WATCH: Rising Stars Ethan Muziki and Kinoti Kinyua Shut Down Sarit Centre With Epic Performance

They are young, talented, and passionate about music.

Ethan Muziki and Kinoti Kinyua are two of the most promising artists in the Kenyan music scene.

On Sunday, September 3, 2023, they proved their mettle by shutting down Sarit Centre Mall in Nairobi with a spectacular performance that attracted a huge crowd of fans and admirers.

An image of Ethan Muziki and Kinoti performing on stage at the Sarit Centre on Sunday, September 3, 2023
Rising stars Kinoti and Ethan Muziki performing on stage at the Sarit Centre on Sunday, September 3, 2023

The event was dubbed ‘Festival of Sound & Art’ and entry was free.

It featured other singers such as Costa Ojwang, Kidum, Sage, among many others.

But it was Ethan Muziki and Kinoti Kinyua who stole the show with their acoustic renditions of their popular songs and covers of other artists.

Who is Ethan Muziki?

Ethan Muziki is a songwriter, producer, and audio engineer who started his career as a member of Jadi boy band by Kaka Empire.

In 2021, he left the group for a solo career and released his first self-produced debut single “Nakupenda” which became a hit.

Since then, he has released several songs such that showcase his versatility and creativity.

Some of them include:

  • Tokea, featuring Brandy Maina, from his debut album “Ethanal Fire”. This is a catchy song with a blend of pop and afrobeat influences.
  • Kesho Kutwa, his second single, which is a romantic ballad with a touch of African culture. The song showcases his vocal and production skills, as well as his guitar playing.
  • Maziwa, a nostalgic song that reflects on his childhood memories and experiences. This song has a gentle and soothing melody, accompanied by a piano and strings.
  • Sweet Matunda, a collaboration with Watendawili, from their EP “Love Language”. A fun and upbeat song that celebrates love and happiness.

Who is Kinoti Kinyua?

Kinoti is a singer and songwriter who rose to fame after winning the first edition of the East African Music Awards in 2021.

He is known for his soulful voice and catchy melodies that blend Afro-pop, R&B, and reggae genres.

Some of his songs include:

  • Nitangoja, from his sophomore EP “Green Room”. This is a beautiful song with a smooth and soothing melody, expressing his patience and love for someone.
  • Enough, from his debut album “Kinoti”. A powerful song with a strong and emotional message, telling his lover that he has had enough of their toxic relationship.
  • [Pictures], a collaboration with Ethan Muziki, from their joint EP “Love Language”. This is a catchy song with a pop and R&B vibe, reminiscing about the good times they had with their exes.
  • Mpenzi, from his album “Kinoti”. A romantic song with a reggae and afrobeat influence, declaring his love and devotion for his partner.

The two singers have been working together as friends and collaborators for a while, with Ethan doubling as Kinoti’s producer.

They have also been performing together at various events and venues across the country.

Ethan Muziki and Kinoti Shut Down Sarit Centre

However, the Festival of Sound & Art was their biggest show yet, as they drew a massive crowd that filled the mall’s atrium and spilled over to the surrounding areas.

The fans were treated to an electrifying performance that lasted for over an hour, as Ethan Muziki and Kinoti sang their hearts out and interacted with the audience.

The show was so successful that it caused security concerns for the mall’s management, who decided to end it prematurely due to the overwhelming turnout.

Ethan Muziki later revealed that they were supposed to have a longer conversation with the managers of the venue who cited more reasons behind the event being cut short.

“We had planned to perform for two hours but we were told to stop after one hour because of security issues. The crowd was too big and they were afraid that something might happen. They also said that we had violated some rules such as playing loud music and blocking some exits,” Ethan Muziki said in an interview with Pulse Live.

Kinoti also expressed his disappointment with the decision but thanked the fans for their support and love.

He said that they had prepared a lot of surprises for them but they were not able to deliver them all.

“We were so happy to see how many people came to see us perform. We felt like we had made history and had so much more to give them but we were cut short. Apologies to our fans who didn’t get to enjoy the full show. We appreciate you so much,” Kinoti said.

Despite the abrupt ending, the fans were left satisfied and impressed by Ethan Muziki and Kinoti’s performance.

Many of them took to social media to express their admiration and appreciation for the duo.

“Be so good at what you do that people can resonate with it. This lad has done just that. He’s like the Ed Sheeran of Kenya,” posted @simeonominde.

“This is insane 😍,” wrote Joan Melly.

“What cult is this? New age musicians really have a following,” another netizen commented.

“I love Gen Z, they are very genuine with their love,” said @ArapTilingi.

Ethan Muziki and Kinoti have shown once again why they are the hottest sensations in the Kenyan music scene.

With their amazing performance at Sarit Centre, they have not only delighted their loyal fans, but also attracted new ones who were blown away by their acoustic skills and musical chemistry.

The duo has set a new standard for live shows in Kenya and inspired other aspiring artists to pursue their dreams.

Ethan Muziki and Kinoti are truly the stars of the moment, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.

If you want to see how Ethan Muziki and Kinoti rocked Sarit Centre with their epic performance, you can watch the video below.

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