Unmasking Grace wa Inooro: Inside the child custody story

Unmasking Grace: The lady that abandoned her kids, duped court into giving them to her

Grace Wacera Githenji, Inoro TV marketer. She is the lady whose kids rejected her on TV recently.

Everyone is now conversant with the story of three little kids, beautiful as they are saying in unison, ‘Huyo sio mama yetu, anaitwa Grace’ (that is not our mother, her name is Grace).

For those who don’t know this story, let me bring you up to speed; on 24th May 2019, Nation Media Group (NMG) uploaded a video on their YouTube channel about a man whose wife abandoned their children and was now awarded custody of them, but the kids didn’t want anything to do with the mother and so the man was going back to the court to tell the magistrate that the kids refused to go with their mother.

This article is the story of one Grace Wacera Githenji, the Inooro TV marketing staff who abandoned her children not once, not twice but five times then went to the media to help cover her tracks and the magistrate bit her lies hook, line and sinker and awarded her custody of their three kids. dives to great depths to bring you the truth where others dare not. Our journey first takes us to Kiambu Law Courts, where we get the file for the case. The file number is 21/2019. This article took great effort to read the case file and tries, as usual, to piece together the details of the life of mysterious lady, unmasking her as one interested, not in the welfare of her kids, but other things.

In 2007, Joseph Murimi Wanjohi a young man straight out of university married the only love of his life Grace Wacera, whom she has waited for for all those years. Murimi had beaten the temptations of campus to remain chaste as per his Christian upbringing and has never had any other girl before. They married and had their first born child, a son.

Grace Wacera aka Sandy Neema

Immediately, Grace’s family started rocking their marriage but they bore the storm till around March 2015, now with two kids, both sons, Grace’s family initiated her to leave Murimi (stay with me, you’ll understand later, why she likes abandoning her kids)

The cracks had started to show immediately after they got married in 2007, Joseph had ignored it. Turns out that Grace was a person given to not staying at one place, she run away from home and stayed away for two weeks. Our research, according to the contents of file number 21/2019 at Kiambu Law Courts shows that despite her wayward behaviours of abandoning them, Murimi still loved Grace and took great care of her.

The events of March 2015 shook the foundations of Murimi’s beliefs but there was more crazy stuff to come. In that March 2015, Grace’s parents and siblings came to Murimi’s house, collected all her belonging, plus the two boys and headed for Nyeri. They were, for no apparent reason, taking their daughter home. Grace, a crooked and cruel person, from our analysis, had fed them with lies about her life.

Murimi had not beaten her, she was not sleeping hungry, in fact, she had all the trappings of success, such as those that can be provided by an industrious young man. Joseph was a very hardworking man and lived comfortably in a big house with his wife. However, the politics of young marriages, where relatives often consider a man not worthy of their daughter, had taken a toll in their marriage.

Grace, her dad and family took everything from Joseph Murimi.

One and half weeks went by and Joseph could not stand the longing for his two young boys. Feeling that he couldn’t live one more second without his kids, Joseph left work in a hurry and drove unplanned to Nyeri where he went straight to Grace’s rural home.

He asked to see the kids but their grand mum refused, and told him to wait for the grand dad to come or rather to ask the Grace’s dad. The kids, who were playing inside the house, had caught the sounds of the conversation outside and run heartily and hugged their dad. Clinging onto him, their lives depended on it.

Joseph later learnt that Grace had left for Nairobi as soon as she had dropped the school-going kids at her parent’s rural home in Nyeri.

The sorry state of the kids, having been abandoned by their mother, pained Joseph and he decided that since they needed to go to school, he will not let them spend any more hour in Nyeri. He took them to his car, both boys clung to him as their grandma attempted to stop Joseph from taking them.

Joseph was determined that the kids needed to be in school. On reaching Nairobi, he used over Sh165,000 to purchase new clothes, school uniform, books for the boys.

