Renard Spivey : What Happened to the Former Bailiff and Actor?

Renard Spivey: What Happened to the Former Bailiff and Actor?

Patricia had a career spanning more than 25 years in the administration department of Methodist Hospital.

According to court documents, Renard made a 911 call on July 28, 2019, around 3 a.m. to request an ambulance.

An image of Renard
“Renard Spivey, a former bailiff, actor, and sheriff’s deputy, faced arrest and murder charges in 2019 for allegedly killing his wife, Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey.”

Profile summary

Here’s a profile summary of Renard Leon Spivey in table form:

Attribute Details
Full Name Renard Leon Spivey
Gender Male
Date of Birth 20 July 1956
Age 67 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Place of Birth Texas, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Sexuality Straight
Height (feet) 6’3″
Height (centimeters) 190
Weight (pounds) 287
Weight (kilograms) 130
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Bald
Marital Status Single
Children 1
Education National University
Profession Former actor, ex-detention officer, drill instructor
Net Worth $300,000

Who is Renard Spivey?

Renard Spivey was born on July 20, 1956, in Texas, USA.

He joined the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in 1996 as a detention officer and became a deputy in 1998.

Renard Spivey worked in the detention command and court operations until his arrest in 2019.

He also pursued an acting career and appeared in several movies and TV shows, such as Corruption, Married Men and Single Women, and Cristina’s Court.

Renard Spivey married Patricia Ann Marshall in 2015, after dating for several years.

It was his third marriage.

What happened to Renard Spivey’s wife?

On July 28, 2019, Renard Spivey called 911 at around 3 a.m.

And reported that he and his wife had accidentally shot each other during a struggle over a gun in their bedroom closet.

He claimed that they had been arguing over his alleged steroid use and infidelity.

When the first responders arrived, they found Patricia dead in the closet with two gunshot wounds to her chest and arm.

Renard had a gunshot wound to his leg.

How did Renard Spivey get arrested?

Renard Spivey was apprehended by the police when they uncovered discrepancies in his narrative and discovered evidence that undermined his assertion of an accidental shooting.

Furthermore, the prosecution contended that Renard had a motive to harm his wife due to his extramarital affair with another woman and a desire to cash in on her life insurance policy.

Subsequently, Renard faced murder charges and was detained on a $50,000 bond.

What is the status of Renard Spivey’s case?

Renard Spivey’s case has not been resolved yet.

A bond was posted, and he was released from jail in August 2019.

Renard Spivey was instructed not to attend his wife’s funeral and to wear an ankle monitor while awaiting trial.

His trial, scheduled to commence in March 2020, was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of October 2021, there is no official update on when his trial will be resumed or what the outcome will be.


  1. Who is Renard Spivey? Renard Spivey is a former American detention officer, drill instructor, and actor who gained attention due to the tragic shooting of his wife, Patricia, at their residence.
  2. Where is Renard Spivey from? Renard Spivey hails from Texas, United States.
  3. What is Renard Spivey’s age? As of 2023, Renard Spivey is 67 years old, born on July 20, 1956.
  4. Are children associated with Renard Spivey? Renard Spivey is reportedly said to have a daughter from one of his previous marriages and is also reported to have a stepdaughter named Patrina Marshall.What occurred to Renard Spivey? Renard Spivey found himself accused of being implicated in the death of his wife, Patricia Ann Marshall, in July 2019.

    Is Renard Spivey currently incarcerated? Information regarding his present location is scarce, with some sources suggesting that he might be held at Harris County Jail.


He claimed that they shot each other accidentally during a fight over a gun, but the police found evidence that he killed her intentionally.

Renard Spivey is currently out on bond and awaiting trial, but the date of his trial is unknown due to the pandemic.

His case has generated a lot of interest online, especially after a video of him talking about his marriage on a TV show went viral.

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