STFU Jubilee Sycophants! Uhuru Is NOT The Head Of State Now; He’s A Transitional President

CAPTION: Have you been seeing Uhuru with his aide-de-camp of late? No. He’s a transitional President with reduced powers. Check his most recent photos on social media.  

What is becoming evident is that Moses Kuria was molested as a child. But that’s not what’s important, except the facts as spelt out in the constitution. President Uhuru Kenyatta is a Transitional President, the first ever in Kenya’s new constitutional dispensation. His powers are fabulously-limited meaning he cannot name a new parliament, appoint new Government officials, and the likes.  

So constitutional office-bearers like the ODPP, EACC should not fear Uhuru or his fucking brother Muhoho. They shouldn’t tremble at the sight of members of the Kenyatta family or William Ruto. Technically, they’re incapacitated by law from executing any power that can threaten anyone’s job-security.

After the blunder which occurred with diplomats signing off on the bungled elections, subsequent congratulatory messages from amongst others, US President Donald Trump and UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, the local diplomatic missions have been left exposed. They’re likely to face disciplinary measures after all this is over.

Yesterday Uhuru hosted diplomats based in Kenya at Statehouse. From the photos he posted on Facebook, we didn’t see the big ones there, (US, EU). It’s the fall-out of the last election. Nobody saw that Supreme Court ruling coming. Everybody was caught flat-footed.  

CAPTION: Photos posted on Uhuru’s social-media pages of a visit by diplomats to Statehouse, didn’t include US and EU Ambassadors and High Commissioners. The fall-out has been catastrophic for them and their flawed local intelligence gathering mechanism. 

It was folly of Jubilee and even diplomats plus observers alike, to imagine that the outcome of this process could have been identical to the 2013. Back then, we watched helplessly as Raila sold us out. We were informed that he attended a meeting at Jimmy Wanjigi’s Muthaiga residence, where he was implored upon by special-guest Jesse Jackson to tone down.

Rumours were rife that he was paid out handsomely. Afterwards the thankless duo of Uhuru and Ruto spent the next 4 years insulting members of the opposition communities through their proxies or directly, forgetting that the semblance of peace was as a result of Raila selling us out.

Moses Kuria is not wasting time. He has vowed to hunt Kikuyu’s who voted for NASA, while still spewing ethnic hate on his social-media pages. Clearly these are people who have their work cut out. Shall we continue tolerating their mindless outbursts and insults?

No Raila Odinga. This is no longer about you. It’s about the dignity of those who constantly stand by you. We cannot stand another 5 years of insults from William Ruto. From their proxies. From their henchmen. Using finances, they’ve made it known to us that we will be forever poor until we kiss the ring. And that’s not the new Kenya we voted for.

As it is now, NASA is at the driver’s seat. You need not respond to Jubilee theatrics. You needs not argue with them. Infact keep them guessing. Make them go crazy. Just don’t be part of their twisted schemes to retain power. Don’t be so quick to buy into narratives by status quo-moles, who have started preparing you for an October 17th election.

Fuck no!

We want a caretaker Government which will be automatic after 60-days, and in the absence of an election. This Government will be all-inclusive and all parties will jointly contribute to this mechanism. Jubilee have already hit the campaign trail because they’ve stolen taxpayer-money. But will you as Raila keep expending your resources and our goodwill to sanitise a broken system?

Within that period, constitutional office holders will work without fear of being purged. We would expect a speedy resolution of Chris Msando’s murder case, and other corruption cases levelled against senior Government officials. For instance, why is Mike Sonko collecting 40 Million daily, against 5 Million by Kidero? Why is Kidero still walking scot free? Ofcourse we know that Sonko is a piece of shit who plays to the public gallery, but still, hard to ignore these numbers.

The Supreme Court rulings were clear; IEBC bungled the elections. They usurped the will of the people. And they’re still clinging onto positions, aided obviously by the regime, so as to repeat the same.

As an ardent football fan that I know he is, I will use the analogy of recent events by Fifa, whereby they have forced a repeat of a game between South Africa and Senegal, where the Ghanaian referee was accused of match-fixing. The match will be replayed in November. Question to Raila, do you think it’s the same referee who will officiate the replayed match? Of course not. In fact that referee has been banned from football completely.

CAPTION: Ghanaian referee Joseph Lamptey awarded a dubious penalty to South Africa leading to their 2-1 win over Senegal. The match was protested and the referee banned for life. IEBC officials who oversaw the fraudulent elections must be jailed for life, NOT rewarded with the pleasure of overseeing another election. 

At some point, Raila has to stop being naive. Did you expect Chief Justice Maraga to give a legal opinion or landmark ruling, suggesting that you buy yourself time so as to have a caretaker Government in place? Did you honestly expect that? Knowing the limits and deadlines set up by the constitution, did you honest expect Maraga to call for a disbandment of IEBC?

He would never do that.

But the law and framers of the constitution had foreseen such an eventuality. Which is why there is a provision for a caretaker Government.

Your only job Raila is to make sure you’re not part of the October 17th elections. Don’t lead us to the slaughter-house. Been there, done that!

Uhuru’s child-like tantrums over the weekend were meant to trigger emotional impulses in the Kikuyu community. They were meant to call for agitation, probably mass-action. But the Kikuyu’s were so invested in the last elections, they feel drained. The suppression mechanism which has made them docile and blind to the crimes Uhuru has committed upon them, has worn them out. They’re now helpless observers like everyone else.

Financially, Kikuyu’s are struggling to make ends meet and unlike in 2007 where they mobilised money overnight to react to the post-election purge of their tribesmates in Rift Valley, a genocide organised by none other than William Ruto. Right now, they are not in a position to do so. Not that we predict any reprisals, but the reality is, the Kikuyu’s of 2017 are not the Kikuyu’s of 2007. The current lot are weakened, and by one of their own.

Isn’t it funny how it’s the Kalenjins who murdered Kikuyu’s in 2007, but the basic (or even educated) Kikuyu knows that “kimundu” is the enemy? I’d expect someone to conduct a study/thesis on how one family can mind-fuck a community successively bending them over and hitting it from behind, with no courtesy of lubricating it.

Bottom line Raila Odinga, don’t sell us out! It’s no longer about you.

In a caretaker Government scenario, the ground will be open. Jubilee will have been breached and they’ll not command the influence they were accustomed to. People will Align to the person who will have scored a psychological victory, and right now, Raila wants to squander that goodwill by participating in an election conducted by a referee charged with match-fixing.

About the author

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.

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