Choosing the straight and narrow is better choosing money. Grace chose money, she is trying to get that and abandon the kids once more

Suddenly from nowhere, on May 2015, Grace came back to their matrimonial home.

The signs of gold-digging started showing at this point as Grace immediately asked for a holiday to Mombasa. Joseph, still madly in love with his first love, agreed to a holiday but in Naivasha instead, so as to sort out the issues in their now 8-year-old marriage. When they came back from Naivasha, they took their two boys whom they had left with Joseph’s sister and headed for another holiday as a family in Mombasa.


Lies and hell

On her Facebook page, Grace Wacera Githenji goes by the name Sandy Neema, she has a post of her kids who am not going to post here, in a carefully cropped out picture she lied to the court that she took them on holiday abroad. (Until yesterday evening, Grace Facebook page Sandy Neema was up, it has since been taken down)

The year 2016 came and it was in the month of April when having believed that Grace had changed her ways, the ever loving husband bought a car dedicated to Grace as a surprise gift for baby shower, they were expecting their third born child.

Grace later delivered a bouncing baby girl.

Though a baby girl was their dream; a bond that would keep them together as per their secretly renewed vow, Grace strangely didn’t sleep in their matrimonial bed, after she came home from hospital, for 6 months. She had asked to use the guest bedroom as she wanted time alone to heal from the fatigue and ravages of giving birth.

A storm was brewing again, and it reared its ugly head in November 2016, when Grace abruptly left the kids once again. She was caught by her husband packing to leave the house. The reach and toxicity of here relatives was too much and she wanted to leave her home again, or so we believe.

Not really. What happened is that beneath the beauty and tenderness of the lady that sells you adveritising space at Inooro TV, lies a soul that thinks she is God’s gift to men. Grace was full of herself and a string of powerful and not so powerful boyfriends were drawing her away from her marriage. It seemed there was someone more important and loved more that Joseph. (This we learnt from asking around, whispers in the media fraternity)

Our moles in the media houses confirm that she uses her beauty to command all fisis under her feet.

After leaving her house, Grace then proceeded to Kasarani Children Office to invoke the law so that she can be given her two boys. The boys refused and instead of going back home, Grace abandoned them. Joseph took the car keys and tried to ask Grace to stay but she refused.

Joseph came back from work one day to a house with all doors open. Broken into.

Acording to court documents seen by, on 28th Dec, 2016, Grace returned home. Joseph officially took her back on New year 2017.

“2017 was hell”

The kids now grown and able to discern that their mother was not a loving person, casue she wasn’t present all the time, had to be talked to for hours to accept her back in the house.

Grace came back and made more open her infidelity, the car that her husband had bought for the family which was mostly driven by Grace was the new horse which could transport her to her many sexcapades and bring her back home late into the night.

When she came home from her randy endeavors she didn’t accept to be questioned.

‘2017 was hell’ for Joseph Murimi Wanjohi even as revealed by discerning the contents of the court documents. It is that year that he learnt of his spouses many string of boyfriends. Some of whom were open with it.

Greed and merrymaking made her lose her way. Now she is not even interested in the kids, she is interested in money

Living with a reverend

In 2018, Joseph got an assignment in Nakuru. As soon as he left for the Rift Valley county and immediately Grace Wacera Githenji alias Sandy Neema packed her belongings and abandoned the kids a third time.

Joseph was informed 3 weeks later that she has been chased away by the boyfriend and went to live with a man of God, a Reverend in Utawala, known both to them.

Accompanying Grace in Utawala was their third born child. A girl.

The little girl is said to have become very thin and wore tattered clothes and cried all the time.

It was a pitiful sight for Joseph, because he decided he was going to take the child back with him to his home.

It was clear in my research that Grace is not interested in the kids, not interested in their welfare. She wants the kids so that she can siphon money from Joseph.

