Safaricom, Maxine Wahome Family and Oxygene PR conspiracy to cover up murder.

A coordinated campaign on social and mainstream media is meant to defeat justice.

The main actor, a rogue Telco that has been at the centre of all injustices, from monopolistic behaviours to intellectual property thefts to murder cover-ups through faulty CCTVs.

Asad Khan succumbed to injuries that he sustained during a fight with his girlfriend and rally driver Maxine Wahome.

Maxine Wahome
Top rally driver Asad Khan succumbed to his injuries after a fight with his girlfriend, Maxine Wahome, who is also a popular rally driver.

Even before police investigate the incident to the full, they were met with a block; Maxine and her family lawyered up.

According to sources, Maxine’s family were first at the scene, they came complete with a laywer and a gag order to media houses.

Maxine was allegedly coached on what to say. She screamed bloody victim in the whole incident; this is a narrative that fits into the Kenyan feminist circle on social media hashtag #16DaysOfActivism.

Doesn’t add up

In their short-lived relationship, Maxine claimed that Asad was bartering her, however, there’s no evidence to show for that.

Is there an OB report made to any of the police stations in Nairobi concerning this before the Tuesday incident?

Our investigations couldn’t find any.

Part of the PR that has not taken over mainstream media, is the social media influencers and wanna-be feminists writing threads to dupe the public.

Linus Gitahi, founder of Oxygène Marketing Communications, A PR Company.

One such narrative was that Asad kicked the kitchen balcony door; in pursuit of Maxine after they fought.

The narrative says that in the ensuing melee, Asad kicked the glass and metallic door. The glass shattered cutting his legs where he bleed profusely and was rushed to hospital where he died days later.

Police haven’t been given time to investigate and the crime scene might have been tampered with.

According to Asad’s brother, Adil Khan, Asad ‘passed away twice. Adil gives an account that shows Asad was assaulted, had bruises on the head, eyes, his ears were swollen, and scratches on his neck. 

Adil said that Asad had a punctured lung likely from a stab; the over-bleeding led to multiple organ failures.

The bigger PR

The larger widespread PR is run by a company known as Oxygene Marketing Communications Limited or simply Oxygene MCL.

Oxygene is a PR company that works for Safaricom.

Maxine Wahome is a fully sponsored rally driver by Safaricom Plc.

It is Oxygene that has been running around gagging media houses.

The gag has so far worked as every media house is using pacifying language.


  1. RIP: Kenyan Rally Driver Asad Khan Succumbs To Injuries Inflicted By Girlfriend Maxine Wahome
  2. Safaricom’s glaring hypocrisy in the Maxine Wahome saga

The new entrant in the pacifying language is Nation Media Group (NMG) which is trying to make the story about love. Linus Gitahi, a founder of Oxygene was the CEO of NMG for over 8 years.

Oxygene is clearly running the narratives under the financing of Safaricom Plc.

But Oxygene’s past reveals what the company is.

In 2019, a former staff took the company to court over wrongful dismissal and harassment.

In the case number ELRC.C/529/2019 between Jim Malombe Makau Vs Oxygen Marketing Communications Limited & Nicholas Kariuki Wachira.

The Nairobi Employment and Labour Relations Court Judge Honourable Justice Byram Ongaya hear the case of harassment, dismissal and matters being swept under the carpet.

“Oxygene MCL is a picture of mismanagement, toxic work environment and a corporate culture based on sexual favours and intimidation where even promotions are based on sexual givings, and tribalism rules. The top management is wholly led by Nyeri boys!” a source told a local blog.

The credibility of the PR firm is in tatters, as in the fallout recently seen, where Safaricom’s court cases have begun to be covered by the mainstream media.

Safaricom usually gags media from writing any court cases against it.

Case in point the 115 Trillion class action lawsuit and the Transcend vs Safaricom scandal where the rogue Telco was found guilty of stealing a copyrighted proposal.

The evidence is clear but the media is mute.

Back to Maxine Wahome’s story, despite calls to act, Safaricom has stayed put with their Rally Champion, instead sponsoring narratives that are removing the facts of murder or manslaughter.

The spotlight now goes to the new and supposedly functioning DCI and the whole NPS and Martha Koome’s judiciary.

With the death of Asad Khan, rest in peace, we should expect more spin from the mainstream media.

About the author

Karecha Kamaris

Karecha Kamaris is the space between earth and heaven, the gap between ice and fire, the elementary molecule that justifies unending peace in the sea of turmoil. An 'appetite for adventure over the love of ease'.

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