Victims Of Julia’s Ojiambo’s Impunity Narrate Their Suffering Under Kenya Nutritionists & Dieticians Institute

Caption : This Grandmother is Everything wrong with KNDI. Old Stalwart who wants to use policies whose time has passed to lead a new Kenya. 

Victims of Julia Ojiambo’s Backward Policies, dictatorial tendencies and impunity have been narrating their suffering in the hands of this Bitchy grandmother who is heading Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute like her Busia Bedroom.

Despite outcry from all over Kenya, Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi has been mute, raising eyebrows amongst Kenyans.

We are still demanding for action on Julia Ojiambo’s Impunity and this MUST be done NOW, Not tomorrow.

We have Compiled some Concerns and Comments on this KNDI Saga.

Victim Number One

Hi Nyakundi,

Am a Nutritionist, and due to the rot at the so-called KNDI I decided just to Quit and hustle somewhere else.

In the University of Eldoret where I schooled the curriculum isn’t up to date, it needs proper auditing and makes you wonder if that is nutrition.

To the KNDI now they demand that you must pay a whopping 10,000/= for you to be indexed or registered, mind you the index number is something autogenerated within a second, then they ask you to apply for an internship which they will take something like six months before they post you to God knows where.

This will involve you digging your pocket for accommodation.
The internship is for a year without pay, and if you are unlucky and find Yourself at MTRH, you have to pay another 3700-5400/= to the hospital for allowing you work at their institution.

After the internship, there’s always an exam that you will sit for, to show that you are qualified which is just okay for most professional bodies and after that, you MUST pay another 5000/= for them to give you a practicing license which is renewable yearly at the cost of 2000/=.

With the license now, they tell you to go and start looking for a job which is so mean to them after making you go through hell for two years after school.

There’s also ANOTHER graduation for the nutrition students who’ve passed through the internship and finished it, at a certain Polytechnic in Busia. This is also done at a fee.

Serious auditing needs to be done at KNDI


Victim Number Two                                                                                                       
I am a Nutrition graduate from Kenyatta University who is even more qualified than most of the KNDI board members. The issue of KNDI calls for demonstrations by all nutrition students, Nutritionists, Dietitians and all concerned persons from all over the country.

Comrades have had enough of this impunity and intimidation.
Why should I graduate in Busia just because of a mere internship while people are graduating from Havard with MBAs online!!!
Corruption will kill our leaders in Kenya.

Will we continue watching as our futures and aspirations are thrown to the gutter?

The day of reckoning is here!!!


Victim Number Three
Finally, someone has gathered the courage to say it out loud. First, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am one of those who just recently went to that so-called graduation at Funyula, and every time I think of the event, I sincerely want to cry,(of course this is just one the 1000 things about KNDI that am pissed about)

That place is located in the middle of nowhere.people had to sleep on mats in tents with nothing to cover themselves, just because Julia said so.And then after wasting your fare to go there, you told to go to Nairobi to pick your certificate and license. My question is, what was the main point of the graduation then?

Victim Number 4 

True, that’s true this KNDI thing came to take our money…I loved nutrition but now its just a nightmare to me….am a diploma graduate and I spent 18 k with that whole Graduation Process and nevertheless I have not added up from my place to Busia which is around 25,000Ksh.

I am jobless, and all that money was from my savings…..and surely what is the importance of it because I have never surely Understood, Stop making us Suffer Please.

Victim Number 5 

I received a license on 24th Feb, only to realize that it expires on 30th June and am supposed to renew it by July if I am to continue practicing.

Now, that is theft, impunity, corruption and total insanity. I call upon all nutrition graduates, let us save our career, a few more years with these people in office, and we have nothing at all.

The best way to start with this is not to pay anything at all. No indexing, no registration, not renewals, nothing. They are playing with us.

Victim Number 6 

Am a graduate student(NUTRITIONIST).Recently I received a call from and was told that I should pay 5000 for registration.

Honestly, if I paid the fee, paid 10000 for indexing why pay 5000 for registration!!!And it is registration for what? Something needs to be done….These People are stealing from us and, Frustrating us.

Victim Number 7 
I did a diploma, and immediately went for the bachelor’s degree, but I have since regretted why I didn’t go for medicine or clinical medicine.
KNDI is just a body that is here to benefit from us in the pretense of helping us.

How can if only I had direct contact with Mr. Matiangi, I would pour my whole heart out as far as this body is concerned

KNDI……they also charge an extra Ksh.200 per day for late annual renewal.” pay or quite” that is what I was told the last time I visited the KNDI office to renew my license which was two months post-expiry.Imagine the fine was even higher than the annual fee…!NAK where are you??!!


About the author

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.

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