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Cyprian Is Nyakundi


Stop Raising Socialites Dear Kenyan Parents. We Need Revolutionaries.


Caption: The hottest chics in South Africa also happen to be the sharpest tools in the shed. They protest for their rights and are like this due to good upbringing by their parents.

The revolution starts with the mind. Whilst some mentally-retarded Jubilee sycophants cannot seem to correlate their current squalid economic conditions to the mediocre leadership and corruption-riddled Jubilee Government, the rest of Kenyans shouldn’t agree to be held back by twisted narratives propagated by bribed mainstream media journalists.

For instance, Kenyatta family-owned K24 TV station took the opportunity to preach “peace and reconciliation” after the sham Nakuru ICC Victory party, where President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto used the platform to pee and poop on victims of the 2008 post-election violence. They forget that there can be no peace without justice. Of course K24 is a Kenyatta business but as for the rest of the media, why are you allowing K24 to set your editorial agenda? Where did independent media disappear to?

Parents need to step-up and stop watching news bulletins with their young ones. The news being offered is paid for by the ruling class, for the sake of political expediency. The Daystar Journalist’s obsession with Jubilee-CORD propaganda is nauseating to say the least.

Kenyan parents should now block their children from watching Kenyan news as it has become stale and redundant. It’s a pity that since the Arab-spring, Kenyan media stopped bringing the “international news” segment which used to enlighten Kenyans on happenings around the world.

What nincompoops like Wachira Waruru, Linus Kaikai, Sam Shollei settled on, was shoving down bogus Nigerian movies and Mexican soap-operas, with the pre-determined intentions of dampening the Kenyan population. The media houses were paid millions of money to stop airing international news or even discard CNN, Sky, RT, AlJazeera, BBC bulletins.

Kenyans accept to buy products marketed through mediocre adverts because other than the few who can afford TV subscriptions and watch international channels, the rest have nothing to compare the nursery school-type ScanGroup adverts to. Which then means that Bharat Thakrrar the CEO of ScanGroup can afford to be in a comfort zone of mediocrity, and like Chase Bank, can recruit bimbos and the least creative clowns in Kenya, based on patronage and not merit.

Bharat Thakrrar who is part of the axis of mediocre CEO’s Kenya has, those who thrive on their celebrity status instead of output, will then oversee his publicly-listed firm’s standards dwindle, as us shareholders can see that it’s not a globally competitive company that can spread to big economies like South Africa.

The corporates who work with ScanGroup and their competitors who aren’t any better, become friends and business partners, reason you saw Thakrar attend Bob Collymore’s wedding because contracts in Nairobi are not awarded on merit but on patronage and guarantee of kickbacks. The rot and corruption in corporate Nairobi is far much worse and deep-rooted than in Government.

To raise a new generation of independent thinkers, parents need to help us flip the script. You need to encourage your children to read, travel, research, invent, exercise and basically be inquisitive beyond commercialised media. Your children will never become leaders of the free world by watching news bulletins by Daystar journalists, or listening to vernacular radio stations by retarded characters.

Before calling for a change of regime, you have to change your homes first. Your children have to spot a difference, and not consume the same inferior content as the vast majority of Kenyans who’ve come to “trust” mainstream media as a credible source of information, yet we all know that they are the filthiest scum that Kenya has to offer.

Kenyan parents have to be like this mother who was encouraging her daughter to protest against school fees introduction in South Africa earlier this year. We saw the most beautiful of young women taking part in protest marches and engaging in intellectual conversations, unlike in Kenya where such beautiful women would be classified as socialites.


Caption: Whatsapp message from mother to daughter during student protests in South Afica.

It can be done. We can move from objectifying our females, we can move from berating youth in the country, and we can change Kenya. It begins in your home. Ensure your children are not slaves of mainstream media, especially prime-time bulletins. Let’s do away with this Daystar mentality once and for all.

The Ocampo six victory bash held at Afraha Stadium in Nakuru, the gathering to celebrate the so-called acquittal as well as the opposition’s response with a mediocre rally in Kamukunji and the subsequent media coverage of both events was terrible. Shows us that we really are the lost nation, with no deliverance in sigh between the two political groups, which have an anemic shortage of ideology, principle and character.

Being a slave to mainstream media will only lead you to a black hole because;

1. The moral decay that was once an abstract construct has come home to roost. The decay is celebrated and thus encouraged by the mediocre mainstream media.

2. Advancement in technology has made access and the spread of information easier and quicker. It also means that the spread of ignorance is even easier and quicker.

3. When history books are written it will be said that not a single person was found culpable of murder, rape, arson during the post-election-violence, but a party was thrown to celebrate the acquittal of individuals accused of being behind PEV (read as dancing on victims graves) 9 years later.

4. It will only get worse before people stop and realise that something has to change.

So when you’re old, grey and your children and/or grandchildren have emptied your bank account, sold your property without your knowledge and hired a hitman to cover up their tracks, don’t wonder why, where or when it went pear-shaped. You as a parent okayed the erosion of the moral fabric. You encouraged them to watch mainstream media news and get conditioned by a partisan, incompetent and borderline prostitutional media corps. You have also played a part. The Apple does not fall far from the tree. Have a reflective week ahead.

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