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Slavery In Kenya: Serious Case Of Mistreatment At Brookhurst International School

Mr. George Mathenge, Principal Brookhurst International School

This is a story of how teachers are mistreated at Brookhurst International School.

They live like slaves and work for 12 to 16 hours on a single day with little pay, tax is not paid, NHIF/NSSF not remitted yet deductions are made from salaries. Forced to eat previous-day’s lunch leftovers with little regard to health.

When you resign from the school, the Principal sabotages your prospects of getting a new job. When he is contacted, he gives damaging and disgusting recommendation to prospective employers.

The principal is to be issued with a lawsuit for defamation.

There are numerous recorded evidences of defamation. asks teachers and workers at Brookhurst International School to send information about mistreatment at the institution to [email protected]

Below is an email that talks about mistreatment at the institution from a teacher that worked there.

The Principal, Mr. George Mathenge,

Brookhurst International School.

Dear Sir,

I know you will probably disregard or delete this email, but it won’t stop me from writing though. At the very least, some eyes will still read through, trust me.

It is one year since I left Brookhurst International School, when you dismissed me under unproven and unjust circumstances. I have never complained about it, nor talked to anyone about the school. But you have.

Plenty of times. Whenever you’re called upon to give a reference, you give information about me, about those who left and a really damaging one, even after informing you that I need your help to secure a job. You ago ahead and dig all kinds of dirt and forward to our prospect employers, hence we end up with no job. Just like you did few days ago. I am aware of all the disparaging things you said about me. It’s unprofessional and demeaning and demonizing.

Funny, you never told them how I left Brookhurst. You never said how many people u’ve replaced since I left (I’m aware of all things that happen). You never told them that over 90percent of teachers also left from the time I left. You only talk of you, and your hate towards me. What do you want?

After all the sacrifices I did at Brookhurst? Handling the sports department with literally no -help – even after numerous attempts requesting that I needed help (it was doing far much better than now or before me); teaching physical education the whole school alone, mathematics and even ict. Most of weekends I spent with kids while you were away doing your business! The kind of food you guys gave us, making us eat previous day’s food! The subordinate staff was treated even far much better than us. The ‘driver was like my supervisor: he dictacted to me when to and when not to use the swimming pool, the field and even told me to limit the bus use! How the accountant used to coldly treat us and she never paid my taxes yet my contracted stated that tax was supposed to be remitted (I owe KRA the taxes she didn’t bother to submit). You knew all these but never took any action. Who the world treats teachers like second class people? There’s so much that it pains me to think about.

I was always the last to get out of school daily late evening with countless times getting home nearly midnight hours, considering the hardship of transport. You did not even bother to afford me accommodation. But I never complained.

You once wrote me an email quoting ”how the school appreciates the kind of input I have in implementing the sports program.” I guess this was just playing pr.

You and I both know that Brookhurst has students who are drug addicts, rude to teachers and very disrespectful. We once caught a lady with a packet of cigarettes and you literally did nothing, nothing about. There were boys who wouldn’t go a week without alcohol and still you just played dummy by pretense of tough talk. Your student once beat up another student in another school, and went a head and punched a colleague, we brought to your attention and all you was tell him to pick leaves, while the student from the other school was severely punished. You knew, but you did nothing. The Alliance issue, after I did my investigation I brought to your attention. I told you students sneaked at night to buy alcohol and they skillfully put alcohol in water bottles you wouldn’t know. But then, I was never accommodated in school to stop any form of sneaking, but you guys are! And then you BLAMED ME FOR STUDENTS WHO TOOK ALCOHOL that day! It’s not fair Mathenge.

A boy named Evans was also a drug addict, besides being rude to teachers, bullied other kids (he once bullied the small Emmanuel)I brought to your attention and you did nothing. You knew about him but you ignored. He wanted to fight me outside school with his disrespect. On this occurrence I did not bring to your attention but you would still have ignored. When you found out from another teacher you chose to side with the student and IGNORED my action and never heard my story.

On my last week of my exit, on a Sunday afternoon (I wasn’t in school) the soccer coach together with former students, came for a friendly match match with Brookhurst students. You were so angry that you acted in haste (thinking that they had drugs, yet drugs we’re already in the school hostels), and chased all the former students out of school (you’re not even proud of your own former students, yet you are a principal! What a joke) You blamed me for this: yet I did not open the gate for them to enter, I was not duty that day and I was not even aware in the first place they would come! My only mistake, being in charge of sports.

All these among this among the disrespectful things students did to us, led to my dismissal! I still have the dismissal letter, stating the alliance issue (which was many months preceding my exit), Evans issue and the former students issue.

This is sincerely what led to my exit. Sincerely does it make sense that you sabotage all my chances of getting a good employment elsewhere? Director, does it?

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, changing teachers is not a solution to the growth of your school, director? Just maybe, the admin has overstayed and it needs fresh breath. How comes the oldest serving members of the school staff are the admins? It’s not right. Think about it, Director.

I left Brookhurst to begin a new life. Not to stay stagnant. It’s one year since I left you can’t tell my prospect employers that I’m aggressive, abusive, lazy? Like what you did recently. You did twice to Mr, Daddy, you did it to Mr Baya, me countless times and God knows how many more you have done this to. Mrs. Ruth, if you are reading this, institutions have policies as in regards to references and recommendations. Kindly see to it that Mathenge adheres. He has gone personal band thus making it hard for those who left Brookhurst to survive out here. Is that what you want? Do you know your teachers fear the kind of recommendation Mr Mathenge will give out to prospect employers when they leave? Can they even deliver?

Mathenge, out of good heart, you need to stop this. It’s too painful. Its discouraging even to live. You need to apologise and take back your statement. Because you have a kid, imagine your daughter in my position. She will grow up, and she will need recommendation. Just an apology. You have sabotaged and defamed me so many times so this once, kindly.

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