Revealed: Lawyer Tom Ngoe Bribes Authorities To Go Slow On His Gold Scams

Exposed: Lawyer Tom Ngoe

One thing is for sure, that three things cannot be long hidden from the world; the sun, the moon and the truth.

The lawyer who has represented and even partaken in the gold scamming of people is ‘not shaken’ because he has pocketed all the detectives that have been sent to investigate him on the numerous gold scams that have left many people broken in its wake.

The Gold Scammer

The Lawyer whose full name is Thomas Otieno specialises in advising foreign companies on investment regulations, sectoral caps and regulatory issues relating to various sectors in Kenya. Mr. Ngoe and his team actively advises and opines on barriers to entry, which include foreign investment regulations, policies, and specific commitments under various trade agreements, customs duty. This is how he easily land himself into unsuspecting foreign investors with interest in gold business. He is the brains behind the cartels that wreaked havoc in the city in the past two years.

Tom Ngoe is a criminal, he even paid to have his images online erased including on LinkedIn where he is supposed to be displaying himself as a professional. However, today, we present to uiu the man’s face from a credible source.

According to Directorate of Criminal Intelligence (DCI) officers, the players in the trade, alongside others are said to have been involved in the scam either through ignorance or direct involvement. has learnt that Ngoe has ‘disappeared’ online and remains elusive to paying for his sins through the criminal justice systems because he has put detectives on a retainer from the millions of monies he has stolen from those he has scammed with fake gold.

Dozen of unsuspecting foreign nationals continue to be swindled large amounts of money by these fraudsters led by Tom Ngoe.

Jared Otieno in Court during the Ksh300 million gold scam case

Jared Otieno and Tom Ngoe

Kenyans can remember that Ngoe has been mentioned severally in the serial fraud cases of Jared Otieno who has in the last few years been involved in high tech conning and at one time invited some of the biggest names in the political arena to a wedding which still remains the country’s biggest of the 21st Century.

In tow during the highly-publicised wedding in Meru was Siaya Senator James Orengo and current Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi among the big names that attended the marriage that was full of drama and flamboyance.

Last year, a man linked to the United Arab Emirates royal family is alleged to have been conned by a group that includes, among others, Bungoma senator Moses Wetang’ula, Zaheer Jhanda and Jared Otieno. Their lawyer has always been Tom Ngoe.

In actual fact, Jared Otieno, who describes himself as a businessman is said to be the mastermind and kingpin in the gold scam world alongside former AFC Leopards chairman Allan Kasavuli and Shabana Chairman Jared Nivaton, closely associated with television screen siren Lilian Muli.

Proceeds of crimes.

In 2017, Jared Otieno had his first trouble with the authorities when he was accused of obtaining Sh22 million from two foreign complainants.

After that, several cases came up including a famous arrest this year that exposed his expensive lifestyle with little or no known income channel.

On his part, Ngoe who has already testified in court in a case, is said to have received the cash on behalf of a foreign buyer who was
prospecting for business in the country. He, according to details in the newspapers last year, was approached by the buyer to open an escrow account.

This was a deal involving a foreigner and gold seller known as Samir Munyinyi and his associate, Anthony Kanga. And it was 360kgs of gold.

In this deal, the investors were required to pay USD 100,000 for export taxes while the lawyer, Ngoe, would retain 5kgs of gold as collateral. “We paid 100,000 dollars for taxes and 10,000 dollars as fee for Otieno,” the foreigner said.

Ngoe would then create an escrow account where payments were done through a bank transfer from the foreigner’s company to the escrow account.

Later, one of the foreigner’s workers, Razia Chelimo informed him that she had discovered that Otieno was not registered as an advocate. “We confronted him and he explained to us that he was a lawyer but he was not practicing,” he said.

Proceeds of crime

“We insisted that we wanted to accompany him to the bank but he refused saying it wasn’t necessary and after a few days, Munyinyi came up with another problem. He said he could not get export licence for the consignment and therefore needed another USD 100,000 to solve the problem,” he said.

Ngoe who listed as a key witness in the above case made deliberate efforts not to show up in court claiming that he was having emergency. As a result, the hearing was postponed to a later date.

Lawyer Ngoe has millions of money stashed in proxy bank accounts.

The cartels in the gold scam business must be dismantled and scattered away starting with the aforementioned laywers. We will keep tabs on these shameless characters who have ruined the reputation of this country.

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Karecha Kamaris is the space between earth and heaven, the gap between ice and fire, the elementary molecule that justifies unending peace in the sea of turmoil. An 'appetite for adventure over the love of ease'.

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