Simon Cowell Death Hoax: Unraveling the Bizarre Trend and False Reports

Many are wondering about Simon Cowell death controversy. Well, hold your rumors and find out more about this article.

Simon Cowell is one of the most dominant figures in the music industry.

The news of his death would definitely spread swiftly.

However, it appears that the current tendency of announcing someone dead is becoming rather common.

An image of Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell Death Controversy

Nowadays, the phrase “Simon Cowell is dead” has gone viral on the internet, owing to a bizarre death hoax.

A bizarre death hoax has now made the remark “Simon Cowell is dead” increasingly widespread on the internet.

Sinitta, Simon Cowell’s ex-girlfriend, received a torrent of SMS informing her that he had died in January 2023.

The couple’s 30-year on-again, off-again romance began in 1983.

Sinitta, on the other hand, feared the worst after a scathing Twitter joke.

How Simon Cowell Death is Trending

Simon Cowell’s ex-girlfriend, singer Sinitta, received a torrent of text messages alerting her that he had died in January 2023.

An image of Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell Death rumors

The couple’s on-again, off-again relationship began in 1983 and lasted for 30 years.

Sinitta, on the other hand, was terrified following a bad Twitter joke.

“There’s a terrible joke going around that Simon Cowell is dead,” she observed.

“Simon is very much alive and well, and he is NOT dead, folks,” she said, after hearing about his demise.

“I’m glad I can laugh about it now,” she said, “but you truly worried me.”

Despite the fact that Cowell is alive and well, the bogus rumors have continued online.”

According to reports, it has been mentioned that Simon was recently seen in 2023 filming both season 16 of Britain’s Got Talent and season 18 of America’s Got Talent.

This serves as a live example that he is alive and thriving in his career.

The fans reaction 

Fans have mocked the death fake craze.

“Unfortunately, people start these rumours to inflict pain and upset, and it spirals,” one person claimed, while another replied, “Nah, but he already died eight times this year.”

Others, clearly not admirers of the music mogul, continued to condemn the heinous deceit.

“I mean, I hate him too,” one said, “but I’d never wish for someone’s death. Ever.”

Another user put it succinctly:

“I don’t know why y’all press when y’all are doing this tic-tac-toe trend too when death isn’t something to joke about yet y’all do it all the time so hypocritical really.”

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