Read how KDF-run Kenya Meat Commission is now failing

A Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) pick up. The mismanaged parastatal was illegally taken over by KDF. Was it the best thing to do?

On 9th September 2020, the Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) was handed over to the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

Praises over the handover soon followed. Even President Uhuru Kenyatta applauded KDF for pushing the stalled and corrupt state agency into the realm of profitability.

“My administration is proud of the tremendous economic growth it has recorded since the change of management. One wonders where all the money was disappearing. Farmers who were owed over 400million in arrears for cattle supplied at the facility have since been paid amid magical face value change. A three kilometers tarmac road connecting the facility to Mombasa road has also eased traffic snarl up,” the President said

In his speech, President Kenyatta also revealed that the cashless meat outlet was at that time (after one year of KDF management) selling meat worth up to Ksh1 million on a daily basis up from the previous Ksh8,000 daily sales.

Uhuru added that livestock farmers and other suppliers to KMC were being paid within 72 hours.

Tittering on the brink

It was not easy to substantiate Uhuru Kenyatta’s claims because, for one reason, KDF is a military outfit that is not answerable to any audit functions.

So everything Kenyatta said was taken, hook, line and sinker by all and sundry.

Nonetheless, cracks have begun to emerge and the truth is coming out.

In February 2022, an audit unearthed tender irregularities worth over Sh8.4 billion at the defence ministry.

The supposedly profitable KMC is now struggling to pay suppliers.

This is according to an email received by
Little investigations point to loan stress-causing financial constraints in the government hence, more finances are misdirected towards repayment of loans for the White elephant SGR and also to fund elections.

READ: Social Media User Exposes How Kenya Meat Commission is Hotbed Of Corruption, Nepotism, Thuggery And Incompetence.

This is done to the detriment of suppliers.

The Govt continues to misuse public finance as if things are okay. The govt has continued to not hold corrupt people accountable.

This has also pushed the military-run KMC into bad past ways where no one cared.

It just shows that there’s no shortcut to good governance. Even if KDF is left to run the whole GoK, nothing good will come out of the hands of the Kenyattas.

Just like NMS, which has now failed Nairobi, KMC has failed under KDF. In fact, nothing has worked. The Kenya prisons department under KDF has become more corrupt.

The immigration department which has been under former military men has failed to curb the scourge of illegal alien and workers.


Hello Cyprian,

I am a KMC supplier since time KDF took over its management. The President ordered that farmers should be paid in 72hours.

This has never happened. at first they were paying after a week sikuizi they are paying after 2 months. Please find a way on how you will assist many suffering suppliers.

Banks are on our necks but we can’t help. theres massive corruption at the entity. one can’t get an lpo to supply without giving out some money. raise this issue on your timeline and tag them, they may respond and be efficient.

Please hide my identity

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