Ramy Youssef Wife: Meet The Mystery Woman Who Married the Comedy Star

An image of Ramy Youssef
Who is Ramy Youssef’s wife, the woman who married the creator and star of Ramy? Learn about her life, career, and relationship with the hilarious and honest comedian/PHOTO COURTESY: Instagram

Ramy Youssef is one of the most acclaimed and popular comedians of our time.

He is the creator and star of the Hulu series Ramy, which explores the life of a millennial Muslim in America.

He has also won a Golden Globe and a Peabody Award for his performance and writing on the show.

But while he is very open about his faith, culture, and personal struggles on screen, he is very private about his love life.

Does Ramy Youssef have a wife?

Who is she?

Here’s everything we know about the mystery woman who married the comedy star.

How old is Ramy Youssef?

Ramy Youssef was born on March 26, 1991, in New York City.

He is currently 32 years old.

He grew up in a Muslim household with Egyptian parents who immigrated to the US in the 1980s.

Ramy attended Rutherford High School in New Jersey and later studied political science and economics at Rutgers University, Newark.

He dropped out of college to pursue acting and comedy.

Where was Ramy season 3 filmed?

Ramy season 3 was filmed mostly in New York, where the show is set.

The production took place from February to June 2021, following COVID-19 safety protocols.

Some of the locations used for filming include Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Coney Island.

The show also filmed some scenes in a church that doubled as a mosque.

Ramy season 3 premiered on Hulu on September 30, 2021, with 10 new episodes.

What nationality is Ramy?

Ramy is an American citizen by birth, but he identifies as an Egyptian-American by ethnicity.

He is proud of his heritage and often incorporates it into his comedy and storytelling.

Ramy speaks Arabic fluently and has visited Egypt several times.

He also follows the Islamic faith and practices its rituals and traditions.

When was Ramy Youssef born?

Ramy Youssef was born on March 26, 1991, in New York City.

He shares his birthday with other famous celebrities such as:

Who is Ramy Youssef’s wife?

Ramy Youssef surprised his fans when he revealed that he had a wife in a GQ interview published in September 2021.

The interview also featured his friend and co-star Bella Hadid, who plays his “weirdo girlfriend” in season 3 of Ramy.

The article mentioned that Ramy’s wife was present at his apartment during the photo shoot, but did not give any details about her name, occupation, or how they met.

Ramy also did not wear a wedding ring or mention his marital status during the interview.

According to some sources, Ramy got married sometime in late 2020 or early 2021, after the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Ramy Youssef’s Low-Key Relationship

He has kept his relationship very low-key and has not posted any pictures or videos of his wife on social media.

He has also not talked about her in any public appearances or interviews.

The only clue we have about Ramy’s wife is that she might be of Egyptian descent as well.

In an Instagram post from January 2021, Ramy shared a picture of himself wearing a traditional Egyptian galabeya (a long robe) with the caption “happy new year from me & my wife”.

The post also tagged @egyptianstreetwear, a clothing brand that sells modernized versions of Egyptian attire.


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A post shared by ramy youssef (@ramy)

Ramy’s fans were quick to congratulate him on his marriage and express their curiosity about his wife.

Some even speculated that she might be an actress or a comedian like him.

However, Ramy has not confirmed or denied any of these rumors.

Before getting married, Ramy was known to be single for a long time.

He had previously dated Australian actress Maia Mitchell from 2012 to 2014, but they broke up due to their busy schedules and different lifestyles.

Ramy also joked about his dating woes and struggles with finding love as a Muslim in America on his show and stand-up specials.


Ramy Youssef is a comedy star who has won over millions of fans with his hilarious and honest portrayal of a Muslim-American millennial on his hit show Ramy.

He is also a married man who has managed to keep his wife’s identity a secret from the public eye.

While we respect his privacy and wish him all the best in his marriage, we can’t help but wonder who the lucky lady is who stole his heart.

Maybe one day he will introduce her to us and share more details about their love story.

Until then, we will continue to enjoy his brilliant work on screen and stage.

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