Robert Henry Katz: The First Husband of Barbara Walters

Robert Henry Katz
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Robert Henry Katz: Quick Facts

Information Summary
Name Robert Henry Katz
Relationship with Walters First husband of Barbara Walters
Background Former Navy lieutenant and business executive
Confusion with another Not to be confused with the American novelist Robert Katz
Age Not available to the public
Education Limited information, but presumed to be educated
Net Worth Unknown
Walters’ Marriages First husband out of four marriages
Children No children with Barbara Walters
Walters’ Death Barbara Walters passed away at 93 years old in 2022
Walters’ Childhood Strange childhood with frequent moves and longing for father’s presence
Celebrity Crush Admired Clint Eastwood the most
Career Challenges Faced challenges as a female news anchor
Regrets Walters regretted her relationship with Katz
Fear of Heights Walters had a fear of heights
Viewership Did not attract viewers on ABC nightly news
Parents’ Marriage Parents had a 65-year marriage that was not perfect
Self-Reflection Walters believed she wasn’t a good wife

Who Is Robert Henry Katz?

An image of a man smiling
Robert Henry Katz.


Robert Henry Katz was the first husband of Barbara Walters, a renowned American journalist, author, and TV personality.

He was a former Navy lieutenant and a business executive.

Robert Henry Katz should not be confused with another Robert Katz, who was an American novelist, screenwriter, and non-fiction author.

Robert Henry Katz’s Age Is Not Available To The Public

Details about Robert Henry Katz’s date of birth are not public knowledge; as such, we don’t have details about his age and what his childhood was like.

However, his ex-wife, Barbara Walters, was born on September 25, 1929, which means she is 94 years old as of 2023.

Information about Robert is so limited that we can’t even say whether he is still alive.

On the same note, we do not have details about the type of school he attended, however.

We can tell he is an educated man.

Robert Henry Katz :Net Worth

His net worth is currently under review, so we have the net worth of his late ex-wife.

According to celebritynetworth.com, Walters’s net worth as of 2023 is $170 million.

Robert Henry Katz: Of Walters’ Three Husbands, He Is The First

Walters had a total of four marriages.

Her first marriage was with Katz, and they exchanged vows on June 20, 1955, at The Plaza Hotel in New York City.

However, the marriage was annulled after 11 months in 1957.

Her second husband was Lee Guber, a theatrical producer and theater owner.

An image of a couple with their Child
Barbara Walters along with the then-husband Lee Guber and daughter Jacqueline.


They were married in December 1963 and divorced in 1976 after being together for 13 years.

Guber passed away in 1988 at the age of 67.

Walters then married Merv Adelson, a television producer and real estate developer, in 1981.

They separated in 1984 but reconciled in 1986 and remarried.

Unfortunately, their second marriage ended in divorce in 1992.

Adelson passed away in 2015 at the age of 85.

It Was A Mistake For Walters To Date Him

In her book, ”Audition: A memoir,“ Walters admitted to regretting her relationship with him before she tied the wedding knot.

She described Katz as attractive and accomplished, but challenging to communicate with.

Although he treated her well and wasn’t a bad person, they lacked common interests.

Their marriage was incredibly short, to the point where she may not recognize him if they crossed paths, and her father didn’t consider it a valid union.

Robert Henry Katz :Has He Got Kids With Walters?

Katz and Walters do not have any children together.

Walters experienced three miscarriages while married to Lee Guber, prompting them to adopt their daughter Jacqueline Dena Guber in 1968.

In a 2013 interview, Walters expressed regret over not having more children and expressed her desire for a larger family.

His Ex-Wife Passed Away At 93 Years Old

Barbara Walters, ex-wife of Robert Henry Katz, peacefully passed away at the age of 93 on December 30, 2022, in her Manhattan home.

Surrounded by loved ones, including her daughter Jacqueline, they shared a moment together despite their past differences.

Things About His Deceased Ex-Wife That People Might Not Know

About her childhood

Walters’s described her childhood to be strange.

Her father was in show business.

He owned and operated nightclubs named Latin Quarter which were based in Boston, Florida, and New York, due to which they moved around a lot.

During her high school years, she attended three different schools.

Despite being perceived as privileged due to her father’s nightclub ownership, she longed for him to be present every night, not just on Fridays.

She wished for a different lifestyle where he wouldn’t sleep until late afternoon and instead become a dentist.

As a child, she was an earnest and avid reader, engrossed in books as a bookworm.

She wanted to appear like Audrey Hepburn when she was younger.

Walters, a fan of British actress Audrey Hepburn, admired her beauty and desired to emulate her appearance.

She sported short hair with bangs, believing Hepburn to be incredibly attractive.

In a 1989 interview, Walters openly confessed to Hepburn that she had imitated her look.

She proudly mentioned possessing the hair comb from the film “Roman Holiday” and utilizing the distinctive eyeliner technique that accentuated Hepburn’s eyes.

She feared heights

In an interview, Walters recalled standing up on an escalator going down, and somebody had to stand on the escalator because she was so afraid, thinking she might fall.

She was not watched by viewers of the ABC nightly news

Walters signed a five million contract with ABC in 1976, becoming the highest-paid news anchor.

Barbara Walters, known as the “million-dollar baby,” faced challenges as a female co-anchor alongside Harry Reisner, who struggled to accept her.

Robert Henry Katz
Barbara Walters And Harry Reasoner.


Unfortunately, viewers didn’t tune in to watch her on the ABC evening news.

Barbara felt overwhelmed when she read a headline calling her a failure, as if she were drowning.

However, her million-dollar contract included producing one-hour prime-time specials, which proved to be a lifeline for her career.

She admired Clint Eastwood the most.

She said she had the biggest crush on American actor and film director Clint Eastwood.

Although they were married for 65 years, her parents’ union wasn’t flawless.

Despite being married for 65 years, the parents’ relationship was far from perfect, given the circumstances of their time when divorce was uncommon.

Robert Henry Katz
Robert Henry Katz ex-wife Barbara Walters parents were married for 65 years.


The woman’s mother was described as a conservative and pleasant individual who preferred to stay at home.

However, she constantly lived in fear that her husband would face severe financial loss, which unfortunately became a reality.

She claimed that she wasn’t a good wife.

Walters admitted that she believes she wasn’t successful in marriage due to prioritizing her career over relationships.

She acknowledged being potentially challenging to be married to and expressed a preference for being alone, suggesting she thrived in solitude.


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