Slavery at BestLady Cosmetics

The chief editor of has received information that cosmetic retailer Bestlady aka Sleeklady halved salaries for employees without notice.

“Hi nyakundi…. mulika bestlady/sleeklady, wanalipa wafanyikazi wao wote half their salary na hakuna any communication was done”, wrote a source that works in the company.

Last year, wrote a series of articles on slavery in Kenya, where we warned Kenyans about mistreatment in the work place and offered solutions to the menace. understands that times are hard due to the measures taken to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, but following simple rule of law shouldn’t be a big issue.

Workers have rights, and such must be treated humanely by their employers.

Where is a staff at Bestlady/Sleeklady Cosmetics supposed to get money from to fill the gap that has been left by halving their salaries without notice?

Solutions to slavery in employment

The first thing is to free your mind from oppression, yes, you need the job, but maybe your comfort zone mentality is what it making you a slave. A slave who accepts every manner of trash and bullshit at the work place, just to keep the job. Poor souls.

1. Know your rights.

Ignorance of the law is no defence and as such, every Kenyan must acclimatize themselves with what the law says.

You can download the Employment Act or the whole constitution from the web by a simple Google search.

Get to know what the Act says on the rights of an employee, health and safety at work and talk to the management even through an anonymous letter, on what needs to be improved.

2. If you have been fired

Were you sacked according to the provisions of the Employment Act. Did your employer break any law in your sacking?

Most of them do and they ride on the ignorance to get away with it.

You should look at the terms of your being laid-off and if the employer broke the law, you need to head to the Employment and Labour Relations Court.

If you can’t afford a lawyer, that’s a problem, but it shouldn’t deny you from going to court. There are some lawyers who work pro-bono and then pay themselves from what you’ve won in court.

If you’ve been fired as a group. You can fundraise for your court costs.

Studies show that since 2013, employers have lost a case at the court in a ration of out of 3 cases, 2 are won by employees.

3. Low salary

Remuneration must be commensurate with the job you are doing.

I know of a company, Ellams Limited, the printers of airtime for Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom covering East and Central Africa, but this company despite making Fast Moving High-Security Consumer Goods, it pays its staff peanuts.

The staff their work like Slaves with no rest on the weekends, yet they suffer silently like Slaves, for fear of losing a meagre 12k salaries.

Let me ask you, a company that prints scratch cards can’t afford to pay the lowest person 50k per month, give them medical cover and drive them home in the morning and evenings?

Kenyans, THINK.

4. No medical Cover

How can employees work without a medical cover?.

Govt makes glossy speeches in high-end hotels about employee welfare, the betterment of financial sector yet can’t debate simple things as worker insurance.

Industrial area Slaves where Indians reign Supreme have no personal injury cover.

Poor economic prospects have dwindled their hopes of making it in the rural and peri-urban areas and have migrated to the Big City where they are exploited by the rogue Asians.

Kenya, how can you be helped?

5. No union

Strike and join a union, you’ll thank me later.

See, the law allows for anyone to join a union.

The Asians of Indian extraction have out down Kenyans in industrial area because they’ve been threatened with a sack if they join any union.

What’s worse? To live under the fear of being sacked forever or to strike/rise up now and change the face of industrial area factories?

The issue of union taking bribes and siding with rogue employers will be a thing of the past if those members also put the management of their respective unions to task.


Please don’t believe the lies that the old guards in government often tell. They have been fond of telling the youths to ‘not wait for employment but to create one’. How appalling and insensitive?

These same creatures are the ones who have made it hard for anyone to break even and become rich from businesses due to bad policies and corruption.

Hasn’t it been said or isn’t it true that one cannot make it in Kenya unless they join politics.

The bad thing is that not all of us can be politicians or have friends in high places in government.

What to do

Ask your government to put measures in place so that anyone can do business and prosper even without working as a civil servant.

Above all, use provisions in article 37 of the constitution to make things work in this country



About the author

Karecha Kamaris

Karecha Kamaris is the space between earth and heaven, the gap between ice and fire, the elementary molecule that justifies unending peace in the sea of turmoil. An 'appetite for adventure over the love of ease'.

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