‘Road to Talibanism’, David Ndii differs with Aden Duale on hijab

Defence Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale’s remarks on Muslim women wear has elicited mixed reactions.

But there’s one that was quite telling.

“Duale was not misquoted. He said they wii (sic: will) make Muslim girls wear hijab. That is the road to (sic: to) Talibanism,” David Ndii shot back on Twitter after a user OmarBadru1 said that the mainstream media was engaging in sensational reporting.

Defence Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale

David Ndii is the head of the Presidential Council of Economic Advisors in the William Ruto regime.

Perhaps it is well to look at the chronology of events.

Aden Duale met the French Ambassador to Kenya, Arnaud Suquet at the Defence Headquarters Nairobi, yesterday.

Did the French ambassador have something to do with his later remarks concerning Hijab?

The French don’t have a good record on Muslim women, Hijab, Burqa etc

The French govt’s fight against Hijab is well known.

For starters, on 14th September 2010, the French parliament passed a law banning the wearing of face covering head gear including masks, helmets, balaclavas, niqabs and burqas 

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The burqa is a full body covering won by some Muslims that also covers the face. The burqa is synonymous with Afghanistan and Taliban.

That law imposed a fine of €150 (approx. Sh20k) for anyone flouting it.

David Ndii: Chair of the Presidential Council of Economic Advisors

The bill also penalises, with a fine of €30,000 (approx. Sh4 million)and one year in prison, anyone who forces (by violence, threats, or abuse of power) another to wear face coverings; these penalties may be doubled if the victim is under the age of 18

So, Duale meets the French ambassador then goes to a Muslim meeting and rants about those that don’t want to respect that, to ‘LEAVE THE COUNTY’.

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“It is a must for any Muslim woman in Kenya to wear a hijab or scarf. If they do not want, then to look for another country to go to,” Mr Duale was reportedly said.

To quote him verbatim, Duale said, “The govt will respect Muslim culture. We will make sure our girls wear Hijab. If you have a problem with our girls & wives wearing Hijab, then you better leave this country because they will wear Hijab.”

All covering Burqa (in blue) and Hijab (in black)

CS Duale reportedly made the remarks at Sir Ali Muslim Club, Park Road, Nairobi, on Tuesday during the launch of the International Quran Competition.

The event was attended by Muslim leaders drawn from key Islamic institutions from the country, internationally renowned Islamic scholars and imams drawn from Nairobi and its environs.

Not the first time

This is not the first time that the Defence CS has called for Muslim women to wear the hijab.

In 2019, he said the Ministry of Education should take disciplinary action against school headteachers who forced Muslim girls to remove the hijab.

“It is clear CS Duale’s comments can be twisted to mean, muslim women that don’t wear Hijab should leave the country. However as per the videos, it looks like he was being forced to drop hijab or something and he shot back at those forces” – Writer

He claimed that Muslim girls faced discrimination because of the religious dressing and asked then-Education CS George Magoha to issue a directive to protect them.

The Defence CS was also critical of The National Chairman of the Kenya Muslims National Advisory Council (KEMNAC) Sheikh Juma Ngao.

But the big question is, what did the French Ambassador tell Duale?

Something big is brewing.

Here are some other reactions from Kenyans on Twitter:

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