The Silence of “Evil Society” During Such Times Of Blatant Theft Makes Them Culpable Too


Caption : President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto. The Two have seen the looting of Kenya. Probably the most incompetent and senior looters Kenya has ever had.

“Evil Society” is the loose-term that defines Kenya’s Civil Society, whose primary interest is not the well-being of Kenya, but money paid out by donors so as to line their pockets and live comfortable lives.

Since Jubilee assumed office, Civil Society has become more like the fifth arm of Government with the fourth being journalists under their various umbrella groups like Editors Guild, Media Owners Association and the Kenya Union of Journalists.

There’s an incoherent and largely insignificant Media Owners Association Chairman called Hannington Gaya who is always quick to defend Government’s actions even when it’s not necessary, simply to justify bribes sent his way in the form of tenders and proximity.

gayaCaption :Dr Hannington Gaya, the chairman of the Media Owners Association. Always ready to defend and bootlick corrupt government to justify bribes sent to him.

Ofcourse we have know for long that the Editor’s Guild have opted to play safe and bridge the rising costs of living using bribes from Government. Every Editor in Kenya now acts individually, with no sense of collective judgement or greater good.

But the most surprising lot has been the Civil Society and their backers, the Western nations. Previously vocal during the Kibaki tenure, Western diplomats have been reduced by Uhuru to selfie-hunters, preferring to tweet pics of meals and “meetings” with senior Government officials.

For instance in the 2016-2017 budget, areas where corruption will be executed are clear for everyone to see. Yet none of these Civil Society organisations has taken the initiative to stop Parliament from passing a defective budget using the courts, all because Treasury has used money to buy off Civil Society groups.

We recently discovered that “Chain” activist Okiya Omtata has been on the payroll of National Bank of Kenya, so as to go slow on the campaigns against its board who have been linked with grand corruption. Omtata has been a leading light in highlighting graft but it seems that he also needs the handouts to feed his family and meet the rising cost of living.

It has not occured to these civil society idiots and even the journalists that living expenses have shot up the roof because the 2 groups have become negligent and failed to execute their roles with diligence, leaving Government and Corporates to fleece Kenyans and spark unintended consequences.

For instance, why does a corrupt Judiciary need 15.3 Billion? To do what? How can they justify this astronomical budget when the Supreme Court is in shambles? Justice Philip Tunoi is a bonafide extortionist, Njoki Ndung’u the alcoholic and chain-smoker is embroiled in a scandal while Kalpana Rawal hides her money in tax heavens?

Why has Kshs. 300 Million been allocated to KBC for “Digital Migration?” Hasn’t the process been effected already? Isn’t this an avenue for the Information CS to loot money with the CEO of KBC?

Kshs. 9.8 Billion have been allocated to “Youth Empowerment Programs” but going by the latest revelations from the Auditor General, the term “Youth” is being abused by Government as a vehicle to swindle money under the guise of these ambiguous and fake empowerment schemes. This money is also suspected to be used to fund banned sects like Mungiki in-order to execute the next post-election violence.

The following allocations will never see the light of day, and will be embezzled by none other than President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto DIRECTLY.

§ KSh.6 billion for the Equalization Fund
§ KSh.7.9 billion is for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC);
§ KSh.7.3 billion for elder persons;
§ KSh.1.2 billion for those with severe disability
§ KSh.0.3 billion for National Development Fund for persons with disability;
§ KSh.0.4 billion for street families rehabilitation
§ KSh.0.4 billion for Children Welfare Society
§ KSh.0.4 billion for Presidential Secondary School Bursary Scheme
§ KSh.6.0 billion for Resettling the IDPs and Restorative Justice

This is a total of Kshs. 29 Billion that Henry Rotich has hidden in the budget for the sole purposes of embezzlement by Ruto and Uhuru because none of this money will ever go to its intended purpose or use. We know this by fact because the allocations have been done previously and nothing was disbursed.

Women Reps have also been allocated a whopping Kshs. 2.1 Billion for “social development and affirmative action” but we all know that they want to use this money to fund their next electoral campaigns. What have women reps in Kenya achieved other than have a lot of sex with senior Government officials? Why must they be given these funds which could be instead channeled to specific projects?

The health sector where you would expect the officials of the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union would be most vocal, looks like one big vehicle to execute grand heists.

Kshs. 3.5 Billion has been allocated to Kenya Medical Training Centers, yet KMTC has now been turned to fully-private with students parting with no less than Kshs. 70,000.00 to study per year. Who is talking about that?

Kenyatta hospital has been awarded Kshs. 8.7 Billion but we all know that this money will go into the pockets of hospital bosses who won’t effect the necessary health-related improvements, and will instead award fishy tenders to unscrupulous contractors who will delay in finishing projects. It means that Kenyans will continue travelling to India to seek medical treatment, as this Uhuru generation of thieves plunders our economy.

A whopping Kshs. 57.8 Billion has been allocated for “University Education” and university student leaders need to demand accountability for the use of these funds because it’s their money.

It’s a pity that the moronic and brainless police officers who continually brutalize Kenyans by demanding bribes have been considered in the budget negligibly. There is money for police housing meaning that the idiots who shoot Kenyans during demonstrations will continue living in shanties and sharing quarters with other families, so as to serve a Government that doesn’t give two shits about them because the Kshs. 2.9 Billion will be allocated to a rogue contractor who will probably never complete their houses as is the case every year. Poor bastards!

Just like the El Nino money was stolen by Deputy President William Ruto, more allocations to satisfy his growing need to embezzle are included in the ambiguous allocations to the water sector.

§ KSh.13.9 billion for construction of major dams
§ KSh.12.6 billion for water supply and sanitation
§ KSh.19.5 billion for environmental protection conservation and management
§ KSh.3.9 billion for Integrated Regional Development

Less that 1% of that money will be used for its intended purpose, the rest will go into foreign account and ofcourse will be used to build flats, malls and hotels.

Thika Town MP and former William Ruto’s clande Alice Nganga together with former National Irrigation Board General Manager Walter Barasa have been adversely mentioned as embezzling money meant for the Galana Irrigation Scheme project, and building flats in the Lavington area. Yet even without attempting to recover the stolen funds, more money has been pumped into NIB so that the plunder can continue.

ngangaCaption: Thika Town MPig Alice Ng’ang’a. I pity the Thika Town constituents that voted for such a corrupt scumbag. 

KSh.3.2 billion allocated to the Galana-Kulalu Irrigation Project, KSh.3.2 billion for Mwea Irrigarion Project and KSh.2.2 billion for National Expanded Irrigation Programme.

All of this money is going to go into individuals pockets and build flats.

The Sports Ministry is the most short-changed and despite the fact that sports is a big employer in developed economies, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto the habitual thieves who rode on the youth empowerment platform, have allocated a paltry Kshs. 1.9 Billion to an entire Ministry even when a college like KMTC which serves lesser people and internally generates it’s own funds, got more money. Uhuru and Ruto needed to allocate money to ministries they can be able to loot from, and Sports doesn’t seem to be a viable vehicle to execute the grand heists.

The question remains, why hasn’t any Civil Society group challenged this abnormal budget in court? Is it because they have been bribed to remain quiet?

About the author

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.

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