kenyans needs to get justice from the cops.


Are you a victim, speak out. Reach out via

Send an email: [email protected], 

WhatsApp +254 710 280 973 


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