During her stay with the Reverend, Grace had for reasons known to her made the Reverend want to give her money to go rent her own place. Imagine someone abandoning her kids and house, goes to live elsewhere where she can meet her string of boyfriend’s without care and do as she wished, a married woman!

Joseph had asked her to come home but she refused and so funded the finalizing of an incomplete house on the Reverend’s compound where Grace and his last born could live instead of renting a house away from the place. Our source says the cost was between Sh20k and Sh45k.

When he took the baby back home with him, Joseph had asked Grace to come back s second time. She refused. Abandoning the kids, a fourth time.

Grace instead went to Kiamombi Police Station to report a kidnap.

It is not that even when Grace was home, that things got better; Joseph had learnt to fend and take care; personal care of his three kids including feeding, bathing and clothing the little girl.

For a lady that abandons her home, her children and her husband to enjoy the emptiness of life with her male friends, Grace’s life is a mystery until when one of her case was proven weak in court and then her true intentions were unmasked.

Grace had reappeared in July 2018, took her documents from the house and disappeared into the night; once more abandoning the kids a fifth time. She didn’t even care about the little girl anymore, because as it turned out, when she went away, she often abandoned her child wherever she had said she was staying and fly away into parties and merry-making.

In that July, her manner of leaving was very peculiar. It shocked Joseph to the core.

Fast-forward to Dec 2018, Grace’s dad gave in to pressures of negotiations with their son-in-law and their family to his home in Nyeri. They were later chased away and that is when it dawned on Joseph, who had organized an expensive trip to Dubai to renew their vows and have Grace bond with the kids, was over.

Since he had booked, he went alone with the kids.

Grace’s Facebook photos

Gold digger

Don’t forget the title we gave Grace earlier.

This is where it gets interesting, Grace filed a case seeking custody of the kids. She had a plan in mind, mostly pushed by the advice of her drunk and ever partying friends.

Personally, I remember my uncle once told me that “mtu was pombe na sigara hawezi lea watu”, it was true in Grace live.

Grace’s plans were now taking shape as she first demanded the court give her custody of the kids before the case proceeds.

As the court documents show in exchange for love, care and affection for her three kids, three qualities that were seriously lacking in her persona, Grace wanted over Sh7 million per year from a Jua Kali hardworking young man.

Broken down, according to court documents, Sh440k per month, Sh200k per child during holidays (total Sh600K multiply by 3 holidays in a year it comes to Sh1.8 million), Sh250k per year for insurance, additional money for school fees for all children, medical insurance. Additionally, she wants her estranged husband to meet the costs of the suit and also to be awarded any other monies the court may deem fit.

The court had earlier declined and gave the father custody of the kids; Grace then went back and demanded to be awarded Sh50k each time she spends with the kids, but Joseph did not challenge this, however, Grace did not also come for the kids. She disappeared. Abandoned them.

It was clear in my research that Grace is not interested in the kids, not interested in their welfare. She wants the kids so that she can siphon money from Joseph. This is why she’s been abandoning them. Children are not like potatoes to be bought from the market. Grace wa Inooro, as the kids referred to her on TV drink up to late hours in the morning and comes back home at between midnight and 2 am. He favorite club as per our research and the ever-reliable moles in media circles is 7D club in Kahawa West. She’s a heavy drinker, she drinks with her boyfriends.

The new drama that spilt into our TV screens was brought by a case filed at the Kiambu law courts on 7th May 2020.

Grace wanted the kids, the court allowed, he was supposed to take them, and she chose, of all places to TRM Mall.

Joseph has earlier informed the kids that dad’s hands were tied and that they needed to accept to live with their mom.

Joseph presented them to be taken by their mom, the rest is a back story that had not been told why they refused to go with their mom.

About the author

Karecha Kamaris

Karecha Kamaris is the space between earth and heaven, the gap between ice and fire, the elementary molecule that justifies unending peace in the sea of turmoil. An 'appetite for adventure over the love of ease'.

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