Racism In Diani: Julie Gichuru Blocks Black Neighbours From Accessing Galu Beach

CAPTION: Former TV Girl Julie Gichuru shares a photo by the beach in July 2019

The thread shared below was published on Twitter by suspected state mole and self-proclaimed Doctor of Philosophy Dr Mumbi Seraki.

In the series of tweets posted on Wednesday, 1, June, the former radio presenter popular for actively spreading Uhuru-sponsored propaganda during the 2017 general elections went out guns blazing at fellow media personality Julie Gichuru and publicly accused her of racially profiling black neighbours at her Diani residence.

Dr Mumbi was speaking out in regards to a recent incident that saw The Alchemist Bar in Westlands shut its doors to pave way for investigations into claims about racism at the entertainment joint.

Similarly, she claimed that Julie Gichuru – who is married to controversial businessman Anthony Gichuru, son of former wealthy Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) Managing Director Samuel Gichuru – is spreading this elitist pandemic to the coastal region where she has unlawfully blocked her black neighbours from accessing a part of Galu Beach adjacent to her private ‘Mzima House’ resort.

Just like in the previously highlighted case of COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli and his Bofa residence in Kilifi, Mrs Gichuru is accused of bullying members of the local community with a heavy contingent of state-provided security officers.

Atwoli Accused of Grabbing Public Beach In Kilifi

They all enjoyed free access to the beach for over 12 years until Julie Gichuru arrived with her mother and bought off the place as her ‘hideout’ away from the noisy city.

She also undertook mass employee layovers which saw at least a dozen of the staff fired without compensation.

Below is the full account of events as narrated as acquired from Dr Mumbi’s Twitter page.

“We are also experiencing our own discrimination here at Mzima House in Diani, where Julie Gichuru took over management and then blocked her black neighbours behind her from beach access, which is not only illegal but also another sad example of black on black hate.

So Julie Gichuru apparently moved to Mzima House to ‘escape’ the city life a few months ago, and she came with their own state house security and bodyguards.

Fam, like WTF?

She went on to immediately block the neighbours who have had beach access for over 12 years.

The reason being: they were ‘watus’.

Mind you Diani is a small village.

So many ballers hide here by blending in, not intimidating locals.

Those are Kanairo vibes.

Everyone knows Julie Gichuru’s ‘hideout’ in Diani because they’ve been so loud in a sleepy, quiet town.

There is so much more I could say about this.

So having heard these complaints from the neighbours and the locals, I went and had a chat with a Mr Charles Wafula, who is the manager right now at Mzima House, and he explained to me how Julie Gichuru and the mother have caused havoc since they moved in.

Many have been fired.

I share this story to illustrate that Kenya’s racist problem is much deeper than just race, like what we saw at the Alchemist Bar in Westlands.

At the root of it all is the elitist mentality of so-called ‘untouchables’ who treat their own people like absolute SH*T and never get called out.

Julie Gichuru has refused to meet with her neighbour who is not a rich mzungu or elitist but a hardworking ‘normal’ Kenyan because she feels superior?

Mind you, the lady has had access to the beach since she bought the property from Mzima House Diani some 12 years ago but because she doesn’t have a name or a godfather, she is getting bullied by Mzima House Diani management out of their rights.

Like most Kenyans dealing with the elite, the lady has given up.

But we as Kenyans must stand up for our rights.

In my next ‘chronicles of Diani’, I will share how white South Africans are moving here in droves and building illegally on ill-gotten land, but those are stories for other days!

Hopefully, Mzima House Diani will reach out to Lucy.

Please spread the word family.

The story just keeps getting worse.

Apparently, since Julie Gichuru‘s family took over, at least a dozen staff have been fired without pay!

This is ridiculous!

Details coming soon!” Dr Mumbi wrote.

Galu Beach is an extension of Diani’s powder-white sands but is less commercial with private houses and boutique accommodation.

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